Saturday, June 09, 2007

garden school

One of my fondest memory zaman sekolah was..... well..... plucking guavas and kedondong. since the tree was..... you know... so we have to.. you know.....

The operation was done during Maghrib trip to school when kat hostel xder air.. abis tu dah hostelnyer on top of the hill so semedangla xder air plak..

Dalam gelap2 tu wat else to expect when bunch of girls saw those tempting guavas and kedondong.. and unobserved too.

Yesterday was sort of repeat offender la plak. Despite that was my 3rd visit to that school tp xder la nak explore beria2.. yesterday was accident la konon2nya..

Cuba bayangkan sekolah tu kat kaki bukit... the view from the road was breathtaking. exotic, colourful flowers were blooming.,.. and the environment - sparkling clean hehe...

I love the Palma tree even though I do not think it is  a frenly tree.. with all those thorns. and the mini pineapple tree in a very-out-of-the-world-pot...impressive giler..

waaaa.. mcm best sgt.. tp lg best bila ada pokok buah-buahan. hebat betul..

I m too old nak buat perangai lama.. nak panjat memanjat ni mmg dah x sesuai la ngan saiz gajah junior nih...thanks God I saw ripe buah delima old enuff to be plucked by errr..the kids...

They said I can have I took itla..


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