Thursday, June 28, 2007


A superior asked me if i can help him..

In the past rasanya mcm suka jer nak menolong... but today might be because of the heat or was it sms from dr m i was really kepala hanginn..

and i told him the truth..

1. its unfair when he just dumped his work to me and expect me to do it without any monitoring and guidance.

2. its really x-masuk-akal when i have to face the criticism/complained all by myself mcmla i was d one yg terhegeh2 nak sgt this job.

3. it was really dented my pocket ok fine... yg ni x kira sangat..

4. mcm nak tercabut telinga kanan sy when kids complaining... bla.. bla and i cant do anything coz its not my power to "advice" colleagues to come early and jangan memonteng.

5. it was embarassing when all ppl voice out, "apsal kitaorang jer.. boys x yah, sessi pagi pun x yah buat"..

so be it.. don ask me to do anything anymore (and i even attached students' reports to validate it)... cam biasa i almost bursted to tears..

imaginela.. when ur close frens started distance themselves.. i know... diorang x puashati tapi nak cakap terus terang x sampai hati kot.. nak cakap belakang2 x berani ... haha.. coz last time (actually most of d time) misti ada yg sampaikan balik to me n i will go stret to em.. to clarify things..

make short... since norizan adnan mmg stretforward- so wen i said no it is NO.. and he asked no more..

and he told me.. "ada suratla utk norizan"..

really... well... its from Jie.. sending me the new calender coz last week i told him my table calender dah ilang... and he includes few mementos from european tour.

and i gave him one. and we talked abt other subjects..

and i gave another one to the poor office boy yg menyaksikan norizan hangin, satu for salidah sbb dia prepare final report forms, satu utk pak guard yg selalu bukakkan pintu pagar..

and the last one for me...

to remind me how lucky i m ada kawan yg walau mcmmana kepala hangin pun, even selalu menghilangkan barang, dan selalu lupa kat mana letak kunci or suka sangat menyusahkan dia but he still befrended me..

life is unfair.... tapi apalah semua tu kalau dibandingkan ada kawan yg best macam jie dan siti..


btw... while writing these uda called.. dia baru touch down... i missed uda.. hopefully ada la china silk sbb dulu masa Jie g china...

opss... sorry jie.. promised kita x nak ngungkit dah...

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