Tuesday, June 12, 2007

on the first day..

i know..you are what u think of.

thats wat i m telling myself over and over again when i was so reluctant to leave home for work.

reason being...i dont like the environment. i hate it so much when speak out your mind means errr plain rude? doing your job means asking for trouble... i learned it from farhana case early this year.

to add salt to injury, zana complained that her name was in the committee when she IS NOT the committee itself. Even when she told the person-in-charge, tergamak he replied "tak tau.. itu senarai yang dah diserahkan pada saya"..

Please forgive my language..that is so.. KURANG PANDAI as Perlis Mufti used to say.

our YKT lecturer used to remind us..."kalau setakat jadi tukang taip paperwork tu.. x yah masuk u.. tu kerja typist"..

no offence to the typist, but in my humble opinion we shud live up to our expectation. not to mention live up to our salary as well... as nik zainal said once ago.."ingat senang ke dapat gaji 20k sebulan kalau u x dapat puaskan hati diorang?"

ye.. ye... by the way gaji dia masa tu RM19800je.. tapi yg xpuas hati tu saya setuju. walaupun saya bayar income tax 60 henggetje..but i still xpuas hati if my hard-earned money digunakan for somethng cincai2.. ni generally speaking la kan..

again... one's is responsible for his/her own happiness.. therefore i wont let those thing affect my happiness.. there rlots of things to apreciate too..

i was excited seeing all those kids after long break.

I was extremely glad ex-changing stories/news with my colleague.

I was flattered when Uda booked me a new table in the staffroom.

I was impressed with all those beautifully decorated presents prepared by Ayu and Siti..*sukasukasuka*

I was grateful coz Khai lent me RM130 (co-op money seh) for Mini Newspapers and Keceriaan Kelas (Ayu forgot to leave the money, and she's in Penang attending Teacher's trainer course.

As ever I admired Kak Ani K's effort in making the penyampaian hadiah for bulan bahasa a great success..

Lagi satu... I love it so much when Cikgu Mie, true to Kak Sha's legacy... bersusah payah reminded us wat expected from us on the first day.. *sukasukasuka*..

Lupalak.. Might be Kak Sha has trained us well, Ustaz Shahrul yg xder kat Malaysia for some Athletics Champ smsed Ustaz Arif to inform me the winner of Johan keceriaan Kelas. Ustaz Raof willing to be the eMCee for such short notice, Md Nor was such a doll.. he took the ehemehemehem place well..

I think Kak Sha-our ex-immediate boss(nama dia Saidatul Sahariah Sanusi)must be glad to know that even she's not here anymore we still practice what she had drilled for years..

As for my current boss.. "HE WENT HOME ALREADY" said Cikgu Mie when I see him to clarify who is going to kasi adiah yesterday..

ME : tapi kan ada weekly assembly?
Mie: tak tau la zan.. xper la biar saya ngan Md nor kasi..
ME : ook.. thanks

Part of me rasa mcm nak balik awal jugak semalam... tapi the better part tu rasa macam...

HE is watching...

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