Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Peringatan Kecil...

With all the media hype on cikgu belasah student, cikgu baling student ngan duster, cikgu ketuk kepala student ngan kasut tumit tinggi, cikgu besit student ngan rotan, cikgu baling student ngan buku and err... cikgu kena tangkap khalwat ngan student... (nauzubillah).. the last thing i want is my face to be on d front page of national mainstream newspapers.

since saturday, i wasnt myself. at first i thought i was so stressed berpisah ngan Uda (she's is Beijing now) but then.. it wasnt the first time she when holidaying abroad, leaving me behind..

i was restless.. and really not in d good mood as well..

last nite when i was sooooo sleepy in my nite class.... very embarrassing and unethical. cesss!!! and this morning... i went stret to Alpha Optical.

I really need a new pair of spectacles... because my current specks.. last friday nite i was reading Harry Potter- Philosopher Stone then sedar2 dah pagi.. and the spec tu mcm dah kena pijak ngan monster...

si blurr n d salesgirl

toke kedai yg best

speck baru.. yahooo... errr mmg photogenicla salesgirl nih..

spec yg x dapat diselamatkan lagi..

p/s maybe i shudnt read Harry Potter's banyak kali kot..

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zino said...

tapi lepas tengok gambar sakit tengkuk hehe