Thursday, July 05, 2007

Breakfast with boys part 2

was fun !!!!

today was 1K 2003 batch turn ..amy, farid, zaim, ijoi, mal and 2 orang anak anagkat (they're their classmates now) were there,. tp x leh lak nak upload pix..

one thing for sure... y kids always expect something worst when they r invited to makan2 with their ol' ce*...

we had some good talk, outta respect for them hhehehehhe... rasa x sesua pulak nak di public kan..

i had a gud time too.. thats for sure..

hopefully in 10years time i'll see them again... i really dont mind if they turned out to be an honest tukang sapu jer instead of political analyst... opppsss

thats another story..

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