Monday, September 17, 2007

Citer tempat kerja

citer 1.

we had taklimat isi borang prestasi last week. while the bosses stressed that it will affect our performance and chance for Anugerah Cemerlang next year, the person who sat beside me make various under-the-breath comments.

wont repeat it here. But then as my lecturer taught us long ago.. great mind think alike. I mean Khir Toyo and her.. not me.

In my humble opinion i think she deserves the anugerah this year for her amazing performance. Tak kisahla kalau the year before tu dia dah dapat. Kalau dah bagus tu kasi je la.. biarla tiap tahun pun. dah hak dia sbb dia bagus.

Knowing her, i know thats not the main reason she's so sceptical. That's another story though.

We are not really close tapi dengan mata saya yang empat ni saya boleh menilai dan menaakul persekitaran dengan wajar. its ended here..

Thus, while filling the form, i made a point to put on several TIADA in a few columns. Instead of my name appeared on almost every page of buku senarai tugas (was told that i m THAT popular) ..i just pick a few that i really do my job well.

The last thing i want is to be given something i dont deserve. Seriously, I dont think i can stand the embarrassment.

citer 2.
a lady was so furious with his husband's boss who dumped the workload to him. being an asisstant manager, abisla smer kerja manager her hubby kena tanggung... katanya la kan...

'marah betul akak.. abis kalau outstation, anak sapa nak hantar sekolah?"

and she went on and on abt the manager. one thing that attracted my attention was, when she mentioned manager tu dah nak pencen in a year so sbb tu la kot dia pun dah ilang fokus..

ni soalan sebenarnya..

kenapa ye bila org nak pencen suka buat kerja cincai2? for me bukanke pencen tu mcm kita dah nak mati? since nanti xder peluang dah nak buat semula kerja kita jadi biarla kita buat sehabis baik supaya bila kita x ada nanti orang x akan ngungkit dan ngumpat2..

saya x pernah jumpa orang yang dah nak pencen. tapi kak norli (skrg dah pindah) pernah kasi nasihat, kalau kita curi tulang, lalai dalam tugas nanti anak pun jadi pencuri. how true.. i've seen her neighbour's son being a photostat of his errrr pencuri-tulang-mother.

i've seen a son's of someone i know, armed with degree and bla bla.. tapi buat kerja bapakla cincai dan menyusahkan orang lain, again.. sebijik macam emak dia selalu buat.

i've seen a good one also. Kak Kamalia Rahmat. Now teaching in Sk Sg Behrang. In year 2001 she was under treatment for leukaemia. In between treatments she came to school.

This incidents really make me see the world with different eyes..

She was constantly having hot flushes and fatigue. She cant climb the stairs. So she agreed to teach at the lab on the ground floor. Nak jadi cerita the students were a bit late that day.

So she slowly climbed the stairs, until i saw her. Soaked with sweat, trembling and she hold on to the corridor and the tears rolling on her cheeks. Even a single move is damned painful for her. She almost collapsed.

People like her can choose to stay home or maybe come to school but did nothing (i've seen others did that u know..) but she didnt. as she told me... she cant leave the children when exam is around the corner..

her sacrifices paid her well. Many of her charge get A.

From that day, i decided.. bila saya tua dan sakit saya memilih nak jadi macam kak Kama.

I read somewhere, Life is about choice.

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