Tuesday, September 04, 2007

sejarah berulang

Was a bit malas lately...

I was in great shock last week. Didnt call Dr M becoz I m not sure it was a wise move. I read a lot too.. somehow it answered a few questions.. so ok la..

Len's aunty in Kajang wasnt feeling well and she decided to pay a visit. 2 years ago bila saya mcm blur blur nak cari kat mana Tembangau, she was with me tru thick and thin . even she mispronounced it as Tembakau (no offence but now we know Tembangau is among the best school in Pahang.. uyooo!!)

rasanya mcm sama je kejadiannya..

1. dulu sesat2 kat pahang.. la ni pun sosek jugak.. coz i never drive to Kajang, and len never been there for the past 6,7 years... lama tu..

2. in pahang it was amri (he is my bro khairil's friend and tu la pertama kali saya kenal dia)who guided us. this time it was len's cousin.. nama x tau tapi len cakap tu la pertama kali diorang jumpa jugak... (btw len cakap sepupu dia tu hensem jugakk... seriously... memang boleh tahanla kacaknya..)

3. a person that we supposed to see... couldnt make it... in pahang there was someone yg-should-not-be-named-no-more... this time Wa, whose husband stuck up in office so she had to stay home. Wa was Len's bestfriend. but no hard feelings..

4. someone-should-not-be-named-no-more suggested/insisted that we stay in a hotel downtown kuantan last time. punyala azab nak cari. this time i insisted we stayed at shah alam. the uitm hotel is full so we chose concorde sangat jauhla pulak..

5. we talked non stop. haha

6. after subuh len misti tido, whereas i must watched tv... sebab mak saya marah tidur lepas subuh... tp tu alasan je.. yg betulnyer len bangun sangat awal subuh.... hebat tu..

7. len yg sangat tenang dan suka buat muka x bersalah akan bertukar jadi naga bukit cini when she talked about her father... the same thing in pahang too. but somehow .... sebab saya kenal sangat len, i know she misses him so much..

8. last time in pahang, Jie sulked.. coz somehow he felt that i didnt appreciate what he did for me... ( i did jie...) tapi few days pas tu ok balik... this time et really furious coz i forgot that i've promised to accompany her to health talk on sunday.. on monday she called me up and said everything pun ok... hehehhe

gitu la ceritanya kali ni..

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