Friday, November 09, 2007

Crazy week

Ist day fasting. I know... its a lil bit late coz it was 24th Syawal oredi. Couldnt help it. Due to my chaotic body system (chaos to doktor yg cakap, body sistem to saya tambah sendri), i couldnt fasting as normal as i want to. Byk kali terkensel... tp masalah kesihatan tu bende kecik je kot dibandingkan ngan lack of self discipline. isk isk isk

Final meeting. I blow up my top. But then i just hate Mr-goody-2-shoes attitude. After 4 years talking abt 'centralised", when the documents missing he blames others. What is the use of checklist systems where everyone should get person-in-charge signature to verified that the documents have been submitted? Later when the problem arisen, d form teacher lak yg salah. Kalau tanya sendiri x apa jugak, ni mintak tlg org lain handle while saying the previous teacher was d culprit. Eh hello? Unfortunately the unfortunate teacher was me... u make a big mistake mister. Co
He was adamant that he didnt said such thing. He even asked me not to hear "cakap orang".. Yeah rite..everything was in the meeting minute man! Not surprising when he blames the ex-councillor and even the gardener. I had enough of his-blames-anyone-who-is-not-around attitude. One thing for sure, kalau saya dah tua nanti, saya x nak jadi macam dia. Life is about choices, guess.
had a sleepless nite.Et called and insisted that i need a vacation. I cant, coz Im broke.. Cehhhh!!!

Not a bright day considering the yesterday's heated argument still had extreme effect on me. Like thats not enuff, i also had Nilam Accolades Function to take care of today. And the caterer mengenselkan dirinya...
this accolades was our ad hoc plan. Without budget and help from others (because every one was damned busy),Feeza and I worked around d clock to make it succeed. honestly, I thin Feeza worked harder than me.
Early in d morning went to see Makcik Ani kantin and dengan bakat mengayat kelas satu i plead her to prepare the feast. She was reluctant coz it was short noticed, tapi pas tu dia terpaksa la setuju kot sebab sakit telinga dgr norizan adnan merayu. I promised her i'll clean d dishes to make ammend. I even offered to take her to d market if not that i had to work as a receptionist that morning.
oh yeah.. we had Form One 2008 registrations. Kids from 4 schools in d neighbourhood came. I kept smiling and wishing them 'selamat datang'.. Its errr... funny.. coz everytime the van or car or any means of transport entered the school compound, once the driver switch off the engine, i will greet them with huge smiles... rasa nak koyak mulut berpuluh kali ucap selamat datang. isk isk..
But i love my job. I love seeing all the excited faces with shy, curious smiles smeared on their faces..
this job ended at 11.30 a.m and the Nilam Accolades started off at 12.00 noon. Then my class started at 1.05 - 6.40p.m
It was exhausted. At 4.00 i was flat, luckily it was my free period. What a day..
Forget to mentioned the headache i had to endure because Hotsprings trip wic we could not carry on due to some technical problem. It was schedule on d next day, kids dah pun kutip duit. Pity Rizlan as well coz he had put on extra effort on it.
But then there r steps we have to take to ensure kids safety. Failing to do so will jeopardizing our career. To be frank, it was devastating.

Last nite i watched an amazing tamil Movie on TV2.Tajuk x tau but it was incredibly awesome. Even Uda yg xpernah seumur idup tgk citer tamil pun sanggup tunggu sampai kol 12 mlm.
One thing for sure the movie make me rather tertekan coz d ending is not something that i expect too. Not going to elaborate here coz i have told sundry and all abt d movie.
So on deepavali, i secretly wished will see equally good tamil movie jugak. I was dissapointed. Most are typical tamil movie. Too much cliche, slapstick and d d plot was very weak. Pelakonnya pun kot x rajnikant, some other matured and overweight hero. Sgt bosan.

Morning rain. Accompanied mom to d market. My fifth day fasting. I was a wee bit dizzy. One thing i like about d market, its-everyone-knows-ur-name place..
when i was wandering there,a pakcik called several time, "Cikgu,kat sini".. Oh my god, he was talking to me. How d he knows i wanted to buy newspaper? Isk .. the newspaper seller keep changin his place coz all shops had been eradicate to give way to... errr i m not sure.. guess election is coming soon..hehehe
Mommy went to Makcik Limah house for wedding feast preparation. I went to Slim rver after completing house chore, partly to bank in somemoney for holiday trip and mainly to see my favourite beautician, yan.
I just went to school at 2.00p.m. everyone was so busy with year-end work. hardly had time to make small talks. Well i overheard Nora pouring her dissapointment coz x dapat transfer. I didnt interupt coz I m sure if she wanted to tell me she'll do so. Obviously I wasnt in her list of confidante so I keep on dug my head deep on the exam sheets.
I heard Cikgu Mie also got transfer. i really fond of him, especially this year , I've oredi after kak Sha transferred. i told him,"saya sgt sedih" but he teased, "kenapa muka mcm happy je"..
Couldnt help it maaa becz at that time i received gud news and cant wait to share wth Sathiya. The gud news was i've oredi told ayu that i wish she could give good classes to sathiya because he is a better teacher than me. Weird, coz some teachers berebut nak ajar good classes , and i don think its fair when one's asyik dpt kelas corot je..demotivated betul.. its not fair either when good teacher like sathiya x diberi peluang brush up our top students. wat a waste.

tu aje la citer dari isnin sampai jumaat.

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