Friday, November 09, 2007

Safwan Saad

Lately ada banyak perkara yg mengonfius dan irritated me. It was confusng and irritating when i was asked to receive the best academic club last friday, during hari Anugerah Ko. I was grateful on d winning tp apsal the advisor lak yg amik adiah instead of club presiden? as d latest saying goes, Lembu Punya Susu, Babi dapat nama. cess..

i kept my dissatisfaction myself until i had time to see the Co Senior Assistant. i m d believer of all questions must be posed to d right person.

There was i on Wed morning, asking for clarification. He kept defending his decision, helped by Kak Ani, Humanity Senior Teacher. I lost the argument but doesnt mean that i agreed, it just that they have present their arguments well. I m lousy debater. Wont repeat their salient points here, karang dah macam self wrship plak, coz yg menang tu saya.

The system this year was, one class, one club. I got 2 An Nur wic i''ve been tcg since last year. Seated on d front row is Safwan. Timid, quite and rather slow boy. Banyak kali saya tunjal dia masa form one sebab homework asyik x siap and a bit stammered bila suh bercakap. he failed my paper miserably. mau x hangin..

I know, its wrong, but i m human too. I just knew d truth during mid year open day, when someone told me, safwan is not qualified to sit in A-class if not for his mother who persuaded Kak sha, our boss.

The source told me, his mother sangat sangat serik with his elder bro whom sangat sangat nakal and thats y she wanted safwan join A-class to avoid peer pressure. Even sangat sangat nakal tu pun dah macam understatement to describe his bro.

I respect his mother's determination, felt awful with what i've done to safwan. very insensitive teacher i was.

when i was appointed club advisor, naturally i used my vetoed power to select safwan as d president. i know others were not so happy wit my decision, but i told them my reason, "he was d only one without jawatan apapun, and you always bullied him too, its not fair. we should give him a chance to proof is ability".

in d beginning it wasnt easy.. pendekkan cerita, slowly he developed self confidence and were well accepted by his classmates too. Ni pendapat saya secara peribadi la..

this month when i heard two of his teachers puji safwan's study improved tremendously i know, it has nothing to do with me coz they didnt now i was overheard but i cant help feeling a lil bit proud of my miniscule contribution (yg saya sorangje sedar).

In my humble opinion, he is diff person now. Being d club president definitely had put some positive effects on him.

When one of d teacher said, "sekarang dia lebih baik dr beberapa orang dalam kelas tu", please forgive me for being in d cloud nine. Again, saya sorang je rasa gembira x tentu pasal.

Because of that, its my dream to see him on d stage receiving d award and i wished his mother will come to. Her effort had paid off. errr afterall, safwan never received any award/presents at school. Wouldnt it wonderful if he gets one?

As a person, i have to respect others opinion too.

Frankly, seeing safwan receiving the award from Me, in front of his classmates later... well i must say.... errrr Safwan's transformation is d best gift for a teacher like me. Therefore i've booked a rather expensive holiday trip to reward myself.

Welcome to my world. when i've worked on something, xpeduli la orang sedar ke x, orang lain perasan ke x, org suka ke x, my self satisfaction comes first. hehehe..

i think, i m the happiest teacher on earth, at d moment.

p/s kids... if u read this, writing abt safwan doesnt mean that i belittle ur contributions. it just that u were so lucky coz u had better head start, whereas safwan never had a break before. i must confessed i m grateful having kids like u all, who always be with me tru thick and thin. did i said i love u all before?yes.. all the time

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