Wednesday, December 31, 2008


during d maal hijrah i went to a grooming workshop. i know.. i know... Jie already asked my, "apa lagi nak digroom kan..".. but then... u know (dengan niat nak menjawab la ni...)..
ok fine let just say i was so xder kerjaya during d school hols.

and then tiba2 new year. here r few recaps.

wishlist yg dah tercapai

1. free trip ke dungun.
i tot i would be over d moon. but nayyy... apsal ada sesetengah perkara sukar betul nak dilupakan, eventhough kita kata kita dah lupa. ada sesetengah orang walaupun sebenarnya nak sangat kita lupakan, tapi masih lagi belum berjaya.. i wont go to dungun. ever!!!!

2. lost weight
i shed 5kg effortlessly. thats because i was so broke. isk isk

very colourful. d kiamat wic i assume turned out to be a blessing. nope, jerk n i never reconcile but at least we are even now. i didnt ask for that post again. i've done wat shud be done. sekian.

only 2 mc's this year. hebat tu (pujian untuk diri sendiri)

dugaan paling hebat
hv to switch class with Man. i felt awful. d feeling was shared by many colleagues. till now i m still learning on how to tackle that crowd. i overheard an unnamed male colleague asking another unnamed male colleague to find "air penawar" to give them. the first time ada orang buat cadangan luar biasa mcm tu. but then, these batch are really luar biasa.


1. say gud bye to someone.

2. losing a best fren.

cesss pathetic betul thn ni.. hopeful next year would be better...

1. balik umah seminggu sekali, miting neighbourhood pun x attend tapi tetiba appointed as ...... (fill in d blank). biar betul depa ni.

2. for d first time in my life, rasa susah sangat bila nak uruskan hal2 rumah seorang diri. for d first time also, tiap2 malam menangis sebab susah hati. now i think i can understand my mom's feelings better especially after my father passed away.

3. my bro yus yg tiap2 dahla duk ngan Anjang, weekend keluar ngan Baby, hujung bulan balik kampung ngan Amy ble plak tiba2 kata ada gefren dan nak kawen. mau x terkejut beruk kitaorang. pleasant surprised anyway.

4. besides family members, siti was my confidante. since i was 13, smer benda pun saya suka rujuk pada dia. smer benda pun misti nak cerita pada dia dulu. losing her is like losing a part of myself.

yg masih diharap.
1. travel ke 'tempat itu'
2. be a better person
3. dapat kamus etimology
4. anuar zain dan brad pitt ( hehehe)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lawak kanak2 tadika

1. Hari Santa.

Aisyah was 4 last year.Watched tv and suddenly she realised something. Lari2 to his bro Zudin 6 year old (yes they r very affectionate..) and dgn muka bersungguh2..

Aisyah : Abang.. hari ni hari Santa la bang..

Zudin: Mana ada hari santa la dik...

Aisyah: ada ... tadi ecah tgk ada santa kat tv.

Zudin : Itu santa klosss(heheh) hari ni namanya ari krismess.. apala adik ni.. (gelak2)

Aisyah : (sambil menangis) tapi ecah nampak sendiri ada santa, hari santa la namanya..

Zudin : ye la ye la.. hari santa pun hari santa la..

To all christians.. wishing u a merry santa day (hikhikhik) a happy new year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

rest my case


after 3 kali isi minyak full tank, surat nikah masih lagi x dapat2. anyway thanx god my aunty, despite sakit urat2 memanjat gunung Tursina willing to pursue d case.

mak aihh.. leganya x tau nak cakap.

took mom to see my sisters. partly coz nik demam, mainly sbb she deserved to jalan2 after few weeks tidur x lena. seeing Naufal yang baru je pandai meng-somersault-kan badan really make our day.

pas tu g soping. mak saya memang suka soping. pas tu balik..

macam best je rasanya.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

surat nikah -part 3

my aunt has just arrived at 12A, after a long hols in egypt. she had a wonderful trip, and lots of story to tell.

it just that i had to confirm with my mom, yeah... we havent finish d surat nikah thingy..

as expected my mom politely decline to go with me to pejabat agama on monday. sangat obvious la kan sebab2nya.. she had go to d felda office and d staff advised her to hand in d copy of badly-damaged marriage cert. to wic she was so grateful..

my aunt, eventhough x pernah baca buku2 john grisham, asked all the right questions regarding d original surat nikah, and gave d accurate solution to make sure there wont be any delayed.

it makes my heart beating even faster... and i called my mom. guess like her daughter she will have sleepless nite too.

unless... my mom let me handle it my way.. tapi rasanya perkara tu x mungkin akan berlaku la kan..

now i m in d cc, surfing sana sini, wishing i could find a clue how to solve this entah-apa2 thingy.., meanwhile utk kali yg entah ke berapa i cursed d previous staff who didnt do her job.

buang karan betul...

why is that ppl suka meremehkan perkara yg penting? and other ppl have to pay for their negligence?

and they get away with it.

mister heartbreaker

following d surat nikah incident, i was in d very foul mood even orang sebelah rumah yg x berslah pun terpaksa mendengar norizan adnan membebel. i was so devastated, afterall we r talking abt my mom. mak kita beb, misti la rasa lain mcm sedih beb..

thanx god a friend promised to went out for a jog together... before futher reading i must warn u that all that i write in dis entry is cerita kelakar untuk menghiburkan hati.. tak payahla pergi check facts ke hapa.. this all for fun only..

i put on oyen sneaker wic i bought for my mecca trip looooooong time ago. after one round of circulating d neighborhood area, we went back to my house coz d sneakers mmg x dapat diselamatkan lagi. might be d sight of 'that' car reminded her something. she point to d car but i was so disturb with my sneaker condition.

i changed to slipper jepun and we continued our ritual.
but she didnt mentioned anything until i told her wat i've been up too that day.

"surat nikah? whose?" so it all started. and d question of bila nak kawin, follwed by my standard answer bla bla commence.. only this time it was diff.

"tu la jual mahal, dia dah nak kawin dah". said her while still focusing on d quiet highway which stretch among two hillls. the view is breathtaking, and she add her dramatic act to it.. taking times answering my questions...mpergh!!!

"who? bila pulak ni?" i obviously aware dia tu siapa, but hey!!! might be she was talking about anuar zain. who knows..

she gaves all d details. d wedding would take place in June. and she keeps on blaming me for being tolak tuah whatsoever padahal saya sumpah tak tahu menahu pasal ini filem.

"sempat lagi ni. awak ada 6 bulan lagi nak buat marketing for me. kerja keras sikit. this is ur fault ok. kalau fr d start u usahakan misti x jadi cam ni.. hehehe" fr my experience, its better if we give ppl some kerjaya so that dia akan pikir 18 kali nak bring up d same subject again.

we laugh good naturedly. we parted or way once its almost maghrib.

it takes only approximately 3 minutes to reach home, depending on my speed. but that day it took longer than i think of.

a lady who happens to be taking her daughters for a stroll caught my attention. a bubbly personality this one, and she claimed that we have met before. seriously i couldnt remember even tried very hard racking my brain, but she gave the facts quite right, so betulla la tu.

"lerrr ko ker?" this means nothing except the very info that she told over gelak-berguling2 (exxagerating edition ok) followed.

"kitaorang tau both of u r singles. kitaorang plan nak kenenkan la.. " katanya sambil ketawa.

"lambatla.. he's getting married" saya menjawab sambil pegang pagar.. ye la x baikla ketawa berguling2 depan rumah orang..

she asked for d details wic i offered none, karang x pasal2 lak saya kena pangkah..

did she said kitaorang?

funny!!! but i didnt asked who are d kitaorang were. being a native speaker of malay language, i understand that kitaorang represent a crowd of people. plural form of saya.

These unidentified kitaorang just add to another group of people who wish d same thing, including 3 chinese whom i wrote in my previous entry.

dia tau x by getting married, he broke many hearts? kesian diorang...

Friday, December 12, 2008

mencari surat nikah part 2 - datang semula isnin, pegawai xder ari ni

yeah rite!!!!

wat if pegawai tu met an accident, seriously injured n admitted so by monday pun dia x leh datang. or might he met a fatal accident and shud d office closed or not? wat abt d public? or maybe ada tanah runtuh dia terperangkap tapi pihak berkuasa x jumpa dia atau his body, so while waiting for him to appear, sapa pulak yg nak gantikan dia ka opis?

pening kepala makcik la.. here is this is d story.

went to pejabat agama teluk intan, brought d original-but-seriously-damaged marriage cert. the person in charge check d registered book, after consult another senior worker she informed us, "tahun 1961 ni xder dalam buku kita".

so fine.. "apa penyelesaiannya?" i was a bit mad .... nayyy very furious. apa ke halnya ada sijil tapi xder rekod? habis tu macam mana plak nak buat???

"isi borang ni" katanya.. i obliged.. "ni kena isi semua, nama wali nama saksi ni" sambungnya lagi..

nak cakap kurang bijak karang kecik ati pulak. how do i know?i wasnt even born, n kat cert tu kalau diorang pandai sangat baca la sendiri. u r supposed to keep all the info in ur office man... ni dah la info missing-in-action lagi mau blame public plak... ape ke he nyer?

saya lagi naik darah becoz my mom was there. very insensitive!! wali n saksi n d bridegroom dah lama meninggal dunia, lagi dia nak tanya2 lagi.. adus!!!!

then came another staff, rephrasing and blaming might be all d stuff ilang during pindah lama2 dulu. seriously, i can understand that, but apa penyelesaiannya?

"datang isninla ari ni pegawai xder" oh mudahnya dia bercakap. dia tau x rumah kami kat mana? pernah x dia terpikir berapa kos nak berulang alik ke teluk intan tu and masa yg diambil.

oh no. they dunno becoz they dont bother to ask, jusk asking to come back. how simplistic!!!!

"boleh x kasi surat pengesahan ke apa ke since rekodnya xder dalam simpanan so at least kita boleh bagi dekat felda mengatakan sijil ni sah" i tried my very2 best nak bersabar.. tapi gagal..

"tak boleh, sapa yg nak sign??" lagi dia mau tanya.. xder ke dalam manual prosedur kerja dia nih kalau xder boss ada second bos, third boss. ke hapa...

pendekkan cerita.. saya sangat2 hilang sabar..

we went home. empty handed! ni la nasib golongan marhaen. btw ni kali kedua mak saya ke pejabat agama yg sama. the first time last week.. seee.. masih x selesai. last2 dia salahkan public, ni x lengkap yg u x ada. mana nak proceed. yg dia tau suruh dtg balik, kalau dah mmg data kat diorang pun xder.. pikir la sikit beb..

balik rumah my mom terus masuk bilik air n x keluar2.. usaha yg sia2 satu hal, terkenangkan yg telah tiada satu hal lagi..

after jumaat i paid a visit kat pejabat agama slim river. afterall masa thn 2006 bila saya x bayar zakat, depa kasi surat peringatan, kalau bab zakat diaorang boleh tip top, well... hopefully.... xkan saya nak tgk mak saya bersedih mcm tu..

since now we resided in d kariah, i begged him to do surat pengesahan jer.. he exlained that it is out of his jurisdiction since my mom nikah kat daerah lain, so by right my mom shud go back to teluk intan, ada lagi komen2 peribadi yg elokla saya simpan.

i was almost in tears..

"bagi maklumat diri, kejap saya telefon mereka". call them he did.

"mereka kata isi borang dulu," lum sempat dia habis saya dah jawab dulu, "i did, dah kasi pun tadi"

"oh ye ker?" soalnya kembali

the truth is, i have already filled borang permohonan salinan sijil nikah dan borang pendaftaran nikah but tey rejected it coz nama wali and saksi xder.

"kalau mcm tu buat surat sumpah la.. ini dokumen yg harus ada" katanya sambil tulis semua perkara yg dikehendaki. "diorang janji kalau pegawai xder, timbalan dia yg akan uruskan ari isnin ni, dan siap ari tu juga." sambungnya..

"kalau dua2 xder?" don blame me for being so sceptical.

"saya dah tanya dah soalan tu tadi.. kalau dua2 xder dalam 2,3 hari akan siap".

i thanked him n drove straight to pejabat majistret, coz majistret bukan ari2 ada kat slim river. was told he will be there on monday, tuesday n friday.

seriously... apsalla gomen servant favorite pastime suruh org datang semula? wat if bila dia nk amik gaji kita cakap ngan dia, x ble la sbb xder org nak sign cek ari ni, datang ari isnin yer..

boleh x orang pejabat agama teluk intan tu tersenyum manis pas dengar semua tu dan cakap "xper la encik kami sabar... ni semua dugaan dari Allah".

i wish..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cerita buang karan.

currently i m in d cc, surfing for prosedur nikah kahwin bla bla thingy... concurrently quietly "menghampehkan" d staff who makes my mom suffered.

i havent find d solution yet, maybe surat sumpah is d better option, but then if i had my way mencampak orang tu ke dalam longkang is the most brilliant solution.

lets talk abt sumting funny..

i found its hillarious when zana told me that a male fren asked her if somting going on between norizan adnan and another male fren.

"what??" i almost choked, i mean, him of all ppl..

"he said during their trip, that particular man asyik tanya je, yg ni sesuai x utk ijan, bila g mana2 je tanya yg ni sesuai x" explained zana sambil ketawa terkekek2 obviously she felt cerita ni mmg x masuk akal langsung. ceritanya panjang tp crap smernya..

barula sy paham apa perasaan siti nurhaliza.. hehehe

to begin with, i think its funny coz i didnt know that, man loooooooves gossiping. On the other hand i almost jatuh kerusi sbb terkejut.. coz kot ye la sebegitu sekali ceritanya apsal i didnt get anything pun? cess very d buang karan..

later that nite i relate these incidents to our best fren- Jie..

"do u want me to make an appearance?"asked Jie, cam biasa la kan... he watched movie too much.. hehehe

i still havent made up my mind.

few days later...


almost maghrib, was just arrived n was wearing one of my baju batman when one of d neighbour called me.

i suspected dia ni was lonely coz from my observation dia just talked to me when had no one to talked to. pendek cerita - saya ;ah pilihan terakhir.

turned of d engine n headed to pagar rumahnya (ceh panjang lak cerita...) dia tunjukkan yellowish colored water wic ran from d water purifier (agaknyala namanya )... very hygenic la dia nih.. i gave my undivided attention.

pas tu dia tanya kot2 nak share streamyx line. to wic i gave a yes without thinking twice. but then, theres sumting yg dicakapkan wic makes me thinking deeply.

we were talking abt movies. sounds like dia ni pun suka g movie jugak..

"marila kita g beramai2" for me its a very normal thing to say.

"eh x ble janji la, slalu i g ngan polis2 bujang tu.." katanya..

saya pun sengih2 je.. wat to say then..

Baby's assumption is simple, "dia geng ngan polis eh? mesti polis tu kasi tau diorang penah amik ic lu masa lu kat cc ari tu. sebab tu dia offer lu share internet ngan dia"

x baik kan buruk sangka. tunggula bila dia xder sesapa disekeliling dia ni, i might get d answer.

speaking abt movie..

we (baby, yus, riena and i) bwk anak2 sedara watched Los n Faun. Ni baru2 betul2 giler kelakar. we laughed non stop.

btw i planned to see Et on my way home. tried to get Jie along, but he was stucked at d workshop. next time maybe..

and today - Jie fly to Jakarta for another golf trip.

bet there wont be ole-ole for me - as usual. for d first time i think its d best. wat is d used of asking all and sundry wats d best souvenir for me pas tu bought nothing, padahal it already rose silly suspicions.

buang karan tu...

luckily now i hv a new book. Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer. Another bestgiler book by the most prolific englishman. honestly i dunno wat prolific means, but who cares.. tru this book i already learn new word -convivial... .. jangan lupa baca tau.

mencari surat nikah

tuan2 ada simpan surat nikah?

saya xder simpan, coz i don hv one.

so does my mom. i mean she used to hv it, but after 40 yrs of marriage, nobody asked her abt it anymore. besides, unlike today even registered pregnancy kat spital pun ppl ask ur surat nikah, back then, things were less complicated.

until recently.

after 10 years my father passed away, my mom was a bit furious coz a few "things" still havent settled eventho she had submitted all d relevant documents to Felda office a week after the funeral.

once in a while she been doing follow up, only to be told " tunggu dulu".

months ago it was d last straw when d new clerk revealed that that-previous-person-in-charge NEVER submitted it to d headoffice.

at least that what they said.

so my mom dutifully hand in d documents once again. this time around my mom learnt her lesson, frequented d office to make sure they would be no delayed.

and.. she was a bit dissapointed when after months they came with a gud news.. they need d surat nikah to prove that my mom is the sole heir.


for god sake she is 60++ and her eldest is 45. She was married during the time mesin photostate and mesin laminate were the things in James Bond sequel. My late dad passed away in 1999 and again if they were that efficient this matter would be solve years ago.

"memang suka menyusahkan orang la diorang ni mak? dia yg x buat kerja apsal kita plak yg kena tanggung kelembapan dia?" we, the kids were unanimously agree on one thing..

but my mom would never heard of it. "susah sikit pun x apa.. asalkan selesai.. esok kalau mak dah tak ada kome lagi susah.. jangan nak pergi buat pasal".

susah sikit amender? my mom went to pejabat agama asking for a new marriage cert coz d one in her possession tulisannya dah kabur and x leh dibaca.

besok dia nak pergi lagi sebab d first time org tu kata apa ntah..

saya rasa inilah penderaan emosi yg paling hebat sekali. apa kejadahnya disuruh a widow cari surat nikah???

we plan to throw our colorful profanity to d previous-person-in-charge.

"usah kome nk buat pasal, Cik X tu baik orangnya.." cess my mom kot dengan kitaorang ada aje x betul dan dia komplen tapi still nak backing cik X tu..

reminds me of d article i read in d latest issue of TIMES.. A school superintendant, when students complained her coz she fired their headmaster coz of his incompetency despite d students unisonly said, he is nice.

"Nice? of he is nice let him work in the post office" katanya la.. x caya bacala article tu..

I m not sure whats d connection of nice and the post office. but if i had my way those good-for-nothing worker shouldnt waste taxpayer money and bullied a poor widow emotion by asking her marriage certificate no more.

i know.. i know... there's always a right way to solve a problem..

but then my mom shut the other window. we were left with no choice except following her way.

kalau tidak... isk iskk

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

see u in court!!! (x kena mengena ngan gambo)

After nikah n everyone was in joyous mood! Even my nephews yg in d beginning x mo duduk diam

Yus' chilhood fren, Padil jiran sebelah umah and d one who hold d tengkolok is Saffi.

It all happened when my neighbour's son was fifteen. a very long time ago and x leh cakap which one, eventho it is an open secret.. cess!!

i think it served him rite (sori eh...) afterall almost everyday i overheard makcik sebelah umah tu bising suh anak dia bangun pagi g sekolah.. ate aje ngan malas betul..

maka pada satu malam yg katanya gelap, di satu persimpangan yg xder lampu jalan, maka termakbulla cecita that particular boy yg malas sgt pergi sekolah. His motorbike collided with a car. unfortunately d driver have no licence, so did him.

Nak jadi cerita d culprit (honestly i m not in d position to decide wic one is wic) was both my jiran sebelah umah.

Pendekkan cerita, kes tu dibawak ke mahkamah. The relationships strained, thats expected la kan.. Kenkadang x pasal je anak2 diorang who r still in primary school kena panggil balik waktu tgh main. Tapi takat tu je la.. perang2 mulut, bising2 memang xder langsung. Never once they talked abt it to our family.

i bet they were afraid of sub-judiced kot.. ce ce ce.. frankly i respected their way.

Dah namanya mahkamah la kan, x sahla kalau x makan tahun baru selesai.After completing his PLKN, baru la kes tu selesai. Ari tu my mom ada cakap apa verdictnya but i forgot..

During Yus' wedding mcm rasa terharu when d two of them, duk sembang2 n tolong masak sama2, on Friday, and only 2 of them je at my house.

Saya rasa makcik berdua ni sangat hebat. Walaupun hanya surirumah sepenuh masa dan x pernah pun pergi London (sori x kena mengena) tapi semangat kejiranan diorang sangat tinggi..

Teringat saya dulu ada 2 orang penceramah agama yg berjiran tu sampai bergaduh disebabkan rumput je, siap2 masuk court lagi.. Diorang kena banyak belajar dari makcik2 jiran saya ni..

Saya pun sama.. sebab masa nak raya ari tu, berderau darah saya bila bola anak sedara (saya agakje la) jiran saya "terbang' ke porch saya. Kalau kena kereta saya x kisah, workshop banyak... tapi kot terkena pokok kobis yg memang ada sepokok je tu... aduss.. x tau la apa yg akan saya buat...

Nasib baik pokok kobis saya selamat..

Moral of d story - jangan malas pergi sekolah, nanti kena langgar kereta dan jangan main bola kat sebelah umah jiran yg ada pokok kobis, nanti dia tertekan.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bukan fatamorgana

Saya x tau plak mirage tu cakap melayunya fatamorgana until i watched pembentangan dasar fiskal (or watever ppl called it la kan) few nights ago which aired during prime news.

When i talked to Zana before Maghrib and she told me Obama won.. I was working until 6.40 ok.. whre got time..

So i googling whole nite long just like billions of ppl around d world. Historic Victory katanya... and like billions of ppl around d world I m waiting what change he's gonna make especially in foreign policy. Biarla sebelum ni x pernah amik tau pun.. tapi kali ni lain sikit. saya pun dengan x bersalah subscribe majalah Times.

One thing for sure d date has been set up for him to take over d presidency, 20/1/2009..

Memang cenggitu ye.. tarikh kasi dulu pas tu baru naik? patutla ada orang buat taktik yg sama..


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ada sesiapa nampak kamera saya?

Well.. the last time we had wedding feast at umah ijau ni was 13 years ago. At that time i was still studying.. xder la penat sangat..

This time around. nayyy!!!

i was lying flat in d surau at my workplace n one by one my colleagues asked, " x sihat ke?". i gave fasting as an answer eventhough the main reason was, i had headache mencari jurumekap. suruh la cari cikgu tuition maths ke sains ke, english ke.. tu saya reti la, kena cari jurumekap mau tak pening kepala...

after 2 days searching high n low, exactly on thursday , with d help of colleagues n frens, i managed to find one.

on friday, was supposed to be hari pasang khemah. since we rented d tents i didnt expect so many ppl to turn up. tapi ramai jugak good samaritans pay a visit.

lagi sukar diduga both my neighbours came to prepare kuah kacang in d morning. i tot my mom said everything buat petang. baik betul jiran2 saya. i wasnt lend a hand pun coz, my task was to kemas2 and simpan2 barang berharga termasukla buku2 saya kot idak abis dicerai-berai oleh anak2 sedara. lagi satu kena memunggah bilik Acho yg dah terpilih secara konsensus menjadi bilik pengantin.

Did i say
kemas2 and simpan2?

Now i wonder whre my camera is?

Monday, October 27, 2008

unthinkable trengganu trip

i m in cc now.. thinking of writing a few amazing discoveries tru d recent trip when d police officers (at least they claimed they r) asking for ic..

hati saya cuak sket..

when they kept d ic saya lagi cuak.. i mean...

at least dlm kelas law yg saya dapat result cikai tu, rasanya ada cakap NEVER PARTED WITH UR IC.

guess i had bad hunch.. gotta go..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cerita weekend yg panjang tp mesej sebenar di hujung entry

I had a foul mood on Friday. Lepas orang tu komplen2 d kids lagi dia berani mintak tolong dengan sy. Pertolongan yg xder kena mengena dengan kerjaya plak tu. Hilang akal ke hapa? Guess tu mmg peel cecekgu kot.. kot nak sakitkan hati dia ke tahap 380degree, marahla students kat depan dia...

Tapi kot dah buat gitu, jangan la berani nak mintak pertolongan seikhlas hati dari cikgu tu semula.. sahih dia kata dia busy punya.. tabah betul orang itu... patut dia masuk politik..

i bake cake this morning for d kids, utk menyatakan rasa kasih sayang yg x bertepi, walaupun saya rasa kek tu x berapa nak menjadi sangat...

on something unrelated, i spent my entire weekend with my twin cousins, Fizah n Zimah. Diorang baru abis PMR. We had a great weekend eventho rasa mcm x sesuai je sebab both of them pakai tudung labuh and sepupu dia tak pulak.. Btw they're from SMKA SLim River. Alang2 dah dekat kan. and i really had a gud time with em.

Congrats 2 Baby too.. Dia konvo on weekend gak. d first yg dpt Masters in d family, although saya yg register dulu, tapi tu kisah lama..

On Sunday, planned to g cc. Otw i saw Arif, on his way home. Siap2 saya mengejar rupanya dia nak patah balik ke pekan Slim River. I met him kat kedai surat khabar..

"orang dah nak balik dah, baru teringat Harakah x beli lagi. Tu org patah balik ni" katanya..

Kagum betul... Kesetiaan yg x berbelah bagi nampaknya.. Since tinggal dia ngan Acho je kat umah, org lain smer g konvo Baby, so we bought fast food for lunch. Macam ntahapa2je sbb d nearest fast food outlet tu kat TG Malim. Ngarut2 kitaorang pergi. Bersungguh2 kitaorang bercerita hal kambing sepanjang perjalanan padahal kat umah x sembang pun..

btw arif n Acho ternak kambing sereban. pas tu on d process nak bela lembu. tapi adik saya yg dua orang ni slow sket macam kakak diorang..

we parted our way kat slim river. i went home so do him.

at 5.30 i took d twins to their school. then Yati and i headed to ik*a. saja la xder kerja..

unfortunately i forgot to turn left at d 2nd flyover end up dah kemana pergi nyer..

"aduh bapak.. sudah sesat la ini.. how eh fr here 2 ik*a".. i called Jie yg jauh di seberang lautan..

"nak kasi instruction susahla, i kat Jakarta ni. amik je signboard tv3" thats Jie, walau di mana berada tetap bersedia membantu.. macam wonder pets team, kartun pujaan anak2 sedara saya..

make short, kitaorang pun sampaila.. sebab pergi pun dah lewat, sampai umah pun a wee bit late jugak..

tu je la cerita..

tapi ari ni bila g kedai surat khabo.. ngengada je saya rasa surat khabar satu parti tu.. x serik2 dia bercerita ttg impian nya nak jadi PM.. pas tu dia suruh lak penyokong bersabar.. rasa macam hishhh..

sapa sebenar yg tak sabar ni?????

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Riena!!!

Saya pernah tulis, saya x tau apa yg saya suka tapi i really like my future-sis-in-law despite kali pertama kami jumpa was d day yus kenalkan pada kitaorg smer bln 5 dulu kot.

maka pada hari raya ketiga yg lalu Nor Zamzayriena Zakaria was officially d new clan of adnan's.

My family started off d journey after zuhur on last thursday, arif, along and i and nik'z family yg beraya di rumah mertuanya gerak pukul 4 pagi..

they spent d nite at angah's hse in tmn lambaian jerai.

"muat ke?" thats soklan wajib kitaorang...

i mean kalau dah adikberadik 12 orang, abang2 ipar lagi plus anak2 sedara.. adusss.. luckily, angah's neighbour dah pindah so d hse is still vacant.. ok la..

after Jumaat we went to Riena's village at Kuala Perlis. Memang x sah kalau anak2 x buat hal.. Safi muntah in my car, Athira merajuk giler sebab opah dia x kasi nak duduk dekat ngan A-yob.. Izlan was restless asyik bekejar sana sini.

Dah tau A-yob dia nervous giler nak salam ngan Tok Kadhi lagi dia nak menyempit.. tu la budak2 umur 6 thn..

After akad nikah, we went straight for early dinner at Riena's house.. anak2 melompat2 tgk laut dan bot, makcik2 dia pun apa kurangnya.. my mom pun beramah mesrala ngan besan dia, makcik saodah namanya. kitaorang makan ikan x ingat dunia..

they booked a homestay for us. spacious enuff untuk adnan clan yg sangat2 ramai ni.. Riena sent some food, tapi half of d clan dah keluar g pantai, d rest yg tinggal plak, its either sleeping r busy updating one another.. maklumlah lama x jumpa..

d next day kenduri besarnya. d food was superb. ikan cencaru goreng cili, ikan nyo-nyo masak pedas, daging kurma, sayur campur dan fruits. Oleh kerana ikan adalah lauk fevret saya, so memang sedap giler la rasanya.. Keluarga pengantin pompuan pun best.. sangat gembira la.

anak2 je la yg x berapa gembira.. last year bila baby kena outstation kat moscow time raya diaorang sedih sebab, "kurangla duit raya kita thn ni, baby x ada"..

this year we overheard they discussed among themselves, " dah A-yob kawin, nanti raya sapa nak buat air?"

macam la A-yob diorang sorang je yg pandai buat air macam2, diaorang x rasa lagi mak andak dia buat ayo, ye lah sebab selama ni kerja buat air memang Yus, my bro yg conquered..

After d wedding, all d clan balik umah sebab nak elak massive traffic jammed (tapi sangkut gak) while baby and i together with our 2 nieces, awong and nadia went straight to Langkawi..

actually jeti kuala perlis tu is within walking distance fr riena's house, tapi yus, drove us there.. dalam lengkap berbaju pengantin tu si riena g deal for us. from my experience nak g langkawi, lebih mudah kalau deal ngan ejen kat jeti for car and room dari walk-in... cheaper n save time maa..

tapi sebenarnya lebih mudah bila ada adik ipar yg duk sekampung ngan ejen tu, guess we got better deal. Macam x bersalah je dia g bargain siap ngan baju pengantin, ada veil lagi tu... macam diva je dia org pandang2..

Then bila balik fr langkawi d next day, riena took us to her fren's ikan bakaq stall. Waaa d food i tell u mmg special, sedap giler..

Nanti kalau sapa2 g jetty kuala perlis jgn lupa g try ikan bakaq kat gerai no5. d owner is linda's father. Linda ni kawan baik riena sejak kecik. semua seafood tu ayah linda yg tangkap sendiri..

"ye ker?" kitaorang tanya ngan takjub..

"pagi2 ayah dia g ke laut, petang baru bukak gerai, rasa x udang dia fresh, ikan ni pun rasa manis sebab baru tangkap ni kak" terang riena..

honestly, sebab dah terbiasa makan ikan yg keluar dari peti ais so i cant differentiate d taste, tapi ikan siakap bakaq dia memang lain macam sedapnya..

x percaya try la..

Kenduri at my house will be on nov 2. Punya la susah nak book tarikh, everyweek ada org kenduri.. 12A would be d homestay for riena's family.

d feast will took place at out family residence. Umah kaler ijau (kaler parti), datang tau.. hehehe

Monday, September 29, 2008

cerita terkini

ari tu tanam jagung. macam dah bertunas la... tapi sebenarnya Nisa my niece yg tanam..

my mom komplen abis sawi dia kena makan ngan siput, so saya taruk dlm pasu baru n bawak ke 12A, pas tu bila org dtg tegur, waaaaaaa suburnya sawi.. ye ye.. lembu punya susu..

ari tu sy g umah Yati nk jmpa her mom. tapi mak dia dah balik kg lak.. so Yati kasi sepasu kubis sebab dia ada banyak.. lepas seminggu hajat nak beli pasu besar asyik postphone je pas tu saya tanam kan je atas tanah kat tgh flower bed.. macam hebat je ada pokok sawi.

bunga dahlia yg saya beli kat Cameron Highland bln April dulu la ni dah berbunga... banyak lak tu.. uda la yg semaikan semula... hopefully pokok ni akan merebak2 ..

saya baru berkenalan ngan jiran belakang umah.. kerja cikgu, nama pun izan.. kelakar eh...

ada org bayor utang dlm usd.. kebetulan plak skang ni musim sale. dlm bln ni je dah 3 kali sy g Sogo, tiap kali shopping sy bwk usd100.. now exchange rate ok sket rm3.4

ooo zero akan balik mesi thn ni.. yeye yeyeyey yeyyeye

baby n i decided to save some money for our bro wedding. so kitaorg wat kuih sendirik.. saya la jadik ajk buat kuihnya tu... dari smlm saya buat kuih, sambung pas subuh tadi.. rasa mcm nk pengsan dah.. as a result i m still at 12A, kalau buat kat uamh konfem x siap sbb bersembang je..

citer pasal wedding...
nanti ah citer.. zuhur pun lum lagi

tu je la kot.. to all slamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin..

Jerk saga

i just so annoyed with Jerk.

benci betul orang nak jadi hero ni... kasi kata2 manis, advice yg kenkonon diala paling considerate, paling wise, paling paling la... tapi in d end bila ada prob, sapa yg tanggung? masing2 lari bawah meja..

i so very hate u Jerk.

"Dont call me again k" I never said that to anyone but him..

because i just so tired ngan org yg nak jadi hero ni.. nak nampak dia je best.

macam ngumpat je ni... hmmm tapi saya mmg marah sbb dalam cita2 nak jadi hero tu dia dah membuatkan norizan adnan jadi villain.. masalahnya now d prob arise lagi dia mau lepas tangan..

"tu bukan tulisan encik ke? macam mana encik ble cakap x tau plak?" i asked him ngan sora setajam pisau cukur gilette super nacet (ada lagi ke jual skang?") di hadapan auditors..

orang kata revenge is sweet..

saya pun rasa gitu gak.. so sy x marah dah jerk sb dah dapat kenakan dia kaw2... tu je la..hikhikhik

walaupun pas tu sy kena g ipoh jumpa auditor, pergi lepas abis kelas, dah la sessi petang, sampai umah malam.. saya x marah pun..

btw d auditor sangat sangat baik... i couldnt thank her enuff

Monday, September 08, 2008

Boleh x mula sekali lagi?

" hey after six years kan... at last kita berbuka posa sesama jugak eh..." said i while busied myself with d sumptuous dishes.

janji nak berbuka posa bersama telah dimulakan sejak 6 thn lalu tp baru skrg tertunai...

"six years ke? noo way... max is 4 years.. cant be that long" kwn saya yang dah seminggu x nak makan nasik tapi amik lauk penuh sepinggan lagi mahu menafikan..

"yeah rite.. i was 29 when i knew u.." saya terus makan dgn rasa x bersalah despite kawan saya komplen, nasi is not healthy and fattening.. yeah rite.....

"oooo how old was i at that time?" dia berhenti makan sambil mematahkan jarinya, susah betul hidup tanpa mesin kira atau nama sebutannya calculator..

" u r 2 yrs older than me kan? kira ah sendiri..." mana mungkin saya mengaku saya kantoi maths masa spm dulu.. uishhh

"then... how old r u now?" tanyanya sedikit curiga dengan kemampuan mencongak agaknya..

"fifteen.. umur i memang berpatah balik ke belakang" jawab saya sambil ketawa ketawa.

sessi makan diterus tapi dengan lajak yang lebih perlahan, banyaknya bercerita hal2 lama, cerita2 lama.. kawan2 lama, peristiwa2 lama..

hujan masih x mo berhenti pada petang sabtu yg lalu... ironically when we 1st met 6 thn lalu seluar saya juga basah dan kotor kena air hujan. kali ni juga begitu, saya sangat x selesa dengan jean dan sweater Seed saiz S tapi besar gedabak yg saya pakai. selebet tul.

dalam pada itu ada sorang tu tergamak lagi terjun ke kolam renang bersaiz besar yang bertentangan dengan meja kami. kagum betul... saya teringat cita2 saya yang mahu berenang2 di Dungun... berenang dihujung minggu, berenang selepas penat bekerja, berenang ditengah tengah malam.. pendek kata berenang setiap masa la... tapi itu cerita lama..

cita2 yang bertukar menjadi impian yang kalau ikut teori logik akal, x mungkin akan tercapai.

perjumpaan itu diakhiri dengan makan2 jugak...

"u suka coklat x?" tanyanya..

'suka" saya jawab pendek, sebenarnya saya hafal makanan dan minuman kegemarannya tapi dia x pernah ingat yg saya memang "hantu" coklat.. tu yg kecik ati tu..

"i hv one, a fren br balik ostolia, dia kasi" katanya..

we shared d choc slab. it was yummylicious... honestly coklat cap ayam pun saya akan kata sedap giler jugak... kalau dah suka kan...

ironically, when we first met 6 yrs ago there was a song yg dinyanyikan while we were eating (dia yg makan, sy x nak sbb dlm ati asyik ingat nak balik je masa tu). i don remember d song but i remembered d singer.

pertemuan awal yg indah. kata orang gud start, gud ending jugak... mungkin betul pada orang lain, tapi it didnt apply to me..

pada malam sabtu yang hujannya semakin lebat itu, dia berulangkali memainkan sebuah lagu yg biarlah saya rahsiakan tajuknya (sebabnya sy pun x ingat tajuk nya) dan dia turut menyanyi bersama. Bagus betul MP3 philips tu.. bunyiknya lain macam sedap walaupun suara kawan saya biasa-biasa sahaja.

dan itulah kenangan terakhir saya dan kawan saya.

Berbuka puasa di tempat yg menghadap kolam renang, makanan yang enak, hujan dan lagu yang menyenangkan serta coklat yang masa saya g ostolia sy x beli pun sbb x mampu..

Rasanya tu ptemuan kita yg last, Bye my fren - saya kirimkan sms kepadanya..

Kenapa? soalnya..

Sebenarnya i dunno maybe sbb kecintaan saya yg mendalam kepada soalan objektif multi pilihan jawapan saya selalunya mengikut skima jawapan yg lazim diguna pakai di sekolah..

A maksudnya ya
B maksudnya tidak
C maksudnya lain-lain

tapi buat pertama kalinya saya tukarkan skima jawapan. jawapan saya C yang bermaksud TIADA JAWAPAN..

kerana saya pun x pasti apa sebenarnya fokus hidup saya sekarang.

lucu rasanya bila membaca novel "chasing harry winston" dikatakan bila kita nak lupakan seseorang ingatkan segala yang jelik tentangnya. perlakuan huduh yang sudah menjadi tabiatnya..

i couldnt do that. at the moment saya lebih suka mengenang yang manis-manis, yang indah-indah dan yang baik..

sememangnya dia seorang kawan yg menyenangkan...

dan dia juga baca blog ni...

to u,
i will never forget u, no matter how hard i tried.

sehari dua ni saya terfikir, kalau lah saya boleh mula sekali lagi........

saya tau jawapannya B, jadi saya pun x nak pikir apa yang akan saya lakukan kalau diberi peluang. Cuma saya harap, hati saya akan menjadi lebih keras untuk tidak menoleh ke belakang lagi...

kadang-kadang hidup ini mmg kijam la..

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

30, 31 dan 1

30 ogos

Ni cerita masa cuti skolah bln 4 eh?

nadia: mak andak, tok meninggal masa 30 ogos ye?
me : ha'ah pandainya .. mana ya tahu..
nadia: Ya tahu sbb hari tu masa thn lepas tu mak nangis..
me : nangis? napa mak Ya nangis?
nadia:Mak nangis lepas baca sms mak andak la..
me :ooooo (dengan muka nak nangis sekali),how d u know?
nadia:mak kasi Ya baca tapi Ya x paham bahasa English.. pas tu Ya tanya Along.. Along cakap apa mak andak tulis...
me : oooo (sebak x tau nk cakap..)
nadia: tok meninggal bila mak andak?
me : thn 1999
nadia: lama dah.. apsal mak nangis lagi..
me : sebab kitaorang sangat sayang pada ayah kitaorang.. Ya sayang x ayah Ya?
nadia: sayang ... tapi kadang2 abah marah Ya..
me : Dulu Tok pun selalu marah kitaorang, tapi dia marah sbb syg..
nadia:oooooo.. along kata along pernah tgk kubur tok..
me : nanti raya kita pergi sama2..

p/s thn ni i didnt smsed my 12 siblings on Aug 30th coz most of us stayed under one roof- at last


Aug 31st

g shopping on merdeka day,memang ntah hapa2..

went to Jusco ipoh with Along, baby, adib, thira and aliya...

ngarut..ngarut... nak g masuk pizza hut pun q punya beria... tapi kitaorang q jugak sbb anak2 sedara..

Sept 1

How time flies...tiba2 dah ramadhan... hikhikhikk..

cuba la cakap cenggitu,mesti kena debik ngan ustaz.. dah tau ramadhan tu penghulu segala bulan, lagi mau buat tekejut2 tekejut...

so hows ur puasa so far? ok he?

i've told mom sy nak berpuasa kat rumah baru, and my mom sbb kenal sangat anak dia, langsung x menghalang...

so on d first day posa saya g 12A sensorang despite baby complained, "wa balik jauh2 nak berbuka posa ngan keluarga beb.. apahal lu g sana lak..?"

tu mmg cecita saya sejak kecik (harap2 depa percaya la...) .. lain macam je ni'matnya bila buka posa masak sendiri (xkisahla sebenarnya mkn nasi lauk ikan bilis goreng je ngan fishball soup je pun), makan sendiri n buat tarawih pun sendirik.. sbb sy gayat nak balik masjid sorang2... (yg ni pun alasan)...

kalau kat umah konfem sy x pernah memasak tapi makan x berenti2.. x beriman betul..

tapi sbb yg betulnya... sy rasa kepala saya dah pening sbb asyik tido.. tido... tido... at least bila duk kat 12A memang konfem tido x lena sebab penakut..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

si luncai dan labu dan UTUSan

Cess.. thats all i can say regarding Permatang Pauh by-election result

d choice has been made.. landslide plak tu... ermmm konpius makcik .... meh la kita sama2 saksikan...

betul la kan... bila kita nak sangat sesuatu tu misti akan dapat... tp soklan nya brp harga yg harus dibayar? pada siapa? apa taruhannya?


besides harakah, our family also read Utusan, NSt, Siasah n kadang2 Berita Harian.

if u hv Utusan today, tgk ah page 14, ada gambo uda n her students n reps from Northport.

mcm wunnerful sangat. x pasal2 sy tumpang sekaki gumbira..

besides nabihah who won 1st place (adiahnyer RM2k) Nina and fatihah also won consolation prizes.

guess, its so wunnerful... was told there were more than 4k entry. out of 4000 participants, our girl is d champ.

to d girls - u definitely make us proud! to uda, keep on striving to be a good teacher.

i said "good", because as i see it, guru yang cemerlang didnt do what u did and i also in d dark apa justifikasi cemerlang eventho in d meeting we r urged to be guru cemerlang.

satu teka teki yang berpanjangan...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

surat untuk abang ngahku yang jauh di mata..

abang ngahku yang hensem (bodekkkk)

apa khabar pagi ni? sihat ker? orang arap abg ngah sihat dan sentiasa bersiap siaga menghadapi sebarang kemungkinan.

malam tadi orang call angah.. ingat nak cakap ngan abang ngah. bukan apa.. dah lama kita x jumpa dan sembang2.. ari tu abang ngah balik taim orang g holiday, x sempat kita nak jumpa. pas tu ada orang bawak balik ole2.. tapi belum lagi orang kasi, ingat nak pergi umah abang ngah cuti sekolah tadi.. tapi ada kursus kat pangkor pulak.. ate aje ngan busy..

mlm tadi angah cakap abang ngah x ada kat rumah, keluar g sembahyang hajat ngan kawan-kawan. seriusly spiking orang mmg bangga ada abang ipar yang beriman. idupp abang ngah..

tapi kan...
sebenarnya walaupun kiblat kita sama, tapi kadang2 bila kita bertembung dengan dua kemudaratan, kita kena pilih kemudharatan yang paling kurang. berbelit2 kan bunyinya.. tapi ni merujuk kepada tulisan ustaz asri dalam mingguan malaysia hahad lepas.

walaupun tulisan dia berbelit2 tapi mesej dia crystal clear abang ngah.. sangat clear dan kitaorang semua (x dapat dipastikan siapa lagi yg terlibat sebb family kita dah berpecah 2) harap abang ngah akan buat pilihan yang tepat.

memangla dulu encik calon tu datang masa kenduri kawin abang ngah dulu. tapi masa tu dia jujur dan ikhlas dalam melaksanakan tanggungjawabnya. sekali ayo bah, sekali ler pasyo beghubah atau dalam bahasa abg ngah, sekali ayak bah, sekali pasiak berubah.. he is a diff person now.

so diff sampai kita pun sangsi, apa jenis manusia melayu dia nih..

ngarutla.. dulu masa thn dulu2 orang mmg sokong dia, tapi bak kata pakcik barrack obama kita he has skeleton in d closet, unfortunately... bangkai gajah x boleh ditutup dengan nyiru.

tp bkn sbb tu orang pangkah dia. tapi fokus dia skrg ni disangsikan betul. kalau takat cakap smer org boleh abg ngah, tapi track record dia tu... adusss mcm x bagus sangat.. kalau di[pilih antara rafidah aziz ngan dia jadi PM orang 800000000 kali pilih rafidah aziz at least kak pidah track record dia giler hebat.

abang ngah ku yang super-hensem (bodek kali kedua)
apa sangatla yg kita kejar dalam hidup ni... mana lama sgt la kita nak menongkat dunia? bila smpai msanya semua akan kita tinggalkan juga.. tapi apa yg nak kita tinggalkan pada deeba, luqman, safa, safi dan daniel?

kot silap pilih, apa je la yg tinggal?

oleh itu abang ngah, walaupun kita pangkah parti kaler merah... tapi bila bertembung dua kemudharatan, marilah kita pilih kemudharatan yg paling kecil.. again tu ustaz asri yg cakap.

tak kan la kita x nak percaya cakap ustaz?

sekianla dulu eh, abg ngah.

selamat mengundi, ingatlah kuasa di tangan anda!!!!

yang benar,

p/s.. nama abang ngah saya rosli bin rejab berasal dari permatang pauh.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

if u not the one

pernah dengar kan lagu lama daniel beddingfield ni?

sebenarnya on sunday i went out with an ex-student. as usual bila anak2 murid dah besar,pada peringkat umur mcm ni ceritanya pun makin kompleksla...

she was scared that i will pandang semacam if i knew. well, knowing her for years, i didnt, and i guess she was terkejut beruk when i told her, ' i really like him too. u got my approval!"

"but i dont think he likes me" lamented her..

"r u crazy? of course he did" well i knew that man well..

"u dont understand teacher..." said her and i doubted it..

"i dont really know it all ye know. if i m that gud, i wont be single at 35. But i believe if we really want something badly, we will get it, insyaAllah,niat yang baik akan dibantu". tried my best to sound like a teacher who-knows-all..

"entahla teacher.." kurang motivasi betul ex-student ku yang seorang ini.

yesterday on my way to fetch my anak2 sedara lagu 'if u not d one" was played on d radio... i cant help but termenung sendiri. indah betul lagu tu..

saya percaya bila kita rasa "he/she is d one.. memang tu lah orangnya.."

"what were the d criterion u r looking for izan?" asked my bestfren looong time ago.

"boleh diajak berbincang dan x malu nak dikenalkan pada kawan2"

tu jawapan ikhlas saya pada seseorang yg lain yg bertanyakan sklan yg sama dan pada masa tu (wic is 6 yrs ago) saya ingat memang he's d one, mmg saya x toleh cari yg lain lagi dah. cesss

kalau mengikut novel senjakala, 'cinta mesti direbut dan dipertahankan". tu very the pilem hindustan. when in fact, kalau dah cuba sehabis baik, tapi x berjaya jugak, end of the least kita puas hati sbb dah mencuba.

btw when we met someone and we felt he/she's d one x payah la nak tunggu lama2. muster all ur courage n make a move. just leave all ur entah2... (entah2 dia ada org lain, entah2 dia xsuka sy,entah2 dia nak yg kayo bla bla)

entah2 orang lain yang kacak hensem (jek je ni) tu kawan baik dia je, tu merujuk kepada fauzi ishak, lelaki selain my bro yg sekalisekali makan ngan saya kat pekan slim river.

"nanti sudah2nya u jadi mcm teacher hahhaha" its acceptable kalau menggelakkan diri sendiri, kalau org lain yg cakap, kecik ati beb..

i never tell anyone, tiap kali dengar lagu if u not d one saya terbayangkan muka brad pitt.

tiara jacquelina dalam satu interiew kat minguan malaysia cakap, "lazimnya apa yg kita nak kita akan dapat.."

doa-doakanlah ye..hikhikhikhik

Sunday, August 17, 2008

lawak gaban dari ntah saper

tadi dah sia2 upload gambo n taip updates then tetiba laptop uda ni hang plak...

xbest betul.. pas tu kena reboot.. pas tu g surfing sana sini, pas tu dah kol 2.30pagi lak tu.

penah nangis x?

tadi pagi deejay kat PerakFM suh org ramai talipon pasal Chong wei masuk final. ada satu caller tu talipon pas tu dia menangis sbb katanya dia sebak...

ate ape ke he nye kome ni yong oii? ape ke jadahnya sampe teroyak kat derio? benor ke kome ni gemor bedmenten? ntah2 megang reket pun x peronah... heheh kot bebeno gemor ngan bedmenten, jgn lupa nengok games nyer besok... ate kot dapat emeh, merasa ke kita cuti gamoknya?

aje ngan x semenggah, ade ke cuti yg diingat dek deme... raban teben betui.

to chong wei, either its gold r silver u oredi make d nation proud. tapi kalau gold cantik sikit kaler dia..(ni niru kata2 razif sidek masadia g olimpik looooooong time ago -thn dah lupa)

to all muslim, slamat menyambut nisfu syaaban, semoga yg baik akan berterusan (mcm beriman padahal dgr announcement kat radio jugak.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 pemabus agm

sy mmg suka betul menghampakan harapan org, especially kot org tu yg hampakan harapan saya dulu (hehhehe u know who u r guys - edisi balas dendam nih)

our pemabu agm was set every final weekend of january each year. d rationale were (ala mcm skema la plak ) bln jan belum start latihan sukan, tuition ke hapa so patutnya x bz la beb..

len and izan mengonfemkan diri, whereas others (even d not so pemabus) mcm beria2 nak join tapi ngan syarat datang umah diorang dulu... ni apa ke he nyer... nak buat open house pun tunggu la raya... aduss... letih la diorang nih.. hehehe

back to us, len was d most earliest so she booked at quality hotel. then came izan fr jb. since i my class finished at 6.40 then i was d last, clad in my track bottom, bau pun semacam. kebetulan nampak kakak cleaner terus sy mintak sabun lebih. kakak tu mcm kesian je, maklumlah muka sememeh habis, padahal saya duduk tepi padang je tunggu kids main.. xperla, muka beriman...

len mmg dah biasa jumpa. every year paling kurang twice jumpa len. but i didnt recognized izan at first. she's slightly slimmer and ntah apa yg pelik-tapi-lain betul.. rupanya dia x pakai spec dah skang...

len pun dah tukar saiz m sekarang wic really surprised us, and she said dia semakin jelita sekarang dan kitaorang pun poura2la setuju.. hehhe

as usual, tido ntah pukul brp sbb nak catch maklumla ngan izan dan 7 thn x jumpa. banyak la disembangkan especially citer BATi terkini (pasal korang la beb)

late at nite et called kasi tau she wont be join us d next day, atas hal yg x dapat dielakkan, and she cried, wic is really broke my heart. she rarely cried unless dia marah orang..

kena tulis jugak, mcm thn2 sebelumnya i was d host, konon2la... tapi yg kena kerja keras ialah my 2 bestfrens, et and jie.

normally et will take us dining out and jie beri sumbangan kecemasan.

since this time around et is unavailable so we just belasah je g mana2. Luckily Jie dah prepared invitation cards for adala satu event kat sunway lagoon.

jie suh dtg awal, tapi dah namanya reunion, misti la x berenti bercakap smpai x tgk jam. after sumptious breakfast, wic len ate a tiny portion only, we proceed to sunway lagoon. i wasnt sure d route so mengagau la jugak despite jie dah kasi plan. ntahapa2..

under d scorching heat, jie ngan senyuman-manis-mcm-gula-gula-getah waiting for us at d entrance. mcm x kena mengena ngan pilem je bila kitaorang yg bertudung ni berdiri sebelah jie.

panas giler la.. kitaoarang bertiga mmg pakai track kenkonon nk g mandi..

ok gak mandi2 di tengah hari buta ni.. tapi x lama pas tu jie call kasi tau his show dah nak mula.

so tiap kali nampak jie, kitaorg bertiga pun tepukla kuat and jerit his name, biarla sebenarnya dia x dgrpun. sokongan padu di tengah panas tu di tengah lautan orang pulak... tu baru namanya kasih yg x bertepi kot.. tapi kitaorang duk kat tepi je..

after his show ada life band. its definitely not our type pun. so tukar baju, called jie kasi tau nk balik and we dashed off. tapi jie telah berjaya mengejar kitaorang dengan jayanya dan mengucapkan selamat jalan dgn gaya seorang lelaki yg baru abis buat show. he was so sweet...

so kawan2 saya cakap bestnya ada kawan mcm jie. tapi itu sebab diaorang x tgk bila jie start cakap omputeh... mau jatuh kerusi diorang even jie x tinggikan suara. hikhikhik (sorry jie, we r still fren)

then we went to sunway pyramid dah alang2 and jalan pun jammed.. pas tu balik hotel and mandi2-pas tu sembang lagi.

i called et, she still unwell.

btw izan was so funny, her students were so colourful especially zul d mawi-wannabe. so xder la kerja lain kitaorang asyik ketawa je.

we had dinner at d nearby restaurant. and our guest of honour were ayus and her hubby, khairul. thats d first time jumpa ayu since our convo in y2k. never met khairul too but we just looooooooove him.

apsal bila jumpa kengkwan lama misti ketawa jeeeeeeeeee... till now saya masih terkenang gelak ketawa malam tu..

indah betul kan?

we took another pix atas permintaan khairul. i dont tke any pix sbb masa tu mcm a'a lupa la..even my hp pun batt conked out, charger pun lupa bwk...

tp x kisahla, pas tu sambung bersembang lagi. sonok sungguh tp yg paling diingati stil zul d mawi-wannabe tu. gila kelakar.

d next morning we parted with izan, mcm sedih je sbb konfem kalau panjang umur tahun depan baru jumpa.

then len and i took cab to low yat, tp kedai lum bukak so saya g buat foot massage while len browsing a few shops yg dah bukak. ok la, tapi mahal giler..

balik low yat, antar len ambik cab ke pudu. hopefully akan jmpa len in d near future tp smpai saat saya taip entry ni masih x jumpa lagi..

so itu la cerita pemabus thn ni.. hopefully by nxt yr kehadiran akan bertambah. nampaknya kena tukar Undang2 kecil la..

btw, i m still d president.

cerita sesat di hari ahad n isnin yg best

drving needs a lot of focus.

at least for me. focus is d main thing, kot xmemang sesat..

last sunday (saja la ska buat cerita past tense) i had battle among conscience whether nak beli jeans kat sogo r g ikea beli furniture.

i texted d 2 ppl i think will help me making decision. Jie cakap he'llbe free after 7 coz he works on sundays, the other person langsung x reply.

after zhur i drove to kl. dgn pikiran yg masih lagi menimbang2 mana satu nak pilih coz i only can afford one item at the moment, saya x tersilap amik route and tau2 je ntah kemana ntah..

kensella membeli jeans and i plan to go 2 *kea. ni pun satu. even jie dah kasiplan, and dah banyak kali pergi sendiri i still tersesat juga.

sbb perut pun dah lapar and i had cravings for asam laksa so i just went straight to midvalley. Thats because jalan ke MidV je yg saya konfem ble pergi dengan jayanya.

as usual, i prefer laksa shack for yummylicious asam laksa. the last time i went there was with et. still remember she was flat, siap xble drive after drinking d exotic kopi cincau there. therefore i avoid something "funny", i chose lime with asam boi instead. it was divine!

tapi makan sorang2 bukan la best sangat pun..

so at 6, i started off my journey to jie's workplace. sepatutnya senang je tapi dengan pikiran yg x berapa nakconcenrate i missed d route again and tau2 dah sampai kat batu tiga..


kalau x kenangkan dah berjanji, memang saya akan balik terus je.

but i hv a promise to keep.

after 2 hrs i managed to reach his place safely, there he was, waiting with a bottle of orange juice. d used to be packed parking space was deserted and i say sorry profusedly for being late.

we had dinner at chicken riceshop. Jie bersungguh2 mengorder. Somehow he reminds me of siti ruzzaidah, mybest friend. she always wanted me to try food, wic i appreciate very much.

Jie had ayam satay, stew, mango kerabu, park choy and mango dessert. i had chicken rice and lime juice with asam boi (again!!) ..but then he kept filling my plate, wic annoyed me..

Kamal called while i was telling Jie abt him, speaking of d devil! he and his wife were in d neighbourhood and ingat kan nak melawat Kak Izan dia, told him i was having dinner in Subang.

the food was ok la.. tapi kalau dah biasa makan bertiga dengan et,sekali kena makan dua orang je, somehow saya rasa meriahnya "kureng" la sikit ( miss u et)

then after dinner, jie tunjukkan jalan2 supaya saya x sesat lagi.

"eh bukan kat sana ke route dia?" saya tanya bila Jie stop kat traffic light.

"i dah pernah tunjuk la jalan kat situ, tu housing area je, kalau mcm ni patutla u asyik sesat je" jawab jie ngan suara yg lain macam.

pas tu dia terus masuk route yg saya tunjuk despite i told him, my fault sbb x perasan jalan waktu malam.

"its not waktu malam ke hapa, u hv to see d road urself, so that u'll now by urself".

bila Jie cakap omputeh iknow its d time for me to hold my tongue.

Saya teringatkan d kids yg dah setahun sy ajar still x paham2 lagi. i know ho they felt now.

at 9.30 we bid gudbye. 30mins late than d planned.

i drove slowly sbb takut sesat lagi. i only speed bila dah kat highway.

when i reached 12A,both my neighbour wasnt home.


on monday i woke up feeling dizzy. i m on my 11th day of fasting. 5 more days to go.. aduss..

i went to school a wee bit late than usual, and a wee bit tired than usual too. i m restless to coz d kids r sitting for monthly test so rs macam xder kerjaya sangat. i missed their cheerfulness.

coming home mommy n uda g kait buah langsat coz yus and rin singgah on their jouney home fr perlis.

i love both of them so it was fun having them around even for just couple of hours.

once they dashed off, i just cant wait to fall asleep.

sangat penatla semalam.

Friday, August 08, 2008

citer seram

jiran selang sebuah rumah meninggal dunia pukul 7.15mlm tadi.Pakcik Hamzah namanya. Masa kitaorang kecik2 dia sangat garang. bila kitaorang dah besar2 ni pun dia garang jugak. sangat konsisten pak cik ni.

baru last month makcik syam jiran depan rumah tapi jauh sikit passed away in d hospital. we r a very close community. jadi bila ada orang meninggal atau pun nazak abisla satu kampung berkampung kat rumah orang tu. bagus kan...

i still remember bila d late wak nor was unconscious at 3.a.m even my bros yg tido mati tu pun boleh stay kat umah dia sampailah jenazahnya dikebumikan. tu citer 3,4 thn dulu.

yesterday bila balik sekolah, acho je ada kat umah. my mom balik lepas maghrib and say sorry sebab dia x sempat masak. ntahapa2kan.... patut anak diala yg masak..

dan memang pun acho yang masakkan untuk saya berbuka semalam. tumis jengkol ikan bilis. saya suka sungguh.. bersungguh2 saya makan. errrr... sebenarnya sy mmg suka makan.

uda g outing ngan siti dan balik kol 8.30p.m. she brought mee rebus, wic i found too sweet for my liking.

after isya' my mom g lagi umah pakcik hamzah, so do adik and acho. uda surendered to her bedroom sambil bergayut, sangat multitasking my sister ni..

since it was too early to sleep and xder buku best nk dibaca i watched tv.

its a new thriller series, cesss!!!! seram giler babas. even Kuza yg sepatah haram xbercakap tu pun sgt menyeramkan expression..2,3 kali saya panggil uda suh dia temankan, tergamak dia cakap suh tutup je tv.

uda x paham, cter ni amazing giler. nampak cam realjer pelakon dia ngan camera work pun cantik. tapi last2 tv tu tertutup sendiri n i was literally melompat masuk bilik uda.

kot ye pun nakpotong api org tnb ni, jgn la time org tgk citer seram.. takut giler tau x. thanx god kejap je.. pas tu sy sambung tgk sampai habis n terus tutup tv, bwk blanket masuk tdo kat bilik uda.

mmg seram la citer tu.


korang pernah tgk hantu x?

sy x pernah, tp masa sekolah2 kitaorang suka sangat cerita hantu.

errr... mak saya panggil lak dah... bye

Thursday, August 07, 2008

clothes doesnt maketh a man

human beings r curious by nature.

that a statement yg sy baca long long time ago.

unfortunately bila orang bertanya kita bukan suka sangat albeit at then end of every lesson our teacher misti paksa2 kita tanya soklan, cba la tanya barang 10 soklan,misti biru kelabu muka dia. at least thats what i felt..

when u speak out ur mind ppl find it annoying and accused u of jealousy and ulterior motives. anyhow, if u could give salient point to support ur reasons/decisions, tell me in any language "what d u afraid of?"

i was really annoyed with d news about maybank last nite. 500k tu beb, walaupun sebenarnya saya xder satu sen pun tapi i really admired Datuk Wahid,CEO of d year. tetiba je saya terasa panas hati..nak tau lebih lanjut bacala paper.

something on salient points.

i was looking forward to learn from someone who bagged d accolades recently). it just that ...i dunno... when d chairman asked the person to name/ share his activities i was in for d great surprise.

he was unsure of himself and apologize for not doing his job.

but he was selected because on paper he looks impressive. or so from d chairman's word yeterday.

bila kita cakap sesuatu yg kita x buat, tu masa kecik-kecik dulu ustaz cakap,menipu namanya. ustaz cakap kalau menipu masuk neraka.

definisi menipu tu dah bertukar, kalau kita tulis benda yang kita x buat dan tulis data yang sebenarnya tak wujud, tu dikira macam x menipu. tak percaya tanya ustaz.

it reminded me in d 90's an artist who just won obersea singing competetition was selected as d recipient of an accolades. the previous recipients were a big shot in that field wo had given tremendous impact to the society.

berjemaahla orang ramai mengomplen. but i like satu komplen dari sapa x ingat dah, katanya, "nilai sesuatu anugerah tu terletak pada penerimanya bukan title anugerah"

tapi kesian jugak pada panel pemilih, xpasal2 kredibiliti dipersoalkan. some ppl said kita x boleh puaskan hati semua orang, but then kalau hati kita sendiri pun rasa was-was tu apa cerita tu?

tapi kalau siti nurhaliza menang saya x kisah sangat.

tu je cerita

bukan peminat sitinurhaliza,

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cerita Ogos

On 1st August, huda's father passed away.

huda is in my PE class. she's been telling me abt her father condition for d past 2 weeks, promisedto visit, tapi x jugak pergi...felt awful abt it.
On Friday i accompanied ustaz Raof handed d donations to her mom. honestly i dont feel comfortable to do so, coz ever since my father passed away... i dunno... may be ilove my late dad too much..
We went with Lia and khaleeda. Thats because si Lia ni bising kata masa funeral dia x sempat pergi so dia nak jugak pegi. tapi saya suka Lia so we took her along.

2nd August we (Kamal, Rizlan Raof, Wan Bib and I) took d kids for excursion trip to Malacca.

I wrote abt our trip in 2006. For me it was torturous coz Zana n i sgt exhausted. Syukurla this time x penat sangat. Tapi hati sy dug dag dug dag coz awal2 lagi Lan naik hangin.

Lan is very very very punctual. he used to ferried our athletes sampai national level.kalau dia cakap pukul 7.00 pagi, pukul 6.50 bas akan jalan. I really respect him for that.

It turned out janji pukul 6.15, pukul 6.30 masih x nampak batang idung.

So we arrived a wee bit late. Our first destination is Taman Mini Malaysia. Well well well i loove d cultural show. It was how to put it eh.... since kot g tour obersea selalu kitaorang tgk cultural show, so i must say, memang hebat la our performances.. pas tu in d end ada joget lambak... tau2 5 of our kids ada kat atas pentas.. isk isk... budak skema2 lak tu..

i just told them,' i'll tell ur father"... thats because i dunno wat else to say.

and we went to other places too. tapi yg xle dilupakan masa sembahyang kat masjid. we were stucked coz ada kecurian and d guards insisted on checking all the people. hangin pun ada, ye la kita ni datang jauh2 banyak lagi tempat nak ergi kalau dah tersangkut kat situ karang bila lak nak balik.. ramai tu orang bukan senang nak tunggu turn..

later, rupanya, dia check gunateknik cam muka je. coz budak sekolah rendah g cikgu dia hilang beg tu cam muka orang yg ambik. upon seeing muka budak2 yg eager nak bantu ckgu2 dia, xadi la nak hangin. cute betul..

tapi sy rasa sedih bila driver bas,an indian cakap, "ni tempat sembahyang punya orang, apasal pencuri ada? bukan semua orang datang mahu sembahyang ke?"

kepada pencuri tu (how i wish dia sebenarnya tersalah ambik beg je) berhentilah memalukan agama islam. carilah kerjaya lain.

On 3rd August
I started my day very early. out of20 kids only 3 turned out. and d manager himself came. he said something wic raised my eyebrow.

later hanis, tikah, Una, ija and me went to Azrul's brother wedding. It was how do i put it, very grand wedding. i looove d food and d warm reception fr d host. Dalam pada tu sempat jugak saya menunjal kepala 2 kids yg x datang kelas saya pagi tu. but in a gud sport anyway..

never in my life in spent toooooooooo long in a wedding. reaason being, kereta kena blocked.. dah nampak its one way, lagi mau double park diorang nih... bertungkus lumus la si deeejay anouncing no kereta orang. lawakbetul..

Cu Na came. so i didnt go to 12A this week. harap2 my neighbour wont miss me so much (hahahaha)

4th August
i just hate when i have to change my lesson plan. wat to do, the laptop is still faulty. noeaboation tho.

Kamal sedih hari ni. Naturally kak izan dia pun akan turut bersedih.

i told Uda about it when i came home. there's something about what she said that makes me thinking deeply...

"Dulu memang kita kasihan pada dia. kita tau amily background dia, kita selalu backing dia, tapi kita pun boleh bezakan antara yang jujur dan tidak. Sekarang ni, susah betul nak pandang sesetengah orang dengan perasaan kasih sayang dan belas ihsan."

Till now belum ada lagi pelajar yg saya pangkah. Tapi lately ada a few yg really getting on my nerves. I blame it on d higher price of oil. Resmi manusia, bila dah biasa susah, sekali dpt duit banyak mestilah dia nak kasi yang terbaik pada anak-anak dia.

Masalahnya pemikiran budak umo belasan tahun x sama mcm kita yg dewasa ni. Once they have some money, they think they own d world.

Teringat saya satu tazkirah katmesjid yg mak saya paksa pergi last year.

Ustaz tu cakap, dulu duk Felda rumah macam nak runtuh pun boleh tido lena sampai pagi. Buka tingkap xder sapa nakmasuk. tapi la ni, bergril rumah batu pun ada orang masuk mencuri. Ni semua bala la, yang silapnya ibubapa,macammana dia boleh biarkan anak dia jadi pencuri?"

in my line of duty, i've met ibu bapa yg baik tapi anak dia x langsung ikut perangai mak bapak dia.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

A gud fren and kenangan lama

Last year d kenduri durian wic organised by Kelab was fabulous.. bepoluh2 la mkn deroyan..r

yesterday, one of our colleagues dah pesan suh kukus pulut sekilo.. i gave plenty of reasons,senang cakap mengelat la tu..

today, we had another durian feast session. was stuck in my morning class. later ngan rasa x bersalah i asked that particlar colleague, "hows d feast?"

knowing that i m fasting today, he dashed to pick the periuk pulut and asked me to tapau home, and 2 durians as well..

cess... rasa mcm nak hempuk diri sendiri... masa masak x nak, time makan laju je..

bestkan kwn kitaorang tu..


The truth is, seumur idup saya xpernah kukus pulut. My mom la.... kejam betul..

When i was in form stayed in hostel. Everytime balik cuti i asked her to bake my fav delicacies. salah satunya kuih pulut serimuka..

dah jadi trend my mom, kalau suka makan sesuatu, bila besar sikit dia akan ajar caramemasaknya.. Pada satu cuti sekolah yg malang tu, terpaksala saya masak kuih tu under her close guidance.

mula2 kukus pulut. tu mak yang buat..

lepas tu masuk dlm loyang, tekan2 kasi mampat

pas tu kukus

pas tu bancuh tepung, ngan gula merah ngan santan kot eh?

taruk kat atas pulut tadi.

pas tu kukus lagi..

ntah apa yg silap (x nak ngaku tu!!) d first experience was a torture. dah la lama giler nak masak, panas lak.. kena bebel lagi sbb uih xberaa nakmenjadi...that was d last tme sy memasak pulut tu... pas tu kalau mak saya masak sy x mkn sangat dah... tertekan betul..

there n then saya tau bakat saya xder kat dapur.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ex gratia

"Andak, lu tau x ex gratia tu apa?" thats baby menguji pengetahuan am andak dia yang masa kecik2 bercita2 nak jadi lawyer..

"sort of permohonan maaf fr d employer when d employee passed away kan? wa ada belajar dulu tapi lupa la" i did belajar a few law terms tapi this one punya explanation mmg nampak mcm a bit kurang cerdik la..

"pampasan dalam bahasa Melayunya" Baby membetulkan..

Baby balik kg last weekend. Like all d sisters in d world kitaorang suka berkongsi pengetahuan baru and she gave a long winded lecture on ex gratia. Sekarang ni kan banyak in-house training so kat opis dia one of the talks was on this topic.

"to make it clearer d speaker gave lots of cases" kata Baby dan saya mendengar sepenuh hati.

"macam kes seorang nurse kat trengganu yg meninggal di bunuh di dalam kawasan hospital sewaktu on duty. Lu rasa dapat x waris dia pampasan?" Baby menyoal.

"dlm kawasan tpt kerja, on duty, konfem dapat beb.." laju je sy jawab

"org pun ingat dapat gak, speaker tu cakap.. d nurse kerja kat unit hemodylisis, she got phone call and she went to d parking lot.. there.. she met someone who later killed her.. think again.. she left her unit, so x dapat la.."

as baby later explained, tu maksudnya kita jangan tinggalkan tugas kita sewaktu masa kerja, unless atas arahan majikan. kot jadi apa2.. dah satu kerja plak kalau jadi kejadian buruk.

nak kasi pampasan sebenarnya bukan senang sebab mereka akan nilai banyak dokumen, bukan hanya dokumen dari ketua jabatan je..

for example there was a case a man was involved in an accident on his way to work. kalau accident dalam perjalanan pergi dan pulang dari tempat kerja, automatically eligible for ex gratia. unfortunately when "they" read d police report, it stated d deceased was wearing a sarong. x kan la g kerja pakai sarong plak...
further check, sebenarnya dia meninggal sewaktu balik sembahyang.

moralnya (ni ayat Baby) jgn g mana2 bila balik kerja, toksah singgah g beli nasi beriyani ke beli durian ke.. kita kena ikut jalan yg lazim dan waktu yang lazim kita keluar dan pulang kerja. Kotx, kot jadi apa2, satu sen x dapat (macamlah waris kita nak sangat duit kan...)

ex gratia hanya boleh diberi atas bencana kerja saja. kalau sebab penyakit memang sah x boleh..

"macam ada satu kes cikgu ni.. dia stress sangat sbb tgh kursus sebab ada presentation. After presentation dia meninggal dunia mengejut and d doctor nyer report cakap dia ______(seriously sy lupa). So ko rasa dapat x?" Baby tanya lagi

"eh dapat la.. stress sbb tugasan kerja tu.." tu jwpan x berapa cerdik dr saya.

" x dapat.. stress atau any disease x dikira dalam pemberian exgratia. moralnya x payahla kerja stress sangat, kot mati, mati katak je, Lainla kalau kemalangan helikopter ke tu memang dah jelas-jelas kemalangan, dapat la..".. jelas baby dgn yakin.

"tapi cikgu suka mcm tu yer? haa ada lagi satu dia cakap, cikgu ni dalam pandai2 ada jugak bodohnya.." mcm xder insurans je Baby bercakap..

"weiiii very insulting maa... why is that ppl always said that to teachers. prejudiced namanya tu.." hangin je saya...

"lerr.. cekgu kan ramai, macam2 la perangai... lu nak dengar x kes ni?" ni je yg baby dapat jawab. tiada langsung permohonan maaf.. cesss

there was a teacher, cikgu kemahiran hidup kot... ajar budak potong kayu..waktu dia potong kayu ngan mesin tiba2 xder letrik. Then dia kuis-kuisla dengan jari, tetiba ada letrik plak.. zupp jari dia terpotong, habisla satu ruas jari.. setelah disiasat, dia layak dapat pampasan sebab itu masa bekerja dan dikira bencana. Rupanya kes dia tu dah memberi inspirasi pada cikgu sekolah berdekatan, yang tiba2 jarinya terpotong jugak. Lepas di kaji segala dokumen, ternyata masa kejadian and a few things look fishy, in d end they found out dia banyak hutang ngan ah long... so satu sen dia x dapat sebab keterangan dia meragukan.. tu la cerita cekgu2 ni..

moralnya... kot rasa nak cari duit segera pun x payahla buat kerja x senonoh dengan memalukan diri sendiri, org yang jaga perbendaharaan negara ni akan buat kerja telus dan amanah.. abis semua angle depa kaji. hebat tu!

Setahun peruntukan untuk exgratia ni dalam 1.2 juta je terang baby lagi.. honestly when it comes to numbers saya memang ada sikit lembab dalam mengingat, kalau salah tulis mintak maaf la...

"so how much d judges got?' seperti lazimnya rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan negara saya bertanyakan soklan cepumas ni jugak..

"well... " Baby x jawab dan saya pun x tanya dah, afterall kalau kerajaan nak berahsia, i m sure they have a very gud reason to do so..

But then duit berjuta x sama dengan maruah dan harga diri. tak tau saya sebenarnya kata2 ni nak ditujukan kepada siapa.. i dun think sapa2 pun yang dapat ex gratia ni especially selepas di terminate dari kerja akan rasa gembira melompat2.

tapi saya jugak merasa kagum jika seseorang masih terus mempertahankan keputusannya walaupun dikecam hebat kiri dan kanan. Bagi saya tu melambangkan keteguhan peribadi seseorang.

anyway, saya sangat merasa terkesan membaca hari-hari terakhir Saddam Hussien. Pengawal penjara tu kata dia sangat tenang dan tidak memperlihatkan kekesalan langsung. He thinks he did d right things.

Wic reminded me of Mother Teresa's famous words
ppl r often unreasonable, illogical, self-centered,
forgive them anyway
when u spent years building, some people could destroyed overnight,
build anyway.
the good u do today people often will forget tomorrow,
be good anyway
give the world ur best anyway..
coz u see in d final analysis its always between u and God anyway.
its never between u and them anyway.

tu je la cerita dari saya ari ni...

p/s of course la MTeresa words of wisdom tu dah sy tebuk2.. x ingat semua la..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Miss Understood

Sblm tu ...
I m in cc now.. whoever said cc ni tempat remaja melepak is definitely havent hv a clue whats going on.. atau dalam bahasa kasar kwn say Fauzi Ishak sangat kurang cerdik coz in d cc i m in now.. ada 2 org pakcik in their late 50's, 4 late 40s guys, mid 20s ladies and me- belia yg berumur 15 tahun..

all of them were so engrossed with what they were doing n sorang pun x perasan ada org yg xder kerjaya peratikan depa. btw, the pakcik is typing something.. agaknya pc dia rosak kot kat umah..

back 2 d story..

I m so happy this week. Reason being... Man, Kak Sal R and I bakal menunaikan janji kitaorang pada kids next month. A project wic we had been discussed since last year. Thanx to d new boss anyway..

And for the first time in a year i can sleep well after "that" committee meeting. Thanx to d new boss as well coz all this while everytime after the meeting ended i felt so miserable and tired and ada je rasa nak bakar orang... not their fault, its me.. yg selalu harap A disebut A bukan ABCDEFG tapi diakhiri dengan "buat je la mana yang patut asalkan ada paperwork"

He didnt parrotting his 6 years-old script wic is a relieved. Letih tau.. Reasons? ntah malas nak memikir...I shudnt say more except that i m as happy as happy could be..

Kegembiraan yg luar bisa juga saya perolehi after that meeting. This is something yg diluar jangka.. i hv battle among conscience wheter i shud write this or not.. at last here i m...

I m 35 and single. thats a fact. i m not pretty and i knew it. thats a fact too. i have many married frens. thats a fact too. Abis tu sapa je la yg x single dlm umo cenggini kalau x Anuar Zain dan norizan adnan

i tot i make it obvious that married is a matter of choice to me... i dunno whther others get it r not.. and i never care abt it..

Bukan biasa ke kalau kita g mana2 tempat yg ntah bila2 nak g semula kita kasi la kengkawan ole2.. biarla ole2 cap ayam je pun... sambil kasi tu misti cakap cenggini.."yg ni mmg saya pilih khas utk cikgu.."

Biarla sebenarnya semua org dapat yg sama pun tp still jugak buat ayat mcm tu.... org tu pun biarla dia tau kena tipu, normally wil play along like.."laaa saya mmg suka sangat benda ni, terima kasihla". Tak kisahla kot itu le kali pertama dan terakhir dia guna hadiah tu, pas tu ntah mana2 dia campakkan pun.. ala.. barang murah2 je..

For years biasanya mcm tu la.. thats why we r still frens..

Ehem2.. tapi isk isk isk.. theres a new teacher, since i didnt see him on the day i kasi all d mementos to frens so i gave him d next day.. "aku pakai sekarang taau!!!" thats d remarks gave by them, tapi tu je sekali pun diorang pakai.. pas tu ntah mana2 peginya pun.. sy x kecik ati pun.

This particular teacher lain.. d next day dia pulangkan balik sebab dia kata, "nanti apa kata isteri saya, belikan saya hadiah mahal2 dari london pulak tu"..

mak aii..

" sy tipu cikgu je.. sy g chiengmai je bukan london pun, pas tu murah je la cikgu... dia tipu je 100%silk tu... cap ayam je nih.. jgn la cenggini.. smer org pun sy kasi termasukla cikgu.." sambil gelak2 sy terangkan.. xkanla sy nak bakar dia pulak..

yang menipu g london tu sy ngaku la.. tapi bab isteri dia tu dy a bit keliru sket.. apa relevannya?

"kita kena rasa kecik hati x jie?" sy tanya Jie selepas Uda cakap x payah la kecik hati, he's new so might be he dont really know u well, tu nasihat Uda.

"did he knows u give d tie 2 all ur colleagues?" asked Jie.. As usual when Jie spiking tu maksudnya dia serious tahap tenuk.

"yeah, i've told him" sy pun tetiba ble spiking biarla dulu masa spoken english class asyik gagap je..

"then if he knew he is not d only one get it, and he still insisted using that excuse to return back d gifts means dia tu ada sedikit kurang bijak la.." tu jie yg cakap..

"shud i feel kecik ati then?" mcm budak kelas yg saya ajar, sy mmg nak jawapan yg specific..

"dont!" sbnarnya jwpn jie lagi panjang.. tp might sebab we hv been frens for years so dia misti backing saya punya.. isk isk isk..

seriously i didnt feel kecik hati at all. biasala kot kita tersalah paham.. x amik pot pun since we don hv many kerja together so x kisah pun..

but i did noticed he didnt "tegur" me after that..

kalau ikut buku 8th Habit by Stephen Covey, bila ada strained relationships we must face one another and embraced d truth ( mcm salah je yg sy quote ni.. sorry eh, RAM x bagus) but i didnt do it coz lepas pikir 18 kali i decided our previous conversation was a mere misunderstood case.

But then lepas miting, i met my immediate boss kasi report and kasi tau 3 projects that my frens and i are going to do in August. Tapi dia tgh risau pasal this coming saturday punya project so he insisted me "doing something" despite i've told him that particular man is very capable of handling it himself..

Tapi my immediate boss ni tgh susah ati kot so i've told him i'll check with that particular man.

Tu je la sumbangan paling hebat yg bole saya kasi , menyampaikan pesan je.. and i m glad coz after that "ting!!!" smer pun jadi ok..

Ntah.. sy pun x tau.. tapi kalau ada sesapa yg nak kasi saya jam tangan brand tanda soal, u r welcome to do so sbb jam brand tanda soal yg et kasi for my 35th birthday tu sudah x dapat diselamatkan dan jam baby g kaler biru kepunyaan anak sedara saya yg tertinggal kat umah, pas tu sy pakai pun dah x dapat diselamatkan jugak...

tu je la cerita nya...

Monday, July 21, 2008

pagi jumaat yg ujan gerimis

Waaa effisien betul telekom ni.. d line is restored back wic is amazing. Hopefully xderla yg tergedik2 mencuri kabel talipon lagi.. apa la ko ni labu, g la cari kerjaya lain..

ni citer pagi last friday morning... since i woke macam awal le jugak so my mom ajak g pasar. Ari gelap je sebab ujan la plak..

normally on friday pasar pagi tu ala2 meriah la sket sbb ramai penjaja.. habisla disapunya parking lot tu dirikan khemah diorang.. xperla.. seminggu sekali je..

nak cari parking bknla susah sangat tapi nak keluar dari parking tu karang mmg la azab..

kenkadang dgn rasa x bersalah ada je ntah sapa2 double park mcmla dia x tau kereta kat malaysia ni xder satu pun yg boleh terbang, kot udah dia blok tu mcm mana nak keluar.?. tu belum cerita pasal motor yg x pasal2 je parking ikut suka dia je, x pikir langsung pasal org lain.

make short saya pun tunggu my mom dlm kereta sambil baca suratkhbar.

then.. ada satu hamba Allah ni sebab a few motorbikes dah parked kat blkg kereta dia, terpaksala dia sorong motor tu ke tempat lain. Masalahnya seluas2 negara Malaysia ni, dia g himpunkan motor tu betul2 depan kereta cap ayam saya..

Saya pun tengok sambil ternganga.. kot2 dia silap, tapi lepas satu, satu motor dia pergi hantar kat depan kereta sy.. i just waited what he will do next..

Then mamat ni masuk kereta, start enjin.. and..

i went out, ngan muka x bersalah g sound dia. "eh nampak x ada kereta kat sana tu?"

mamat tu pun ngan muka-ntah-mcm-mana-rupanya-tapi-mmg-x-hensemla "nantila.. nak undur kereta kejap je"..

i dashed to find my mum, kang kalau saya tengok lagi muka mamat tu mahu jugak saya bakar je dia dalam hujan gerimis tu..

my mom tgk sibuk pilih durian.. sebakul seploh rengget je, adalah dlm 15 biji kot.. banyak tul.. then Sathiya asked me to take some of his durians sbb banyak sgt even i told him, my mom pun beli jugak but he still insisted..

dalam duk sebok2 tu sempat jugak saya toleh kat mamat tu. ye betul!!! dia sorong balik motor2 tu kat tempat lain. bersusah payah dia, dari riak wajahnya nampak sangat dia mengalami tekanan mental..

its either mmg dia ada niat nak buat mcm tu sejak awal lagi or mmg kawan2 baik saya x silap bila kata norizan adnan kalau marah singa pun x berani melawan.

pas tu br sy teringat sesuatu...

sampai je kat umah saya terus tarik selimut Acho yg sedang menyambung semula tidurnya dalam ujan..

"weh.. ada x kawan2 ko yang speckie pas tu pakai kereta XXXXX kaler XXXX? no platnya x ingatla tapi"

Lega hati saya bila Acho cakap xder. Tapi on Saturday bila sy g tuition yg jauhnya 20km dr umah dan kebetulan lak followed by kereta xxxxx kaler xxxx sy rasa cuak sket.. Sebenarnya sblm ni sy x perasan pun kereta apapun..

Moral of d story, jgn marah org di pagi jumaat.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cerita terkini and a reasonable request

I hate jerk

thats an understatement actually. And i dont want to talk abt him coz on Monday lepas writing abt him in d previous entry, tak pasal2 spec saya jatuh.. Retak plak tu.. terpaksala buat baru.. dahla spec even cap ayam je pun bapakla mahal Cesss !!! (padan muka norizan adnan la kan...)

Well... on something yg langsung x berkaitan dengan masalah debat minyak naik or demonstrasi jalanan, i met my Along yesterday. Plan awalnya nak g ngan my mum tapi dia kensel sebab mlm tu ada ceramah best kat mesjid and my mom x nak missed it..

Sebab minyak dah naik and i m on a really tight budget, i decided to go to her hse naik bas.. tapi hari sgt panas lately, and kenkadang tetiba je hujan, and i read newsreport nowadays makin ramai yg opt for public transport.

so i drove.

Since my Along work half day on Saturdays, i stopped at d club. Plan asal was to hv lunch with Jie. Tapi d club luarbiasa packednyer and Jie pun luarbiasa busynya pada pukul satu tengah hari.

After waiting for an hour, it really past my lunchtime. Jie's too.. Coz he really had a lousy time.. hal2 kerja jer.. And then we talked atau yang tepatnyer he poured and i listened.

Thats what we normally did when one of us having work-related problems, masalah2 lain x kan share especially masalah harga minyak naik or masalah negara yg lain.

After few mins (coz both of us rushing against time) we bid gudbye and i off to Shah Alam.

Now now.. i dun believe my eyes, my not-so-fat-tapi-debabla-jugak Along is very very slim now.. Dah lain macam cantiknya dia.. (tipuuuuuuuu!!)

"berat org dah turun 10kilo ah.." katanya..

Like Jie, Along too is having her hard time. Health related la plak..

I took her out, jalan2 sembang2, shopping2 and makan2..

One thing for sure, bila kuar ngan Along x renti2 kitaorang ketawa. Banyak betul ah cerita lucu keluarga lately. Mula2 ingat nak g umah our other sisters in Klang tapi pas tu kensel la sbb takut x sempat nak balik..

At 7.30p.m i drove back to 12A coz uda yg ada kelas on Saturdays is waiting for me. Mcm adik dia, uda pun penakut jugak..

Again.. seeing Uda xder la cerita lain, still byk yg kitaorang kena catch up pada baru satu hari je kitaorang x jumpa.

Well i have 8 sisters, smer pun kalau jumpa x renti2 bercakap. kekira memang macam Awie's Tiada rahsia antara kita la.. Tapi my 4 bros lain plak..

One of them is getting married end of this year. But until now d only thing we know our baju ( i mean baju yg kitaorang nak pakai masa majlis tu) is baju kaler biru even Nik complained x sesuai langsung dengan parti majoriti keluarga, tapi nak wat cammna kalau dah adik beradik 12 orang bukan senang nak cari cukup kain kat kedai, amik je lah mana yg banyak stok... Tu pun sebab we insisted nak beli kain utk sekeluarga masa our trip to Lanna kingdom cuti sekolah ari tu.

Bunga telur, pelamin, baju nikah kawin, menu kenduri, nak pergi umah pihak bride smer pun kitaorang blur jer..

"Andak nak kena tolong apa2 x?" i asked my bro masa dia balik kampung last week.

"x ada apa kot.. apa pun nak buat sangat.. buat biasa2 je la" said him..

Even my married sisters pun konpius..

btw i really like my future sis-in-law. tak tau apa yg saya suka, tp first impression i really like her. Tu luarbiasa sebab part of my job memangkah orang je kerjanya.. Despite dia panggil saya "Kok'.. aje ngan pekat betul bahasa utaranya tapi saya still suka dia.. wic makes my bro luarbiasa gembira.. Sebab andak dia banyak mulut.

so if anyone sees me membeli peralatan kawen, tu bukan tanda dunia dah nak kiamat tapi its one of my special ways to show my unconditional love to my bro.

Mak saya cakap adik beradik kena selalu tolong menolong..(Baby dearest, if u read this pls take note that a new sneakers is badly needed here coz my oyen sneakers tu dah x dapat diselamatkan lagi.. tq)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jerk the Return

Honestly, he's not that bad at all.. tapi i like d name.

x baik la mengumpat di hari isnin.. but jerk's phone call really spoiled my mood this morning... janji last week, ari ni baru mengonfirm.. biar betul ko ni labu oiii..

berita gumbira..
well ada tiga, tapi semua x sesuai dishare.. huhu..

kena g kedai photostat jap, and bank hijau kalau sempat..

bye all..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

in fractious mood

even since i read doomsday conspiracy by well.. yang penting bukan jeffrey archer la.. i never believe in coincidence.. sebab dlm buku tu tulis gitu.. saya pun x pasal2 je percaya..

when 4 people mentioned d same thing in a week to me i felt uneasy and berteki-teki, ni sapa lak yg jadi pengarah pilem nih? watever.. but that would never deter my spirit.. never..

tp till now cable talipon masih x ok lagi wic affected my life a lot coz saya dan internet memang berpisah tiada.. ari tu sham, my colleague cakap, org telekom cakap sampai end of year pun belum tentu diorang nak baiki sbb byk beno tpt yg terlibat... kot jumpa la si pencuri kabel tu... isk isk isk..

btw last nite waktu makan malam my mom yg x pernah2 membebel tetiba bukak kitab plak..

for d record i had dinner with my mom setahun ntah berapa kali sangat la.. normally i had my dinner before 7. ni jadual saya sejak zaman jepun lagi and my mom take her dinner with Arif after Maghrib..

yesterday was d same too.. i had my dinner before seven jugak.. tapi tetiba dengar mak saya membebel... so saya amik pinggan and makan sekali.. makan tahap siput la , perlahan-lahan..

"memetik2 je dema ni skrg..itu udah nak memetik la tu"

memetik tu ckp Perak, maksudnyer saja je nak cari gaduh..

"sapa mak" tanya acho sambil berhenti kejap makan..

"orang parti-parti ni ler... hari2 ada cerita sana bergaduh, sini tuduh menuduh.. nengokler.. ari2 keluo dlm warta berita.. dema nak jadi huru hara ler tu macam 16 mei dulu".. gomel mak saya sambil melipat kain (dia x selera makan)

"orang dah kalah mak.. cenggituler.." saya menambah sepinggan lagi nasi sambil mencurah garam ke luka (adding salt to injury - terjemahan literal)

"ini la ni udah bertahun mak pergi mengaji, tahun ini pulak ler kemain lain ustazah tu bercakap hal2 politik.. dulu idak mcm tu..sebelum ni tak pernah langsung dia menyebut barang sikit pun apa hal politik orang.. ini pulak sekarang ni... dah x seronok rasanya.." mak saya membebel lagi..

"dia cerita apa? yang baik ke yang buruk?" sy tanya je... kalau mak saya cerita best jugak..

"kalau cerita yg elok idak la orang susah ati" jerkah mak saya.. sy dan acho berpandangan dan tersenyum2 sambil menambah lagi sepinggan nasi.. tapi mak saya berenti cerita kat situ je.. cess

"dulu tu elok2 ustaz tarmizi mengajar, udah kata dema cakap hal parti, padahal x pernah sepatah ustaz tu cakap pun.. ustaz lain pun x pernah cakap politik.. " mak sy berkata lagi ngan sedih..

saya dan acho pun berenti makan.. x selera jugak la, besides dah lost count berapa pinggan mkn coz seingat kami ni ler pertama kali our mom cakap cenggini...

btw my mom memang sangat suka pergi kelas agama. dan anak dia pulak memang x boleh tengok mak dia sedih-sedih.. as usual bila my mom sedih2 i took her shopping, tapi fully sponsored la kan...

Monday, July 07, 2008

when u wake up..

cam biasa before masuk tidur saya akan tengok umah jiran2 dulu.. penting tu utk org yg penakut cam saya.. jiran depan umah mmg xder, tapi umah kiri ada orang... ok la tu..

and i woke up extremely late this morning.. after cuci kain i dashed to bank.. heheh tapi bank tak bukak lagi.. so g kedai hardware..

palang tempat gantung baju lemari tu dah lama runtuh, dah cakap ngan acho tp dia mcm buat x tau je so terpaksa la g sendiri tanya kat toke kedai tu.... benci betul la.. nasib baik toke kedai tu tau apa yg saya nak.

then i went to bank biru.. ni smer hal2 kerja la.. sebab tu early this year when i got this post i wrote its a kiamat kecil for me.. everyweek kena g bank.. lepas bank biru g bank hijau tapi dah tukar kaler merah.. Agro bank namanya.

on d way nak balik, saja je singgah kat cc.. ntahapa2kan.. padahal tadi plan nak taruk baja kat pokok bendi yg hidup segan mati x mau tu... and tanam pokok nanas yang Yatie kasi on Saturday..

Btw... dalam majalah yg saya baca masa muda2 dulu soklan wajib kat artis was "what or who d first thing/person u remember when u wake up in d morning"..

For me, dalam keadaan biasa jawapannya Allah la sebab kena semayang subuh... but today...

i remembered my sister, along and also my late dad... and only today i wish both of them r here..

pathetic kan..

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Berkongsi gembira..

Seorang kawan lama... silap.. tp dah x kawan pun..

seorang kenalan lama yang konfem x kan berjumpa lagi dah mendapat cahaya mata recently... i knew it secara tak sengaja dan tak pasal2 nak tumpang gembira..

to u,


Marah jugak nih...

Nak kata x sekolah, rasanya dah lama dah kerajaan wajibkan pendidikan asas, wic means kanak2 dalam usia 7-15 wajib bersekolah jika tidak ibu bapanya boleh didakwa.

Nak kata malaysia ni sengkek sangat sampai x leh cari makan, well... sadly to say in July issue Dewan Masyarakat cakap ada lebih 20k kanak2 PATI di KK, majalhnya pun x habis baca lagi sebab baru sampai semalam.. so kalau dah berbondong2 PATI datang misti diorang boleh cari makan kat sini la kan..

Nak kata ada diskriminasi kaum, atau halangan keluarga atau keturunan tertentu hingga menjejaskan periuk nasi mana2 kaum, keluarga tau keturunan.. well.. macam ada la dengar, tapi buktinya x berapa nak ada pun..

Nak kata tanah di malaysia x subur, wehhhh pokok bendi yg saya tanam kat tepi rumah, x bersiram berhari2 tu pun ble idup...

Makanya dengan kekonpiusan tahap tenuk, saya x paham sangat2 kenapa instead of cari rezeki yang halal, sesuai dengan keupayaan kederat dan tahap pendidikan, masih ada juga yang memilih nak jadi pencuri kabel talipon..

udah 2 weeks dah ni... hangin betul..

udahla dlm paper hari2 alternate berita si x and si y... ehhh tolong la... sgt mengjengkelkan la... pernah x diorang terpikir surat kabo tu dibaca oleh kanak2 jugak? (cehh dah keluar topik)..


ada lawak bahasa tapi dah lama dah..

sathiya, azuan and i berbincang pasal a few budak2 yang nakal la sikit2..

azuan : akak tau la belakang parang tu kot nak diasah, lambat sikit la nak tunggu tajamnya..

sathiya: (ngan muka serious) no they don use any weapon.. just verbal abuse only..

azuan : @@@???

me : thats malay proverbs sir, taken fr belakang parang diasah lagikan tajam, meaning org x pandai pun kalau diajar dididik lama2 akan pandai juga..

sathiya: really hahahahah? i do not know that peribahasa..

azuan : laaa patutla.. saya pun terkejut tadi...

after much gelak2, on we decided to mengasah belakang parang.

sekianla cerita saya pada hari ni..