Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i don hate him, i just dislike him.

i really love vk. linggam clip trial. very amusing... only last week malaysians were enthralled by d famous phrase "look like me, sounds like me, but not 100% me".

it was... ok... genius.. hehehe

my favorite today is d title of this entry. reminds me of an advertisement when i was small, "i don like julie (or was it jenny or jenna or jie) i looove her"..


speaking abt hating.

i hate it when he keeps speaking abt changing d mechanism system n paradigm shift and lets god repay us..

partly i don really understand all those big words, ahh... my usual poverty of vocab. mainly, he is d person in charge for all those units wic need mechanism system (wat ever that means!) changing and paradigm shift.

last year during our mandi2 hols, i bumped into him. i told et i think i don really like him. i gave et lengthy explanation (its not mengumpat hehehe more to give evidence for ur opinion).

"how long he's been holding that post?" asked et

"cant remember, more than 5 years i guess. why?" my trademark is ending a statement with question.

"see... when we r new its very common we make mistakes rite. coz we r lack of experience. but after years... ishh " being an a.m guess my bestfren knows wat she talk abt.

n i could agree more.

and this year, he keeps parrotting his 6 year-old script, to whom is beyond me.

yesterday, with my superior endorsement, we send him a proposal seeking his permission to change d mechanism system (watever that means!!) ..

n today... better not repeat it. afterall from my experience he is the-denied-everything-man. and i m a once-bitten-twice-shy person.

basically nothing personal. i don hate him.. i just dislike him.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apologize by timbaland

x tau apa yg sedih sgt..

we were having our meal when he broke his gud news..

i tried very hard not to cry.
he tried very very hard to cheer me up.
the other fren tried very very very hard not to take sides.

for some inexplicable reasons i preferred to ignore him. d more i see him d more i wanna kicked him.

honestly, felt bad abt it.

to my other fren,
u know, i don hv courage to tell u why i did as i did, but worry no more. the matter is solve a day later. thanx for not asking, for not nagging, for not scolding and top of all for understanding me, insan yg lemah ini... now u've seen d darkest side of me, suka merajuk..
tp kot dah 5 months baru nak kasi tau, sapa x kecik ati beb... kata kawannn.......

so itu la ceritanya... as dewa said, "tiada yg serius, hanya kerna ... eh lupa"..

i dunno.. might be pada satu hari yg ntah bila sy ingat balik peristiwa last sunday n rasa lucu.. but not at d moment.
ulangan.......5 MONTHS DELAYED TU BEB!!!!

Lastly, to someone with d gud news..
since u said "i dah agak dah mmg pasal tu punya"... wud u please nxt time telling me d truth nothing but d truth at d very time its happen...

tu je la..
don ask me anything.. because there is no answer.

Dear silent readers

Hehehe tentu sekali pd ketika ini u ols belek dis blog n hoping i'll wr1te abt our underground society... sorry 2 dissapoint u ols, but then d rendvous was fun!splendid n awesome(not in grammatical adjectives order)... hope 2 see u lain tahun n tahun2 seterusnya
yourlife president

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dream wedding

Ni gambo my neighbour's son kawen last year. Namanya em. wife dia x tau, tp best orgnya.

Beria2 nampaknya... how much la dia spend utk wedding...sblm sambung citer i wanna say, i really love wedding. kalau dijemput tergedik2 sy pegi.. sy selalu rasa perkahwinan tu satu pencapaian hebat dalam hidup. bukan senang tu nak jumpa org yg boleh terima kita seadanya. norizan adnan x jumpa2 sampai sekarang..

logically everyone, at least once, dream abt d wedding.. i mean their wedding. my dream is wedding yg x payah pakai baju kain panas2, no make-up, no vain2, jgn ada kena amik gambo n definitely just pak imam n close family n frens je yg ada. dan mesti ada bradd pitt (hehehehhe)..

i tot it was silly.. until i heard this story.

This man found her future wife who shared his dream. He don want grand wedding. just a basic one. Basic me yang wajib jer...He was a goverment officer, so he occupied a huge government house. The wedding took place there.

"Apsal mak bapak dia xder kampung ker? the nature of teacher mmg suka bertanya..

Parents dia ada, but he wanted to hv it in his house. It was small wedding, not many people, both their kampung folks coulndt come coz jauh n their colleagues couldnt too since it was held on weekday.

"wattt? ari kerja, dia ni apsal x suka amik gambar ke jugak?" ok .. i was really confused..

"boleh x ko dgr citer ni jgn menyampuk?" si pembawak cerita ni dah naik hangin la plak..

"sorry".. said i sheepishly..

ok.. jadi kenduri tu hari kerja, ramai la x dapat datang, they hv predicted it therefore they didnt prepare mkuch food.. and d next day.. the man bank in 30k dlm asb wife dia..

"waaaaaaaaaaaaaat 30k?" sy sgt x percaya.. just like that?

yeah... sbb depa nak save as much as they could on d wedding n the husband promised all d money will goes to their future kids education..

" ok tell me, is this man stingy? taik idung masin, haji bakhil look alike?" u know i really think this man is senile.

he is not. he treated his frens occasionally, giving d best for his kids, living in d big house after pension n plan to send his youngest kid to private school, the wifey pampered herself in spa fortnighly.. but from d start they hv agreed x nak membazir for unnecessary things. n they r happily ever after..

"wat d u mean ever after? how long they hv been married?" sorry, the curiosity grew..

his eldest is 28 now.. n the wedding story remained untold until last year, when they urged/dared the eldest to do like them.

well... i was like... ok.. waaaa hebat tul..

i mean, since i don fancy bergambar2 atas pelamin, berarak ngan baju songket ditengah org ramai, so this is like.. something i don mind doing.. i mean, apa la sangat keseronokan jadi raja sehari kot dibandingkan dapat duit 30k.. tp itu 28 years ago.. kot sekarang ngan inflasi, recession smer ni.. kurang2 mau dapat 100k ni..

"errr dia ada anak lelaki x?" well i tried my very best not to show my mata duitan..

"ada.." the storyteller paused..

"well.." i tried to give hints without exposing my mata duitanness

"kat mckk lagi" yeah rite.. this storyteller really knows how to annoyed me..

there my dream wedding goes down d drain.. x mungkin sy akan jumpa org yg mcm uncle tu.. tapi kalaulah ada... leave ur number...i'll get 2 u ASAP hehehhehehe

p/s i've checked, this story is a very true one..i don play play

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

shoulder to cry on.

when i was small, i was always my father's pet. at least my siblings said so. i rarely go to my mom when i need anything. my dad also tempat mengadu for whatever-not happened to me. my mom kalau ngadu apa2 dia blame saya balik, tu yang malas tu... memangla sy yang salah tapi backing la sket kan... isk isk isk

since duk hostel bertahun2 friends also tempat mengadu.
last friday, lepas 3 hari pikir wajar ke x sy merasa marah dan insulted, tp pas tu still rasa mcm tu i called et. either sy bercerita berat sebelah r memang benda tu salah but et backed me up. she even said, "waaa marah betul ko ni, siap ckp omputeh"..

kwn2 rapat, even my late dad pun tau, bila sy marah otomatik sy spiking, biarla berterabur pun. darjah kemarahan sy juga boleh diukur dengan kelajuan sy bercakap, makin marah, makin laju. it was 250kmph.

the next day, lepas re-read d handouts, i called et back n told her.. i was wrong. maybe sy silap baca sebelum ni. maybe i read d wrong stuff.. maybe.. i dunno.. harry potter kot tukar handouts tu..

yesterday, i checked with someone, ah... the latest handouts, yep.. sy x silap. someone dah tukar handouts tu jadi something wic really make me blow my top.

tapi et dah pesan, "jangan marah2 nanti ko mati cepat, mcm adik ipar kak Gie yg collapse n meninggal dunia last friday. Muda je lagi dia".

and et said, she's always there to listen.

its wonderful having a friend like et.

Last week my mom also not her usual bright n chirpy herself. One day i caught her sobbing in her bedroom.

I didnt ask her wat happen nor did i lending an ear. I feel awkward to do so coz dari kecik i havent done that. I know.. i know... teruk betul norizan adnan.

Tak retila... its hard to .. u know...

I took her shopping, to cheer her up. And i offered to pay for obersea holiday but she refused.
Shopping really cured her... d next day she was herself, n she even bought my favorite putu beras 2 days in a row.

yesterday Baby n Yus took mom for a short holiday in Sabah. I hope watever disturbing my mom last week will be release out of her mind now.

We (her children) just want her to be happy.

Berbalik kepada cerita yg sy marah sgt tu... Ceritanya masih belum tamat. Hari ini bila bangun pagi thats d first thing that came into my mind. That was d last thing nagging in my head before i fall asleep last nite..

watever happen i m glad i've someone to share n talked it out. someone who could give sound advice, some who could cheer me up..

i wonder wat will happen in 30 years time. when i no longer have my best friends around. at least my mom has 12 devoted children to cheer her up..

i know its childish, but... i cant help praying jgnla Dia ambik kawan2 saya sebelum saya.

Monday, January 21, 2008


My parents taught me to respect elders no matter what.

Therefore, even i don like someone, if he r she is older than me, i'll definitely called him/her something that suited their age like kakak, encik, pakcik, makcik n etc..

Lately i didnt called anyone pakcik n makcik anymore unless i know him/her since i was small. Some people feel insulted when u call them that.

For colleague, its always cikgu if they're older than me n just name if not. And also for someone yg nampak muda sangat sampai saya pun x sampai hati nak berbahasa, panggil je cikgu.

Or encik, cik, puan, or apa2 gelaran wic suited that person.

This lady annoyed me coz she called me name. Hey, theres people who refused calling me akak coz (diorang la cakap sendirikan) i look younger than them, but previously she called me akak n suddenly aikkk...

I cant help but secretly think that she's very rude.


This afternoon, i went from class to class to distribute photoshoot timetable. There i saw Nazli. I wrote abt him numerous time. Tapi x ble cakap yg mana satu..

"i m glad u back" nayyy people would never guess that i m 35 the way sy terlompat2 tu...

He smiled warmly and with him is someone quite familiar, but i m not sure...

"Arent u rahman bro?" asked me ngan dahi kerut2...

"apala ce ni, ni la rahman.." said nazli and rahman smiled innocently..

"rude betul, awk tak tegur saya pun eh.." for the record i was his form teacher, before he tranferred to sport school in 2005. i still keep his teachers day gift until now.. can u imagine my feeling when he was just berdiri terpacak n tengok je his ol' ce n don even say hi?

"x la ce, sy takut ce x kenal dah saya.."

ooo... cess.. tergamak dia cakap cenggitu eh (btw mmg dah x kenal dia sbb dah besar sekarang)... i was extremely happy seeing both of them n when nazli suh belanja, dengan senang hati i complied..

i mean... apa lagi yg lebih menggembirakan dari tengok nazli dtg ke se kolah semula, n rahman balik balik ke sekolah nih?..

did i said he was rude?

well i dawned to me sometimes rudeness is often a plain misunderstood case..

i wish i could know what transpired between me n the lady i mentioned earlier until i deserve d rudeness from her...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Soklan Maut

Rasa dah tua bila students came n see me before diorang balik kolej.. Citing d reason, saja nak jumpa ce sbb nanti lama baru cuti...

It was my dear Fikah.

Mcm biasa mestila super-gembira.

Tetiba rasa muda balik bila she asked, "pernah x org tu x buat apa2 tp bila tgk dia rasa nak marah gak".

lawak, lawak lawak lawak...

i hv that feeling all the time.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Baru je ari tu tulis pasal my favorites politicians, then last sunday i read Huzir Sulaiman's column (TAKING STOCK OF BRAND MALAYSIA - Starmag), he wrote 'some of general findings, many of wic surprised him. One of them is when a senior South American negotiator told him that our very own MITI's Minister (Yes, Datuk seri rafidah)is seen highly effective.

Panjang lagi la pujian2nya... jangan lupa baca..

to be frank, before 2006 i also "x amik pot" about datuk seri rafidah. the eye opener came in d form of 2 strangers (x ingatla, rasa mcm foreigners) discussing abt her.

I was having my breakfast alone in a hotel within walking distance to KLCC (nama hotel pun x ingat).. Naturally, kalau dah sorang2 xder benda nak dicakapkan sy lebih suka mendengar or eavesdropping... heheheh...

One of them said, one of d foreign finance minister said, as long as rafidah there, they'll worry nothing. ada la puji-pujian tapi dah x ingat.... sbb terkejut sangat kot...

I mean, the only thing i remember abt her was her infamous remark, "kita bukan ahli politik hipokrit"... (thats when dr zaharah ousted her for ketua wanita, thn x ingat la pulak..

Pas tu wat with AP isu lagi, gaduh ngan Tun M( i remember pakngah tulis dlm blog dia pasal ni hehehe), isu anak2 dia dapat itu ini... Banyak betul kontroversinya..

I could never recalled anything 'nice' reported abt her in newspaper. Ada kot tp sy x baca..

But after that incident, i really see Datuk Seri rafidah with diff eyes. Even it is an open secret wic party my vote goes to, but if she contested in my constituent, she'll definitely be my choice. Tapi kalau Lee lam Thye bertanding sy pilih dia jugak.. or the flawless skin dr Khir toyo.

Who cares party apa pun as long as d person can deliver... tapi bila eh pilihanraya?

Moral of d story
1. Jgn percaya cakap orang, terutama dlm suratkhabar, tgk trackrecord org tu jugak.
2. Jgn ckp bukan2 kalau kat situ ada norizan adnan tgh makan sensorang..


Dalam satu perkembangan yg langsung xder kena mengena ngan mana-mana parti tapi masih dalam mood pilihanraya.. we hv Badminton Club AGm today.

The members are 21 thirteen-year-old kids..

Here is d transcript..

Me : Salam. hari ini kita akan adakan Mesyuarat Agung untuk melantik AJk Kelab.. Tau tak awak semua adalah ahli kelab badminton ( sorry, i tried my very best to be "skima")
Stdnt 1 : tau.. tau
Me : (mildly surprised) eh mana tau?
Stdnt 1 : Tadi cikgu bagi tau..
Me : Ohhh? Kita mulakan dengan jawatan pengerusi, ada cadangan?
Stdnt 2 : Saya nak jadi cikgu..
Me : Mana boleh macam tu, ni mesyuarat la.. sebutla nama, ayat lengkap..
Stdnt 2 : mana nak tau, tapi sy nak jadi la.. (kawan2 dah start boo)
Me : Kena cakap betul2 ikut ckp mcm ni....
Stdnt 2 : Saya fulan bin fulan mencalonkan diri saya menjadi pengerusi.
Me : bagus, ada sokongan (seorang angkat tangan).. ok kita terima dia
Stdnt 3 : Mana boleh, dia bukan pandai pun, saya x suka la dia..
Me : ini mesyuarat, kena la cakap dengan betul..
Stdnt 3 : Alaa.. saya x pandai jugak..
Me : Ckp mcm ini....
Stdnt 3 : Sy.... mencadangkan.Stdnt 4.
Stdnt 4 : Wehhh aku tanak la...
Stdnt 3 : Orang dah cadang tu ko diam la..
Stdnt 5 : bisingla, ini mesyuarat ko tau..

tu baru jawatan Pengerusi.. jawatan bendahari pulak..
Stdnt 1 : Saya mencadangkan Mamat (bukan nama sebenarnya) sebagai bendahari (pas tu ada yg sokong)
Stdnt 2 : Mana boleh, Mamat mana reti baca.
Me : Betul ke Mamat?
Mamat : (Angguk)
Me : Mamat nak tak jadi bendahari?
Mamat : (Angguk)
Stdnt 3 : Mana boleh cikgu, karang macam mana dia nak buat?
Me : Eh kome ni.. mana tau lepas ni mamat usaha belajar membaca, bagi dia peluang..boleh mamat?
Mamat : (Angguk)
Me : Balik cakap ngan emak, mamat jadi ebndahari, mintak emak ajar jugak membaca. InsyaAllah boleh ni
Mamat : (Angguk)

Jawatan setiausaha
Me : Pilih yang boleh membaca dan menulis ye..
Stdnt 1 : Saya cadangkan yang duduk sebelah yang gemuk tu.
Me : Kurang sopanla cakap mcm tu.. nama?
Stdnt 1 : errr maaf cikgu.. sapa ye nama dia (kwn2 jawab berjemaah).. sy... cadangkan minah (bukan nama sebenar)

AJK 6 orang, 3 lelaki 3 perempuan..
Stdnt 1 : Saya cadangkan Timah
Me : ok, lagi?
Stdnt 2 : Saya cadangkan Abu
Me : Ok lagi?
Stdnt 3 : Tipah boleh cikgu?
Me : boleh, lagi?
Stdnt 4: Awang
Me : Boleh, lagi?
Stdnt 5: Siah
Me : Ok.. Saya mencadangkan Ali (sbb ali selalu kena buli)
Stdnts : Laaaaaaaaa Ali?
Me : Why not? Dia ok apa?
Stdnt 1: Alaaa dia.. iskk
Me : Tapi saya rasa Ali harus diberi peluang..
Stdnt 1 : ikut cikgu la...
Stdnt 6 : Saya cadangkan Izham
me ; Laa dah penuh la..
Stdnt 6 : Laa udah?

Me : Sekarang pelajar yang dilantik tadi boleh isi jawatan di bawah ruang kelab permainan.
Stdnt 1 : Apa nama kelab kita ni cikgu?
Me : Kelab badminton
Stdnt 1 : Kelab apa cikgu?
Me : Kelab badminton (dlm hati... ehhh ingat ni iklan raya ke hapa)
Stdnt 1 : Macam mana nak eja, saya mana tau menulis..(sambil lari ke meja kawan) mcm mana eja?
Me : Ke mari? Saya tuliskan..
ramai2 : tuliskan borang saya jugak...
Me : eh berdikari la.. sy tunjukkan saja..
ramai2 : (berlari, maksud saya berlari bersungguh2 ke meja masing2)....
Stdnt 2 : Cikgu borang dia hilang..
Me : Who? mcm mana boleh hilang?
Stdnt 2 : tadi ada... dia ni semedang hilang, buku hilang, necktie hilang... heee
Me : Ada saya tanya awak? Biar dia jawab sendiri..
Me : Mcm mana boleh hilang? Siapa Ambik?
Stdnt 3: (Tunduk nak nangis)
Stdnt 4: Saya ambik, pinjam sekejap, kedekut nak tiru ejaan badminton je (padahal dah tulis kat depan)
Me : Tak sepatutnya ambik barang orang tanpa kebenaran.
Stdnt 4: Saya dah cakap tadi, dia buat x dengar pulak..

Honestly, saya terkejut dan x sabar2 nak mulakan aktiviti... ni la first time sy jumpa batch yg mcm ni..

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jiran ku

Ni umah saya. Itu anak sedara saya, aisya n iman.. tapi nak cerita pasal jiran saya... rumah di sebalik ampaian tu...We hv been neighbours since 1980.. I was seven at that time. Until now whenever i was alone, when my mom n bros g mana2, makcik2 sebelah umah akan dtg n tanya dah mkn ke x, nanti mlm tdo kat mana... .. i mean... heyy i'll turn 35 next yearla...

My point is the ukhwah is very strong here. afterall rumah pun dekat2 bebeno. seee... sebelah ampaian tu je rumah my pakcik leman n makcik siah.

it all started with satu malam tu pencuri broke into pakcik hamzah house. rumahnya selang.. 4,5,6 7 kot fr my house. Dia baru je renovate rumah.. fortunately pakcik hamzah, his wife n his daughter x sedar. Banyak la jugak cash n jewellery yang hilang tp ok lagi. ye la duit kan boleh cariiii..

the week after, betul2 waktu maghrib sekali lagi our blok (we are in block 6 n don ask me how many block do we hv here.. i've no idea..) gempar coz pakcik hassan was on his deathbed.

again... berjemaahla makcik2 n pakcik2 n youngsters g umah dia.. menemani dia on his last journey. mak saya selalu pesan kalau g tgk org nazak, jangan tinggalkan. temankan dia sebab dia nak g jauh.. buat kali terakhir..

most of the pakcik n makcik tunggu kat rumah tu sampai pagi esoknya.. n came again for d funeral..

few days lepas tu.. sekali lagi gempar. this time kol 4 pagi...

walaupun ada talipon they chose conventional way.. melaung dari rumah ke rumah..

at least norizan adnan yg kalau tido, bangunan runtuh sebelah rumah pun xkan tersedar boleh terbangun jugak... just imagine la hebat ke x hebat lontaran vokal makcik siah tu..


rumah wak mi (we used to call rumah wak raman, since he passed away so dah tukar jadi rumah wak mi, wak mi was his devoted wife)... kena masuk pencuri. kejam ke x kejam pencuri tu, siap2 wak mi n zaim, his son kena ikat lagi, mcm dlm tv.. pencuri yg tegap2, 5 org lak tu, indon lagi (sori racist sket) dgn rasa x bersalah potong line talipon n curik henfon n since wak mi ni sgt kayoo.. maka raya sakan la pencurik tu..

oleh kerana xder talipon, zaim n his mom yg selang 2 buah rumah dr rumah makcik siah, berlari dan ketuk pintu mlm2 mintak tolong... , dia dah panggil jiran dia, makcik salmah tp x sedar.. then diorang berlari pulak ke rumah makcik siah

makcik siah yg walaupun talipon rumah dia xder kena mengena dalam cerita ini telah menjerit ke arah rumah saya, dan mak saya pula dengan rasa ketakutan dan keseriauan telah terlupa peranan talipon dan menjerit ke arah rumah sebelah pulak.

pendekkan cerita, almost satu blok pun terjaga dan jam jam itu juga ramai yang ke rumah wak mi.. anak2 muda, start calling2 (oooo ada talipon rupanya) dan x lama pas tu ramai2 naik motor dan cuba mengesan penjarah yg x berhati perut tu.. tapi hampahz

sebenarnya sgt menakutkan jugak sbb pencurik tu bwk golok, dia dah lukakan zaim jugak. padahal zaim tu umo 20-an, tegap jugak budaknya.. mau kitaorg x takut?

blok kami yg dahulunya aman menjadi kurengs sket lately... ramai la mengambil inisiatif berjaga2 termasuk mak say yg pukul 8.00mlm dah kunci pintu...

makcik siah paling bijak... oleh kerana suaminya pakcik leman kerja malam minggu ini, dia telah mengambil langkah drastik... menjemput kawan2 mohan (anaknya) tidur di rumah.. since last nite..

jadi mlm ini, seperti malam semalam, pastinya tidur saya dibuai lagu2 indah yg disumbangkan oleh mohan dan rakan2..

gasakla ko mohan oooi... at this moment kot dia nyanyi lagu "ayahku kawen lagi" pun rasanya makcik siah x kisah dah.. as long as ada orang kat rumah..

kat bawah ni gambo mohan n frens... mohan yg tgh2..

itu ajelah cerita ari ni...


Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Women (really) Want

the study of men n women ni dah mcm2 di buat.. buat honestly being a woman myself sy pun masih x faham woman jugak...

I mean..

Ok i tot my frens mmg x suka benda2 free especially from someone they don know. even that someone is someone i know well.. n our rule is kwn u kwn i jugak...

Few years ago (well i m not very gud with numbers ok) Len, Cik Ja n I was sesat dr maghrib sampai la kol 10 kat KL. Pusing2 situ gak. It was around 10 n Len decided we shud find a room. n i m not sure i can find way to my sister's house in Bukit Naga as well dah gelap2 gitu..

Len is very fussy abt hotel..hehhee

Since malu ngan halim, suami et so we called Jie instead. Luckily he had function kat Club masa tu. We headed to The Saujana (formerly Hyatt) and Jie insisted that the room is on him. He helped us check in.. it was so nice of him.. tapi sblm tdo Len ngan Cik Ja dah siap2 sound, "we want to pay".. alasannya sangat2 panjang dan very firm..

We returned Jie's money the next day, much to his aphal-lak-korang-ni?

Len n Cik Ja even wanted to pay Jie's breakfast, n they grumbled when they cant do it.. of course norizan adnan yg kena dgr semua tu.. later..

Since dah banyak kali outing ngan Len, actually dah byk incident bab brg free yg Len sgt2 x suka walaupun sapa yg kasi, btw dia kayoo...

And et is in d same boat too. I've wrote abt it b4..

So today i told Jie abt PEMABUs meeting. It will be held in KL. And Jie, being Jie invited us to join in well... he gonna hv bla bla bla quiksilver bla bla.. besides golfing, surfing is his passion..

It was fun, i m sure my frens will be thrilled..

"How many of them, i'll prepare free tics" katanya la kan..

"What? Free? u jgn buat pasal. my frens x suka nanti." i was nervous. let just say telinga sy dah nipis sbb asyik dgr org marah je..

Tp Jie ni x paham2.. n kasi alasan mcm2..

so i texted my frens..

so here r their reply

et d not so really PEMABu
nk ikut! nk ikut! (x penah g pun) ckp kat Jie siti ckp i luv u keh keh keh

Len d cute
K no problemo. i agree... yeye

Lida d ustazah
Tak kisahh

Izan d MPP

Errr... pelik tul nih... saya ulang balik baca sms sy takut2 sy silap taip.. sah.. I wrote kawan2.. ble x masukkan g ........ dlm agenda kita 26hb ni? Jie kasi free tickets.

Whoever said it takes a woman to understand women, is bluffing. At least, at d moment i dont!!


BTW... to all Pemabus, do come. Dei already confirmed she will join us even Izan dah ckp she's not eligible no more.. But she persisted.. katanya dia PEMABU satu hari..

Either u r PEMABu sehari, PEMABu for a month r a year or a limited time or PEMABU kontrak do come. LEts hv fun under d sun..

The more d merrier

Life President


New Year Wish List(s)

I know.. we only hv wish for birthday n for new year its resolutions. but i like d sound of "wish" better".

So here it is.

Family - A better Mak Andak, a better Andak, a better Adik and a better daughter to my mom n my dad

Career - Not more than 6 mc's ( pleaseeee)n stick to my yearly target.

Health - exercise regularly n will try my very best not to cry in public (sgt burukla)

Travel - there's only one place i had in mind. hard but not impossible

Friendships - Last year i "sieve" tru my frens. Yg xleh pakai tu dah dipangkah.. hehhe so this year be better fren kot to d yg x dipangkah tu..

Financial - errr... menang wang juta2

so tu aje la kot.. oh ye... ada lagi satu... rasanya nak ikut la nasihat doktor...

"so dah ada belum calonnya" tanya Jie dengan nada x percaya..

"so far xder... i ingat pas ni nak g jemaah kat mesjidla, sbb kriteria pertama nak yg beriman"..

"beriman... so fauzi ishak x masukla dlm cerita ni ye?"jie tanya lagi... saya ketawa dan dia pun ketawa walaupun sebenarnya x tau apa yg diketawakan...

Kadang2 idup ni pelik kan?

so itu ajela cerita saya ditahun baru hijrah ini...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First among equals

Tu tajuk buku febret sy yg dibaca 13 kali setahun. tapi thn lepas sy baca sekali je, sebab pas tu ntah sapa amik dah hilang la pulak.. kejam betul sapa yg sorokkan buku tu..

Dgn secara x sengaja (unconsciously) sy menyamakan ahli politik semasa tanahair dengan karakter dlm buku tu.. The obvious is.... ehem.. ehem.. Oh sy mmg x suka dia ngan isteri dia sekali.

There r 5 politicians that i admired most for reasons wic will make malaysian political analysts memangkah saya secara berjemaah.

Nomor satu, sy suka Ustaz Nik Aziz sebab dia bersederhana, still dik rumah sendirik tu...

Nomor dua, sy suka Samy Vellu. kot ada interview dia kat tv, misti sy tersengih sorang2.. dr sy kecik dia ckp Bm mcm tu, no improvement ka?

Nomor tiga, sy suka Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz. dah byk kali dilanda "ombak" tp dia terus kukuh. sbb sy malas nk mengkaji tp suka memerhati, maka pada hemat saya dia mmg sangat2 berkelayakan untuk memikul jawatannya sekarang dan akan datang (if any... with rafidah u always had to think positive)

Nomor empat sy suka Datuk Khir Toyo. Ni pun sama ngan Datuk Seri rafidah, dah byk dah ribut kat selangor tp dia terus kekal. Again, guess he is really capable n knows wat he doing. 2 org yg sblm ni sekejap je kena ribut terus tumpur heheh.. lg satu sy suka sbb kulit dia lain macam flawlessnyer sekarang...heheheh

Nomor lima sy suka Dr Chua Soi Lek. Mcm sgt convincing la dia bila dia kasi press conference ke hapa2 pasal spital. Unlike some politicians yg ckp pjg2 tp isi tarak, he is stret 2 d point. Dgn muka serius nyer...

Perletakan jawatannya memberi tekanan yg x pasal2 pada sy. Sama la mcm isterinya, anak2, kaum keluarga, pengikut dan penjual DVD saya turut berkongsi tekanan. Sedeyy woo..

Once his salacious details leaked by media, he resigned and admit it.

Kot ikutkan... dari kecik2 dulu sy dah baca pasal politicians yg buat peel mcm Dr Chua. Makin tua ni makin banyak lak yg sy terbaca n terdengar kisahnya... tp smer pun x ngaku, wpun mmg dah ada bukti dpn mata... cewahhh tu sy tambah je...

so Dr Chua, u r the first among equals to own up ur... u know..

walau apapun kesudahannya cerita ni tp he'd taught us 2 things

1. kalau salah mengaku jer... nanti org yg possessing n reproducing DVD yg kena tangkap (rujuk P8 NST)
2. ppl shud wish d hotel guest gud luck instead of pleasant staying, enjoy ur stay n bla bla..


Pak Hassan our wonderful neighbour passed away dgn tenang last nite al fatihah

Friday, January 04, 2008

tanpa tajuk

Ni mak saya. Keluarga dia memang beriman. Unfortunately iman tu x boleh diwarisi la kan... So i could never be the daughter that she wish me to be.
Tiap2 pagi Jumaat dia saja je pasang radio so kitaorang dengar Slot Bersama Mufti. Ari ni Datuk Mufti cakap, "Masa mula2 ASB wujud dulu kami (org agama kot) diberitahu bahawa ASB x kukuh lagi jadi terpaksa melabur dalam beberapa tempat yg haram. Nanti kalau dah kukuh PNB janji akan buang yang haram tu. Jadinya, masa tu kami anggapkan itu darurah' dan dibolehkan tapi kini bila dah kukuh masih lagi melabur dalam yang haram, j
adi haramlah tu.."
Ni Ayu, dia bestest. Tapi saya nak cerita pasal The lady besides her. Name is Puan Hajah Ramlah Abdullah. She is the 1st Lady Principal in our school. The first thing she did when she posted to our school few yrs ago, dia derma new matress to Girls Musalla. Mahu beratus hengget tu...
I think she's a bit busy awal2 thn ni... But watever program kena la mintak permission dia dulu. Waktu cuti sekolah dulu i've planned nak buat usrah skala kecil. Tu termasuk dlm kerjaya saya sebagai Penyelaras Orientasi Form One. I expect she'll say yes. And i have few names yg sesuai nak melaksanakannya since bab2 agama ni saya memang sangat2 jahil lah...
Honestly ternganga mulut saya wen she offered to conduct it herself... i mean.... she's The Principal... banyak lagi kerja lain dia kena buat afterall Usrah tu ialah on Friday 12.00-zohor.. tu masa sepatutnya dia balik berehat..
She insisted.... Baik betul dia kan... Oh ye... dulu dia ustazah. tapi betul la... baik betul hati dia...
Ini Asri. 7 tahun dulu sewaktu kami 7 tahun lebih muda dan sama2 baru bekerja mcm byk la pulak kerja2 yg kitaorg terlibat sama2. Kerja ngan dia sgt senang sbb dia x banyak songeh n rajin plak tu.. Tp tanpa sebab2 yg luarbiasa, slowly, dah xder benda yg nak dicakapkan dah sebab dah x byk program yg terlibat sama.
Last Oct while busy preparing for his trip to UK, i remembered reporting to Jie, "Mcm pelik lak kwn i yg dah lama x ckp tiba2 ramah tamah lak dia". Actually dia mmg peramah pun tp dia sgt beriman dia x cakap unless benda tu perlu especially ngan diff gender. Anak Pak imam la pulak tuu...I didnt help him much so i didnt expect he gave me any souvenir pun.

But on d first day school wen he gave me 2 balang jeruk yg kat dlm gambor tu... i was errr... words failed me... I mean its so wonderful wen ppl even ur not close to them anymore tp still ingat apa yg u suka. Dia kata he bought it in Barcelona coz dia g tour ke Europe jugak... Smer org tau he lied tapi sy tetap jugak rasa berbesar hati even sebenarnya i m 7 yrs older n i havent touch pickles for few years lately due to health reason. Tapi sebab Asri dah kasi, saya belasah jugak mkn ngan kengkawan... Benda free sedapnya lain macam kan...
Asri ckp dia nak g Turki r India thn ni, hopefully impian dia akan tercapai.. Aminnn
Ni Nana, Zura, Onat ,Fatimah n yg kecik sekali tu is Sofea. This pic was taken last year berbackgroundkan pokok delima, after we completed our class. Nana dan Onat dat 5A. Zura 3A fatimah 2A dan Sofea 1A. Lagi sorang Zimah dia tukang ambik gambor.. Zimah dpt 3A.
I think they're sweet. Last yr wen they came for Form One registration i tolf them, beginning 2008 i cant treat them as my pet no more coz i've 2 be fair to all my students..
All of them were in school yesterday, clad in their new white-turqoise uniform. None of them approach me n instead of Ce* they adressed me as Cikgu like other students...
Well... weird coz in fact actually x sapa pun murid2 saya terdahulu called me Cikgu..

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

kiamat kecil di tahun baru

i m always looking forward for the first meeting every year.. remember when we were in school and after the long break we cant wait for first day to school. awal2 lg dah iron baju.. masa duk kat kat hostel, mmg x sah kot xder yg terlajak bangun pukul 3 pagi siap2 mandi then tgk jam, tdo balik... apa la ko ni labu

its always gud seeing all those familiar faces after been apart for almost 50 days. remember the story mory we shared mcm x cukup mulut nk bercerita... it was fun!

bila dah kerja ni thrill dia lain sket coz it lies in wat post u'll be appointed to... as usual the first thing we did is scouring buku senarai tugas...

well... there were 2 posts that i requested (satu tu sebab nak kerja dgn feeza, dia sangat bestest and lg satu sbb rasanya thn lepas sy x buat bagus sangat so i wish i9 could improved few things) for that i m so thankful.

but then....

this is weird.. i tot the p-i-c said he wanted some new blood coz they havent made profits lately . imagine my terkejut-beruk upon seeing my name. i hold d post for 5 yrs before i got transfer to pahang in 2006. then someone else took over (aminnnnn)...

tp saya x jadi g pahang pun. and i m grateful coz they hv replacement for that post. it was very time consuming maaa... hari2 kena buat sgt x larat...

tp sebab utamanya is.. slps berpatah arang ngan Jerk 2 yrs ago i cant see myself duduk mengentertain dia lagi... sgt tertekan nih...

ppl said there's always silver lining but it was very hot on my way home so x tergamak nak pandang ke atas looking for one..

let talk abt something happy..

well i could find none.. so i paste the pic up there.. It was my favourite pic.. because it reminds me of something wonderful and how happy i was, eventhough it has nothing to do with the man who stood beside me.

on a very different but related story..

sy rasa message my ex-boss ni sgt indah, "the same goes 2 u plus u'll get what's best 4 u although u didnt ask for it"..

i was thinking... apa bendanya yg best utk saya tp sy x pernah mintak... agaknya that post kot.. or maybe free trip ke dungun.. hehehe

welll theres something i really wanted end of this year, cita2 yg saya simpan since i was ten ke eight... something wic i craved even more after seeing dr z, something wic will definitely make my life complete (insyaAllah)

but that something i wish not to share with anyone. doa-doakanlah ye...


to all malaysian, happy new year, may u get ur heart's desire and granted d best for u even u dont ask for it (tiruu) and may u be happy all year tru...