Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Apologize by timbaland

x tau apa yg sedih sgt..

we were having our meal when he broke his gud news..

i tried very hard not to cry.
he tried very very hard to cheer me up.
the other fren tried very very very hard not to take sides.

for some inexplicable reasons i preferred to ignore him. d more i see him d more i wanna kicked him.

honestly, felt bad abt it.

to my other fren,
u know, i don hv courage to tell u why i did as i did, but worry no more. the matter is solve a day later. thanx for not asking, for not nagging, for not scolding and top of all for understanding me, insan yg lemah ini... now u've seen d darkest side of me, suka merajuk..
tp kot dah 5 months baru nak kasi tau, sapa x kecik ati beb... kata kawannn.......

so itu la ceritanya... as dewa said, "tiada yg serius, hanya kerna ... eh lupa"..

i dunno.. might be pada satu hari yg ntah bila sy ingat balik peristiwa last sunday n rasa lucu.. but not at d moment.
ulangan.......5 MONTHS DELAYED TU BEB!!!!

Lastly, to someone with d gud news..
since u said "i dah agak dah mmg pasal tu punya"... wud u please nxt time telling me d truth nothing but d truth at d very time its happen...

tu je la..
don ask me anything.. because there is no answer.

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