Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i don hate him, i just dislike him.

i really love vk. linggam clip trial. very amusing... only last week malaysians were enthralled by d famous phrase "look like me, sounds like me, but not 100% me".

it was... ok... genius.. hehehe

my favorite today is d title of this entry. reminds me of an advertisement when i was small, "i don like julie (or was it jenny or jenna or jie) i looove her"..


speaking abt hating.

i hate it when he keeps speaking abt changing d mechanism system n paradigm shift and lets god repay us..

partly i don really understand all those big words, ahh... my usual poverty of vocab. mainly, he is d person in charge for all those units wic need mechanism system (wat ever that means!) changing and paradigm shift.

last year during our mandi2 hols, i bumped into him. i told et i think i don really like him. i gave et lengthy explanation (its not mengumpat hehehe more to give evidence for ur opinion).

"how long he's been holding that post?" asked et

"cant remember, more than 5 years i guess. why?" my trademark is ending a statement with question.

"see... when we r new its very common we make mistakes rite. coz we r lack of experience. but after years... ishh " being an a.m guess my bestfren knows wat she talk abt.

n i could agree more.

and this year, he keeps parrotting his 6 year-old script, to whom is beyond me.

yesterday, with my superior endorsement, we send him a proposal seeking his permission to change d mechanism system (watever that means!!) ..

n today... better not repeat it. afterall from my experience he is the-denied-everything-man. and i m a once-bitten-twice-shy person.

basically nothing personal. i don hate him.. i just dislike him.


zino said...

joke of the year..

kalau tanya loyer..
'it look like me, sound like me"

kalau tanya Dr
'it me! it me "


Kengkawan said...

mmg joke of d year