Monday, January 21, 2008


My parents taught me to respect elders no matter what.

Therefore, even i don like someone, if he r she is older than me, i'll definitely called him/her something that suited their age like kakak, encik, pakcik, makcik n etc..

Lately i didnt called anyone pakcik n makcik anymore unless i know him/her since i was small. Some people feel insulted when u call them that.

For colleague, its always cikgu if they're older than me n just name if not. And also for someone yg nampak muda sangat sampai saya pun x sampai hati nak berbahasa, panggil je cikgu.

Or encik, cik, puan, or apa2 gelaran wic suited that person.

This lady annoyed me coz she called me name. Hey, theres people who refused calling me akak coz (diorang la cakap sendirikan) i look younger than them, but previously she called me akak n suddenly aikkk...

I cant help but secretly think that she's very rude.


This afternoon, i went from class to class to distribute photoshoot timetable. There i saw Nazli. I wrote abt him numerous time. Tapi x ble cakap yg mana satu..

"i m glad u back" nayyy people would never guess that i m 35 the way sy terlompat2 tu...

He smiled warmly and with him is someone quite familiar, but i m not sure...

"Arent u rahman bro?" asked me ngan dahi kerut2...

"apala ce ni, ni la rahman.." said nazli and rahman smiled innocently..

"rude betul, awk tak tegur saya pun eh.." for the record i was his form teacher, before he tranferred to sport school in 2005. i still keep his teachers day gift until now.. can u imagine my feeling when he was just berdiri terpacak n tengok je his ol' ce n don even say hi?

"x la ce, sy takut ce x kenal dah saya.."

ooo... cess.. tergamak dia cakap cenggitu eh (btw mmg dah x kenal dia sbb dah besar sekarang)... i was extremely happy seeing both of them n when nazli suh belanja, dengan senang hati i complied..

i mean... apa lagi yg lebih menggembirakan dari tengok nazli dtg ke se kolah semula, n rahman balik balik ke sekolah nih?..

did i said he was rude?

well i dawned to me sometimes rudeness is often a plain misunderstood case..

i wish i could know what transpired between me n the lady i mentioned earlier until i deserve d rudeness from her...

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