Tuesday, January 22, 2008

shoulder to cry on.

when i was small, i was always my father's pet. at least my siblings said so. i rarely go to my mom when i need anything. my dad also tempat mengadu for whatever-not happened to me. my mom kalau ngadu apa2 dia blame saya balik, tu yang malas tu... memangla sy yang salah tapi backing la sket kan... isk isk isk

since duk hostel bertahun2 friends also tempat mengadu.
last friday, lepas 3 hari pikir wajar ke x sy merasa marah dan insulted, tp pas tu still rasa mcm tu i called et. either sy bercerita berat sebelah r memang benda tu salah but et backed me up. she even said, "waaa marah betul ko ni, siap ckp omputeh"..

kwn2 rapat, even my late dad pun tau, bila sy marah otomatik sy spiking, biarla berterabur pun. darjah kemarahan sy juga boleh diukur dengan kelajuan sy bercakap, makin marah, makin laju. it was 250kmph.

the next day, lepas re-read d handouts, i called et back n told her.. i was wrong. maybe sy silap baca sebelum ni. maybe i read d wrong stuff.. maybe.. i dunno.. harry potter kot tukar handouts tu..

yesterday, i checked with someone, ah... the latest handouts, yep.. sy x silap. someone dah tukar handouts tu jadi something wic really make me blow my top.

tapi et dah pesan, "jangan marah2 nanti ko mati cepat, mcm adik ipar kak Gie yg collapse n meninggal dunia last friday. Muda je lagi dia".

and et said, she's always there to listen.

its wonderful having a friend like et.

Last week my mom also not her usual bright n chirpy herself. One day i caught her sobbing in her bedroom.

I didnt ask her wat happen nor did i lending an ear. I feel awkward to do so coz dari kecik i havent done that. I know.. i know... teruk betul norizan adnan.

Tak retila... its hard to .. u know...

I took her shopping, to cheer her up. And i offered to pay for obersea holiday but she refused.
Shopping really cured her... d next day she was herself, n she even bought my favorite putu beras 2 days in a row.

yesterday Baby n Yus took mom for a short holiday in Sabah. I hope watever disturbing my mom last week will be release out of her mind now.

We (her children) just want her to be happy.

Berbalik kepada cerita yg sy marah sgt tu... Ceritanya masih belum tamat. Hari ini bila bangun pagi thats d first thing that came into my mind. That was d last thing nagging in my head before i fall asleep last nite..

watever happen i m glad i've someone to share n talked it out. someone who could give sound advice, some who could cheer me up..

i wonder wat will happen in 30 years time. when i no longer have my best friends around. at least my mom has 12 devoted children to cheer her up..

i know its childish, but... i cant help praying jgnla Dia ambik kawan2 saya sebelum saya.

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