Sunday, February 03, 2008

The answer - after 8 years

When we were young theres so many things x kena pada mata kita.. well at least when i was young i grumbling a lot. I wished i could change d world.. cewahh

I still remember during our new intake course, d organisor asked to channelled our grouses in a healthy way. They gave us a sheet of paper and we were told to complained anything but make sure write down our name. As they say it, "kalau berani tulis la nama.." gitu la kot..

saya bukanla berani sangat. tapi tulisan saya sangat cantik (tipuuuuu!!!!) jd sy tulis semuka komplen. One thing that i never forgot was i complained that there were too many staff but i m not sure what d hell d do in d course, wasnt it a waste of government money when it shud channelled for worthy cause like giving free computer class to rural kids. Ok fine.. that was in year 2000.

i heard that if u banyak songeh, d little napoleon will make ur life miserable. i dunno.. i cannot verify the rumor as well...

So last Wednesday when my boss handed me a letter and asked me to handle d program, i pushed it under stack of my piling exercise books coz it was 6.00p.m and i hv class.

The next day, it was 7/8 class. Tapi jantung sy berdegup kencang wen my immediate boss told me the super boss said she had trusted everything to me when he tried to discussed d matter.

I almost said d F* word, if not realising that i m talking to somebody almost 15 years my senior.

I mean... apa kata kalau dia kasi sekali semua gaji dia pada saya jugak?

I saw her d next morning. Discussed apa yg patut n wat to do..

later in d afternoon, a very very close fren who used to back me up dalam apa2 pun kerja norizan adnan kat workplace walaupun nama dia xder dlm list, simply told me, "dont do it. its not ur job, biarlah org yg sepatutnya buat". it damped my mood a bit, u know... he of all pll saying that..

too late coz i'd given my words to my immediate boss.

so far everyone knows that i only broke my promise when i fall sick. and i don wan to fall sick. top of all its something i wished to see since year 2000.

therefore, on feb 2, i was accompanying students for computer programme from 7.45 -4.30p.m . The name of d program is Program Merapatkan Jurang Digita. As d name implies, it aimed for rurals and its free..

I cant say much abt d program coz i just waited outside. Judging from d laughter n smiles smeared across d kids' faces, guess they had a gud time.

honestly, even my super boss didnt turned up coz dia nak kemas umah, d penjaga kunci didnt turned up on time, d 2 persons whom i think shud come and i've told them abt this program didn make it as well and a colleague whom kebetulan dtg n saw me asked "eh sorang je?", even so many things didnt go as planned, but i don mind at all..

i cant find any reason for me to whine. afterall xder apa yg nak saya rungut2kan coz apa yg sy komplen2kan 8 thn dulu dah berlaku depan mata sendiri.

i preferred to see at d bright side, 3 trainee teachers were there and lend a hand n my immediate boss eventhough he had majlis at his surau (he is d orang kuat surau in his kariah) came for an hour to see us.

i couldnt ask for more.

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