Monday, February 11, 2008

Durian day - sweet yet thorny

Most of my colleagues exchanging their recounts of massive traffic jammed masa balik raya cina. I have nothing to share so i just hear their stories.

Conclusion - Datuk Samy shud make more road. That's if he is re-elected in d next election. hehhe kidding..

I took Along to Slim River bus stand, partly coz she had to go back to work tomorrow n mainly my mom bising barang dapur (actually toletries je sebenarnya) dah abis. Even serbuk pencuci pun habis.

I was running against time coz i'll hv 11.45 a.m. meeting. At least i tot it was 11.45a.m. Just imagine how rasa-nak-bakar-diri i felt when i realised its on 12.15noon. Hisshhh... Aisehmenn..

The meeting went well.


As i wrote before d new broom is very very rajin. i must add he is innovative and sensitive too. Sensitive to d need of giving chance fairly to all kids. He implemented a new rule. D club will host weekly assembly fortnightly. This week is my club turn.

In my humble opinion it is brilliant. dont u think so? I don hv chance to mount up d podium when i was 13 (not that i want to).

We delegate the task among club members. Wic is not so fun coz smer pun rebut2 nak jadi tukang pegang hadiah instead of jadi MC.. Cess!!!

Thanx to bro Khai n Ust raof who made our task easier. And Kak Sal S and kak Sal R who gave berbakul2 encouragement to d kids too..

Despite si Zura yang naikkan bendera ala-ala slow motion (lagu dah abis bendera still kat stgh tiang lagi ) yang lain2 sgt2 ok. But then for d first timer, there r lots more room for improvement kan zura... I love u too Zura...

Honestly i m thankful dpt students yg talented mcm diorang. Aminn


on a very unrelated matter, i was quite annoyed with 2 persons today.

the first one said he didnt hv money to do d program. since when kena pakai duit sendiri? why cant org lain ble je buat? where d money comes from? sky?

if he is new maybe it is acceptable tapi dah bertahun maa holding that post... i m really really annoyed. i gave him a quarter of my piece of mind.

a quarter only coz uda dah pesan byk kali, dia x nak buat gasak dia la jawab kat Sana esok... dah byk kali org lain cakap pun he still gitu.

i just played my role as a muslimah for once and all. i wont bother no more afterwards.

the other one is when a lady gave tonne of alasan for not re-doing her paperwork. It was wrong. It was definitely err wrong.

I was taught by my ex-boss, Kak Sha that if u submitt something wic is not up to certain standard, she will definitely reject it. She will read all d papers thoroughly before she signed anything. As she said countless time, in d end it was her name printed there.

Once i had to re-doing d same paper for three times. Rasanya last sekali kak sha buatkan yg betul n kasi satu copy to me.

But then when she said, "eh **** dah sign pun", that is totally out-of-this-world feelings to me.



when i was rasa sedeyy i really wanna be alone.

when she was sedeyy she wanted to be alone too. normally she will confided to her close frens when masalah negara tu dah selesai. guess its her style x nak menyusahkan kawan2.

this time is diff. i think i did mistakes as well.

dear fren (u know who u r)
wat hepen? jgn ah bottled up sangat, nanti ko mati cepat maaa... i promised x kan mulut tempayan lagi...

in time like this, i missed Jie. He always know wat to do.

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