Friday, February 08, 2008

Musim orang bertunang and..

early year is engagement seasons.

on feb 6 i met a boy who's on d way home for his bro engagement ceremony trip d next day. since that was d first time we met, bet he must shaken to death seeing my articulation skills, speaking-non-stop when i was nervous . sorry eh..

speaking abt engagement, my dear fren, kak norma also engaged yesterday. she keeps complaining about not getting white gold, even 78 kali we told her we loooooooove her engagement ring. the usual bubbly kak norma who crazy abt white gold.

is d material of engagement ring will make a diff? i mean, last time a fren told me, her bapak mentua pergi beli cincin lain sbb the one that his son beli a bit cheap. for me the first original ring wasnt cheap, at least i myself could not afford it.

does it matter kalau cincin tu mahal ke murah?

btw d beautifully decorated hantaran pun gila betul..

someday i'll upload pics..

and my neighbour (belakang rumah) also engaged yesterday. neighbour depan rumah pun.. tapi last week. neighbour dpn rumah tapi jauh sikit pun engaged last week kot jugak.

tomorrow is angah's engagement party. she's ayu's sister. since kedatangan akan diambil, so misti nak pergi la..

ramai betul eh...

my house is also full and crammed (bombastic). it has nothing to do with any party.. just that my anak2 sedara balik and they honing their hide n seek skills..

n i couldnt find my handphone till now. i saw my brooch scattered on d floor. my books also lying everywhere in my tiny bedroom. and they smell so incredibly good too..

kejap2 spray perfume, kejap2 dah bau lain...

biar betul anak2 sedara ku ini..

today is friday. Ilman (aged 8) awal2 lagi dah cakap dia x nak g semayang jumaat. Guess d main reason was last year, d only time dia semayang jumaat kat sini, dia nangis kat mesjid cari ayah dia, ended up berjemaah kitaorang usik dia smpai sekarang..

i already bribed him.. if he and izzudin sembahyang jumaat ari ni, i will take all lot to d hotsprings..

i know... x baik merasuah budak2.. tapi sebenarnya mak andak dia yang nak pergi sangat..
happy holiday 2 u... hv fun!!

happy holiday to Dila too. ari ni dia nak buat kenduri kesyukuran before she fly to NZ. She'll further her studies in Victo U. And some one yg belum dapat mengonfem berita ni pun will outstationed kat obersea jugak in d near future. Jie pun akan g obersea started off Feb 11 ni.. for some tournament katanya.

apsal suddenly smer orang ader berita gembira?

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