Saturday, February 09, 2008

Rumah Kaca

I just finished reading Cecilia Ahern's Where rainbows end. (She is also d best selling author PS I love u)

Baby bought it on her way home in one carbootSALE in London last year. I dun think that info is important but for d very first time she wrote her name n d place she bought it from. thats new.

The story is about Rosie and Alex who have stuck with each other since they were 5. From naughty children to rebellious teenagers, dating games and marriages ups and downs their magical connections survive the years and miles. They called themselves "best friends". Unbeknown to both of them, they have loved one another deeply, more than friend's love.

They declared their love to one another at the age of 50.

can u believe it? its 45 years wasted down d drain.

and i cried bitterly.. forgive me i also cried when i read news that dr mahathir cried when he hold the late pak harto's hand when he was in d hospital. i cried when reading dec jelita edition especially sbb ada cerita pasal ziela jalil n madunya. and i cried even more when megat junid passed away last month..

guess, when we were old we see things with diff eyes now.

i m sure if any of my hostel mate reading this entry she will gelak berguling2 coz i wass d one who used to laugh rolling2 when seeing others cried their eyes out during farewell nite gathering.

so no more cerita sedih2 for me.. currently i'm reading pramooedya ananta toer's rumah kaca. well i have read his keluarga gerilya since i was 11. it was one of d textbooks belonged to my sisters. in fact i've rad all their textbooks since i was 7. unfortunately my memory span was always conked out. it showed it my result slip year by year wic i safely hide in unreachable place anywayy..

back 2 d book.. i did like keluarga gerilya. or at least i think i loove it. i wasnt sure myself coz its been a long time. but then rumah kaca is diff. its too full of indonesian lingo. i tot we r serumpun?

ironically our bestfren, jie will fly to Jakarta at 3pm today.

while i contented with reading an indonesian book, jie experienced it kat situ2 jugak... heheh sorry poverty of vocab.

i wish i could be in Jakarta too (bukan dgn jie la tapinya coz golfing mmg xder kena mengena dgn idup sy) instead of stuck in my total-mess bedroom reading book wi c took me xtra long time to understanddue to d language barrier.

i wish i could go to London like baby. i hv never been to London u know. i wish i could hv a bestfren like Alex sbb dia kayoo dan hensem giler. (No offence Et u r very very beautiful, all my nieces and friends say so.. Jie u know u r absolutely gorgeous, and ur billboard (yes!!!sahabat jie is also a billboard model) make me pusing d road 8 kali to take a glimpse of u... no offense 2 u 2..)

but then.... forgive me for saying, kadang2 dunia ini sgt kijam....


zino said...

ada masa nya memang tersentuk bila tengok cerita/berita yg sedih2 ni..

tak terkecuali kepada semua org..

Kengkawan said...

setujuu... walaupun x kena mengena...