Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cerita yg sengaja di lewatkan

Fauzi Ishak a.k.a Jie is a very amiable man, resulted we had an amicably relationships. At least all my frens pun cakap mcm tu..

Watever i did, no matter how silly it is, he always find something sweet to say. Not just to me, guess he treated everyone that way.. There was a time he told me about an impossible client who make him tukar teket flight for their golf trip 2,3 kali coz mula2 kata nak g tarikh yg sama ngan org lain, pas tu, kensel, pas tu nak balik Perth, pas tu udah nak ikut Sydney plak, pas tu udah x jadi..

"kalau i, misti i hangin jie... mau i bakar org tu kot" iskk laju je sy komplen..

"org lain smer ok, dia sorang je, ok la tu.. x apala.. i x kisah pun".. thats jie..

The one n only time Jie meninggikan suara to me was in 2004. Masa tu nak election and we talked abt parti pilihan masing2...

Walaupun someone-yg-dah-dilupakan-namanya kata saya kalau melawan memang dpt gred A+++, tapi at that time sy x sempat melawan. Ye lah.. xpernah2 plak Jie beria2 bangkang ckp sy.. i will never forget he ended up his ceramah politik ngan "x mungkin!, u tengok lah sampai kiamat pun xkan parti X tu naik".

I was really terkebil2.. Yakin betul si Jie ni... Thats d only time we talked abt politic.

Few days b4 2008 general election we had this brief one..

Jie : u masih Party X?
Me : Confirmed.... U masih sokong Party Y?
Jie : Definitely...
Me : ook

Thats it..

When Opposition won in Selangor (jie's state) i really look around for tanda2 kiamat, when i could find none, i texted him, congratulate him.

Btw, on friday he'll fly to Surabaya. Bet there wont be any ole2 for me..


A week before general election, i really had this rasa-nak-bakar-orang-je feelings.

How dare him, parrotting his lame excuses. i was told last time when ppl questioned him over project yg x berjalan, he'll said "janganla gaduh2, biar saya yg buat". kot yer...

i joint his group only last year.

when i questioned abt a project last year, d answer was... "no money"..

and this year, same silly reason as well... and he started giving all those crap.. citing this person, that person as reasons... oh pleaseee..

i told him i was really mad and took out all d fund allocation file wic he could consider should he really serious abt his job, afterall it was not his first year pegang jawatan tu pun...

frankly i wasnt that furious, al me n my gang mmg did this project on our own last year, tapi masalah negaranya dlm meeting dia ni ckp mcm2, talking abt tukar sistem itula inila... gitula,ginila...

walk d talk la man...

d next day, a fren told me ppl blamed me for being rude to upper echelon..

to be honest, i just fed up with him. why shud we jeopardize d kids future just to be nice to upper echelon. Selamat berkenalan... d only thing that really matter most to me is, pada hari tiada naungan selain naunganNya, tiada penolong, selain pertolonganNya, sy tidak dihampa dan dihinakan.


Dlm satu cerita yang x la berkaitan sangat.. We hv new boss.

had d first meeting today. don hv d chance to ask "ok ke x boss baru ni?" d usual.. nobody knows him before.

but then i m impressed coz he was punctual. was 5 mins late from my morning class and HE WAS THERE!!

tu ok lagi...

he started off his briefing with quotation fr well... guess i shud look for that book, very impressive, another quotation fr imam al-ghazali too.. and.. all are very concise, straight to d point, very relevant to d current environment.

tu ok lagi...

he gave lengthy explanation on his vision n findings from his observation padahal br je brp ari dia dtg. well d only boss yg did d same thing before was Kak Sha n Haji Razali. Till now both of them dikenang sbg d Best...

I hv a strong feelings that things will be very amazing under his wings...

Even when someone mentioned, "mohon kerjasama xxxxx utk semak xxxxx sebab masa cuti bila saya semak byk yg x komplit"..

In normal circumstances i might ask why he put down diff date, (i've checked d xxxxx during d holiday, he wrote march 3 and d hol started at march 7) and did he noticed someone had already ahead of him?

But i was too happy to be sarcastic.


zino said...

tahniah dapat MB baru..

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Anonymous said...

walaupun tukiman berbaju hijau, tak bermakna biru dibenci. tapi mungkin dengan apa yg ada didepan mata membuatkan dia takut dianggap terlibat sama.. -aku yang kosong-