Monday, April 28, 2008

Kesihatan dan Kasih Sayang

had a story-mory session with someone when she accidently mentioned how much money she earned lately. Its definitely 8kali more than i got for a year. She wasnt bragging.

As she put it, "alhamdulillah rezeki saya murah sejak akhir ni..."

I was like... "oh? so happy for u".

And she looked straight to me, hoping i shared something too, maybe..

After much thought, i told her, i wasnt as lucky as her (yeah rite... like she didnt noticed i was wearing my 5-year-old loafers, 7 year-old-khakis (dulu x muat sebulan dua ni dah muat pulak) and d faded t-shirt wic in waiting list to be display in museum.

"But i think d best gift i got from Him are Kesihatan n Kasih Sayang dari keluarga n kawan2"

I didnt elaborate more, coz she knew me for years. She knew wat i've been tru.

Honestly, late at nite, when i was alone, i realised something...

Yes, i m so grateful for my gud health and love and affections i received from ppl closed to me..

tapi kalaulah boleh saya mintak sesuatu ....

Saya minta,

just gimme back my best fren. D pic up there is her favourite flower, baby breath.

Dear a wonderful fren,
Jie and I missed u so much.
(x pasal2 jie masuk dlm ini pilem)

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zino said...

yg penting kita bersyukur dengan apa yg kita ada.. kalau nak lebih kita berusaha ke arah itu.. tapi akhirnya apa yg kita dapat itulah rezeki yg di janjikan utk kita..