Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IT speaks louder

Thanx to all d well-wisher on Teacher's Day. But I m not celebrating it this year. Anyway i did attend d assembly sebab tu acara wajib.

Reason being...I still hangin-satu-badan with what happen to Kamal. No explanation tho..

I m a strong believer that if we think sesuatu tu betul, lepas pikir 80 kali dan buat research and we still found perkara tu betul, then we shud stand up and embraced our belief. Tak kisahla if in d process it will make us unpopular. As long as.... nayyyy who cares abt hereafter right?

Therefore, i really respect Dr M decision to quit. This is a man who knows what he's doing. No elaboration tho...

And i felt uneasy with d party hopping issues recently, and the man behind it has a proven track record as well.. (merujuk kpd surat khabar mainstream)..

Speaking abt mainstream media, i was surprised with d post-mortem BN fallout(ehhh ni ke term dia?) in d previous election. Among others is d ppl sought news fr internet instead of mainstream media.

Betul la tu kot, sbb bersungguh2 diaorang buat study.

Honestly, i quit believing d net news since 99. At that time kemain lagi ada cerita pasal KPN sakit tangan sebab tampar ex-DPM kat lokap.. tengok2 malam tu dia g sampaikan hadiah and siap lagi keluar dalam tv..

Lawak ke x lawak?

And i don really understand why Datuk Shahrizat x menang.. I like her and i think she has done her job very well. I admired Rafidah Aziz too. And Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, and Nik Aziz, and dr Khir Toyo and my current assemblyman.

And there r lot more ppl i admired.

For me, track record will comes first...


Anonymous said...

hmm.. admire? ur neigbour? masuk kategori gak ke? musykil2..(jgn biarkan hidup anda diselubungi misteri)hik hik...

Kengkawan said...

apsal my neighbour leh masuk dlm ini pilem plak?

jgn lah dianiayai anuar zeng yg tidak berdosa itu(x kena mengena)