Monday, May 05, 2008

Kalau itu pilihannya...

I turned off d tv, once d compere announced d culprit was d father.

And i totally forgot abt it until baby brought d subject. In normal circumstances i will refused to listen, but when she mentioned "dungeon" , it was like in fairy tales. Remember, normally princess locked up in a dungeon... eh... betul ker? Silap..... citer Ken and Abel,

Once Abel was locked up in a dungeon during war, with d baron n his son... He cheated death.

"Are u sure this is not fabricated lies ke hapa ker..." Sorry, its hard to swallow an incest hv been going on under ur nose for 24 yrs.

"It makes front page all over d world..." and baby x melepaskan peluang bercerita, walaupun dia baca suratkhabar Malaysia jer..

"Kejam eh.. apsal d wifey x perasan eh? " I felt miserable walaupun x kena mengena..

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