Friday, June 27, 2008

great expectation

dulu saya rasa the worst feeling is being unloved n uncared for.. actually tu mother theresa yg cakap.. tapi rupanya bila kita put on effort tapi bila org tak hargai sebenarnya lagi sedih ler...

citer pasal effort..

dulu masa kat u ada sorang lecturer. nama dia drM (byk tul dr M eh...) tapi ni drM pompuan, ajar subjek apa x leh cakap la... tapi dia mmg giler best.. hasil tulisan dia melambak2.. kalau buat research, x yah susah2 berterabur tulisan dia dlm majalah.. kira hebat giler dr nih..

bila dah lecturer best dia pun expect kita best jugakla..

everyweek dlm tutorial ada group presentation. everyweek jugak la dia hentam habis-habisan presentation kitaorang.

sampaila satu ari tu giliran Zila n d gang.. bila abis saya cepat2 angkat tangan nak kasi komen. not really commenting pun, i just told the class. the group had put on a huge effort to make d presentation succeed, therefore they deserved a big congratulations for efforts. told em' also i knew it x coz zila is my housemate.. pas tu sy komplen la sikit2..

dunno whether i spoke convincingly r mmg dr m rasa d presentation was up to her par, di x hentam sangat Zila n d gang.. come me n my gang turn 2 minggu pas tu... x kena hentam dah..

apsal citer effort lak ni...

malas la citer.. but its so unfair bila org buat kerja u duduk menjauhkan diri, tolong dahla tak pernah, tanya pun tidak, ambik tau jauh sekali, pas tu x tau apa yg berlaku pas tu kasi nesihat sepatutnya buat itu, patutnya buat ini.. pekerja yang cemerlang sepatutnya buat gini...

masalahnya apa yg dia cakap tu org dah buat pun... apa lagi yg nak dicakapkan? kot betul nak kasi nesihat, kasila time org buat kerja.. tunjuk ajar namanya... takat cakap smer org boleh maa.. be part of it baru la tau wat happen...

actually i see him personally. we had a heated argument. no elaboration tho. i m a person who would say an A is an A, after much thought and research even tho others would say its a B. unfortunately buku dan ruas sudah berjumpa.

i can prove what i said, and he keep repeating dia x tujukan kata2 dia pada saya... rather to d boss. but i would never heard of it... if u complaining a comittee, smer org pun kena maa... and he keeps repeating pekerja cemerlang seharusnya.... come on man...

"apsal ni?" tanya uda bila saya balik rumah makan tengah hari besoknya instead of makan kat kantin atau makan sambil buat kerja seperti yg selalu sy buat, atau makan dengan kids sambil tanya2 masalah diorang yg saya buat sebulan sekali...

"orang nak jadi pekerja cemerlang la..." kata sy sambil mak saya menjeling berkali2 tp sy buat x nampak je. takut sebenarnya...

as i see it... pekerja cemerlang x payah buat apa2 selain dari msuk kelas ikut time. kerja lain buat bodo je... biar org lain buat.. kot x buat lagi bagus... so x yah ganggu nak mintak budget, ajak buat kerja ke apa..

masuk kelas ikut time tu memang dah lama buat sebab mak saya marah curi tulang... nanti kat akhirat lalu kamu nak membayor balik??? tu ayat mak saya...

but on thursday i changed my mind..

"we hv to take part yang..." sy mengguna kan skill memujuk kelas satu. yang are my kids.. i tried to drag them buat projek keusahawanan on open day.

they agreed and we (termasuk their parents) had a busy nite memprepare for d sales..

they said they had a great time. me too.. hopefully their parents too...

to think back... saya x nak jadi pekerja cemerlang... saya nak jadi pekerja yang akan gembira di dunia dan di akhirat...

btw... mak saya selalu ajar... biarla dapat sepuluh sen pun asalkan halal dan memang sah itu hak kita... jangan amik hak orang lain, nanti kat akhirat lalu ke kamu nak membayornya!!!!!

that is my mom's greatest expectation...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Co-op n U

Hari Koperasi Sekolah is celebrated every 22-28 each year. This year theme is "koperasi memupuh keusahawanan" How true!!!

We launched d celebration today. Kudos to our advisor Mr Azizan for make it happen. It was well... i might say a very well organized launch...

We had a very very scary day yesterday, preparing for d launch. Each one of us work harder than usual, especially Halmi my colleague-cum-photographer.

I was laminating d bookmarks with 3 kids when he gave his 2cents worth piece of advice.

"dia kena sampai kat merahla.." nasihatnya bila saya terkial2 sebab d bookmark x berapa nak ok..

"ko sure ke, cikgu azizan yg cakap ngan akak taruk kat hijau jer" i tried nak melawan.

"lerr aku tau ler, dulu aku kerja ni apa" halmi sungguh yakin, x sampai hati sy menidakkan..

we were talking for laminator heat color coded indicator.

i did as halmi told, and plastic tu stuck. it was messy, siap berasap2 lagi.... hasanol came and lend a hand as halmi dah balik dah masa tu, it was 6.35p.m.

tapi until midnite, with acho's help, d laminator still stuck.. guess it beyond reparable..cesss!!! half of d bookmark x laminate lagi.. toss n turn on d bed, woke at ungodly hours and revised my budget.. kena ganti la tu.. pergh!!!

seeing mr azizan n kids happy faces this morning i tried to forget d laminator machine. but seeing halmi, there's some undescribable feeling rushed tru my vein..

siap kau nanti!!!!

all in all.. duit ble cari beb..

i wanna say, i've been actively involved in Co-op since 2001 (terpaksa sebenarnya), but today i mean this year is d first time i see d best advisor like Mr Azizan Zubin.

I think he is a great leader, as ppl said, a great leader inspired.. that what he definitely did!!

i'd like to paste his pix here, masalah negaranya i m in cc now. for some inexplicable reasons some ppl's favorite pastime ialah mencuri kabel talipon, so that for few days already we are denied of telephone lines.. jahat betul orang2 ni...

misti masa sekolah dulu, pencuri kabel tu x jadi ahli koperasi sekolah, sbb tu dia x tau apa akibat perbuatannya pada orang lain..

i doubt halmi jadi ahli koperasi sekolah jugak masa sekolah dulu even though few years back he was our ex- coop secretary. he did an excellent job as a secretary... takat tu je pujian saya..

for those out there... jadi lah ahli koperasi sekolah. instead of kelebihan duniawi it also taught u how to communicate with ppl, be responsible and humble. u couldnt ask for more

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ni cerita zana

That's Zana my colleague-cum-jiran depan umah..

She had a very-very-very gud news this morning.. Dia x kata jgn rahsia, tapi rasanya biar ah disurprisekan sket...

So happy for her..

p/s d pix was taken last year on our trip to Saigon, was in d train to catch flight.

Cerita Hari Isnin

i just hate father's day. coz all d ad make me missed my dad even more.. and i hate it most when errr guess my neighbour's family do gathering to celebrate their father. lucky men!

at that moment i think they're a bit insensitive, being soo happy, siap karaoke lagi, makan2 smer.. while at d same time i cried my eyes out, coz i don hv d dad to share this happy day with....

but nayyy.... agaknya kalau ayah saya masih hidup, i'll do d same thing kot... every time has d right to be happy...

my mom dah pesan, kalau rasa x ok balik tdo kat umah, but i dont want her to know how fragile i am..


woke up wee bit late on monday morning. waiting bapakla lama for both my neighbours keluar rumah... if u hv 4 younger bros u'll know how i felt..

ke my bros je yg peel mcm tu.. pantang datuk nenek diorang buat kerja kat luar umah pagi2 while men keluar g kerja. i dunno where they got that idea, but they'd rather sidaikan kain kalau kebetulan masa tu ada pakcik2 or their clients datang kat halaman rumah.

tapi dah kol 9.30, jiran sebelah kiri still x kuar umah, terpaksala sy keluar bwk cangkul jugak. The xtvt is planting cabbage.Mcm hebat je rasanya..

there she is, jiran selang sebuah rumah, tersenyum manis sambil menyidai kain. so i wave2 back to her ala2 beauty queen in beauty pageant la kan.. she's so frenly and talkative... x pernah2 sy terpikir akan berbual2 ngan orang dalam jarak 100m. hebat tu.. guess si Azmi, my neighbour rasa nak bakar je kot..

then d makcik came. since she also into gardening so byk la hal yg dibual2kan. sedar x sedar dah kol 10.30a.m. and i havent mop d floor pun. iskk.. she inspected (amikk kau) some of d plants and kasi baaaaaaanyak tips.. best la makcik ni...

pas tu lupa lak nak tanya nama..

after she left i was a bit tergesa2 mengemas, iron baju, semak lesson plan, and dashed to nearest town. Sebab things to do list was unusually long that monday..

but that makcik, yg lagi 2,3 thn will move to d neighbourhood too really make my day..

Friday, June 13, 2008


i always lamented how stingy malaysian (read:higher education institution) are.... i mean, what is d use of having library sebesar gajah but wont open it to d public. come on la... berapa kerat sangat la yang pernah baca tesis2 masters d phd yg hebat2 tu kalau asyik disembunyikan dalam bilik ekon collecting dust.

x adilkan... penat2 diorang buat research last2....

guess i hv to be contented with public library yang most of d books dah ada since i was in uni lagi and school library.

yesterday, i spent my whole free time duk sorang2 dlm library. Something i havent done for ages!!!
i found a fascinating book. written by an englishman (lupa nama) who used to work in Malaya. the preface dated back in 1915. Tajuknya.. Malay poison and charms, mcm tu la kot..

As a Malay i m surprised myself with it's solid explanation and references. This intriguing book make me wonder... are these things exist?

Adala satu tu, d book taught ingredients nak poisoning others, among others are d white part of lizard discharge. Banyak lagi la bahan2 nya... Most are things u can easily find at home..

Saya x baca habis pun. I stopped and kept that book in secret place. Plan to see Feeza, d guru media abt it.

My sisters selalu pesan masa kecik2 dulu, jangan belajar benda yang bukan2... takut2 nanti bila kita kurang beriman kita amalkan pulak..

Tapi kenapa dalam banyak2 topik si Mat Salleh ni pilih topik ni?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kuiz Pengguna

I m in cyber cafe now...

"x per ke jie? tapi kita dah ada bwk byk buku tau.." saya bertanya pendapat Jie yang jauhnya beratus kilometer sebab takkan la saya nak tanya kat jiran sebelah rumah pulak.

"its better than reading books. afterall they can learn new things and sharing info together" jawab jie dengan panjang lebar, cakap omputeh pulak wic means that he really serious. Sometimes i m a bit curious too, apsal bila serious misti nak kena cakap omputeh...

So here am i, wish me luck.



Petang tadi i went 2 d public library. Thats d only time i free.. Met Shah, Atie, Izati and Azhar there.

Main reason was to search few info on Kuiz Pengguna wic i supposed surf pagi tadi tapi x sempat sebab sepanjang pagi mengemas bilik yang macam diserang pengganas..

It was a bit late. Atie, d lab assistant dah bersedia nak mengunci public library. Shah d KTAK officer lent a hand coz somehow pc tu sangat2 slow. Izzati and Azhar tolong memprint apa yang patut..

Except for Atie, all three of them are my ex-students.

Suddenly i felt so... old..

Anyway... i couldnt thank them enuff..

Monday, June 09, 2008

Kap Khun Kaap!!!

When i looked into mirror i saw someone i don really know. looking pale and haggard, somehow i forgot how 2 be happy too. theres so many benda kecik2 pun sy bersedih berhari2.. Resulted khakis yg bertahun2 x muat tu pun dah jadi longgar.------> tu la buktinya!!

Datuk Wahid CEO of d year said he don mind working hard coz he always took time to go hol with his family every quarter of d year.. cenggitu kot... lupa la ayat yg betulnya..

What a brilliant idea!!!

People said, kalaupun kita x seberjaya (adaka perkataan ni?) mcm seseorang tu, tapi kita boleh tiru cara dia... Bab meniru sy memang cekap betul!!!Honestly, i don really can afford this trip, but i just close my eyes and belasah je... nak tunggu kaya semula ntah bila2...

So i packed my bags and headed to land of d ancient Lanna Kingdom (Kingdom of a million rice fields).

It was, well apart from shopping places that we stopped ( n i didnt buy anything!!) a great fun. nanti ah upload gambor..

Once coming home,the harsh reality stupefied me.. Minyak dah naik!!!! Gilo!!!

i did what malaysian did under this circumstances. G toyota showroom, eyeing for a petrol-saving-suv-brand-new-car.

Afterall, my current car x cukup seat utk angkut anak2 sedara and now backseat passenger pun wajib pakai seat belt...

But then, d only suv i could afford x jimat minyak pun, d mpv yg within my budget nampak mcm errr .....x brp cantik... d mpv yg memang saya nak sangat sejak 2,3 tahun dulu, will definitely make me makan pasir for 9 years...

Therefore, I'll stick to my-kereta-cap-ayam then.. so that i could go for hols like Datuk Wahid.. hehhehe.. walaupun x 4 kali setahun mcm dia...

So itulah perkembangan terbaru saya..

Khap Kun Kaap for reading...

p/s d title up there means Thank You in their language..

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

itu kawan saya, Jie

As usual i spend my hols my with anak2 sedara. D diff, instead of g holiday kat mana2 i took them to 12A. Coz i cant afford a real holiday hehehehe..

Hopefully they had a great time. Yus fetched them last Saturday.

Pas tu rasa sangat sunyi bila diorang dah balik...

Fortunately Jie a wee bit free yesterday, so he came down and we spent our time kat bengkel kereta.. Ye la nak g sendirik x berapa reti.. Banyak beno la masalah negara kereta ni..

"Jie datang sini semata2 nak g bengkel kereta je ker?" tanya Zana..

Now i dunno... he did fixed d lamp at my house too...

i think thats what fren r for.. bz mcm mana pun there's always a time for an old fren. Fren need not any reason to help one another. I've been known Jie for years. Ada orang cakap bila kawan lain gender misti ada apa2.. tapi tu sebab diorang x kenal norizan adnan dan fauzi ishak. We r frens. we did things frens do, like eating out once a while, meeting another frens once a while, sharing gud new news, or simply giving advice. period

Tapi bila Jie start tanya "ada apa2 perbezaan x bila PR memerintah Perak skrg?"

"Belum sangat lagila.. diorang pun baru nak sorting..." saya menjawab sambil menunjukkan kesetiaan x berbelah bagi kepada parti yang memerintah.

"baru nak sorting apanya... sorting.. sorting..sorting..sorting... tengok2 dah 5 thn.. x abis sorting lagi" tanpa sebab2 yang kukuh Jie berprasangka...

"eh.. jie ni kenapa? dah kena bayar ke hapa ni? diorang baru lagi apa.. kasi la peluang.. menteri besar ni pun ok apa.. selalu je turun padang " saya x tau plak suara saya memang boleh cecah high note..patut saya jadi penyanyi dulu....

"elehhh baru2 memang la rajin... tengok la nanti.." jie pun luas jugak range dia, rupanya...

perbualan seterusnya elokla dideletekan...

Did i said we r frens?

We r ... if anyone see me jalan ngan lelaki 190cm tall, tough, yellow belt (hehehe said he has 7 colours belt) sambil cakap ngan high volume dan muka masing2 mcm nak makan orang..

tu la saya ngan kawan saya Jie.

i don think kawan kena setuju dalam semua hal. but we r still fren.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yang Nak Kawen dan tak nak Kawen

1. Cerita Orang Nak Kawen

As i wrote banyak kali, for me perkahwinan adalah pencapaian paling hebat dalam hidup. Bukan senang tu nak jumpa org yg kita boleh terima seadanya dan boleh pulak dia terima kita seadanya jugak... at least sampai sekarang Norizan Adnan tak jumpa2 lagi.. Jumpa la... tapi Angelina Jolie dah sambar dulu...

So, when my uncle tanya leh tak sedara sebelah his wifey fr Kedah jadikan my hse sbg tpt bersiap sbb d bride's hse tu kat Felda Sg Behrang je (approximately dlm 20 km je), tentu saja saya akan kata apa salahnya... Malah saya sangat berbesar hati menjadi sebahagian dari pilem perkahwinan ni...

Jadinya pada hari yang dijanjikan, sangatla ramai keluarga sebelah pengantin lelaki datang, my uncle yang memang kenal sangat ngan anak sedara dia bawak la gelas2 dan tikar... I bought kuih2, memang bab memasak adalah sesuatu yg x mungkin saya lakukan.

Pengantinnya tinggi lampai, berkaca mata dan boleh tahan la orangnya... tapi nampak nervous, apatah lagi asyik kena usik ngan geng2 dia..

Keluarga2 nya pun nampak ceria, maklumlah nak dapat keluarga baru...

"Sapa nama pengantin tu kak?, kerja kat mana?" tanya saya kepada Musfirah, my cousin.

"ntahla.. tak tau yang mana satu, adik beradik dia semua lelaki.." tu je jawapan paling tepat yg boleh sepupu sy yg berusia 18 tahun berikan..

"terukla, sepupu awak, x kan awak x tau.. ada x lagi adik beradik dia yang kayo dan hensem dan single" jwpnnnya dah ble diagak tapi saja je nak test pengetahuan am si Musfirah ni...

"alaa.. x tau la..hehehe" dan berdua pun gelak berguling2 kat dapur sebab x reti sgt nak mingled...

To d couple yg x tau nama, semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu..

2. Yang Tak Nak Kawen

I was reading a thick book while accompanying my 7 anak sedara main kat playground when she approached. Sangat x beriman la membaca buku kat playground, tapi kalau bawak 7 kids aged 3-8 main kat taman d book will definitely keep ur mouth shut, kot x ada je benda yang nak ditempikkan.

I didnt recognised her at first, tapi sebab cerita ni a bit nak mengumpat (hehehe) so i wont revealed how i knew her. Suffice 2 say we've met once and she knows one of my colleague too.

Lepas fasa introduction, nak jadi cerita lalulah seseorang yang kami sama2 kenal. Dia sangat2 kenal org itu, sementara saya kenal2 ayam je.. Mari kita namakan lelaki itu Encik Labu

Dia pun memulakan cerita...

Encik Labu pernah bertunang lama dahulu tapi putus, sejak tu dia sangat kecewa.

Me : tu cerita tahun berapa, suruh la dia bukak buku baru... buku bank pun kalau dah 7 thn x aktif dia kena bukak lain hehehehhe
Her: hahhaahahah baru2 ni ada jugak . Adala 2 kali dia mintak my husband carikan..
Me : Oh?
Her: Yg first tu dia cakap mcm... entahlah..
Me : mcm apa?
Her : Mcm bila sepatah dia tanya sepatahla pompuan tu jawab,xder dia nak cerita2 ke apa... lama2 Encik Labu x tau nk ckp apa. So senyap cenggitu je la...
Me : hahahha.. boleh pulak mcm tu... dia x sungguh2 tu..
Her : tapi yang terbaru ni dia bersungguh juga ( bersungguh2 this lady mempertahankan Encik Labu)
Me : Hahahaha ye la tu..
Her : yang ni pun my hubby gak kenalkan, sebab dia yang mintak la kan.. dia dah g jumpa ngan pompuan tu, sekali keluarga perempuan tu ada pilihan lain la pulak.. (she gave some details)
Me : Bagi akak dia yang salah la... kalau betul dia nak ngan org tu show some effort la...
Her : Dia memang cakap dia x reti bab2 cenggini... Dia pun ada cakap, ada ke perempuan nak ngan dia..
Me : Ada tu... giatkan usaha... hahahaha
Her : Mak bapak dia pun mintak kitaorang carikan tapi dia ni mcm ni susah.. dengan kerja dia tu mcm tu...
Me : Kerja?
Her: Ye la asyik kerja jer.. dia pun ada cakap, ada ke perempuan yg boleh paham dia yang mcm tu ( she gave details on his job - he's doing very very very well and and earned very very very well too).. Dia ni baik kak... baik sangat. tapi dia ada cakap apa2 hal dia akan lebihkan family dia.. Dia memang plan nak bawak parents dia tinggal ngan dia. baik kan dia...hehehehe
Me : Ok dah tu.. baik, caring, bagusla dia sayangkan parents... nanti lama lama jumpa la tu.. hehheheheh
Her : Tu la.. cuma dia ni x reti bab2 nak bercinta ke hapa... lagipun dia kata dia busy sangat ngan career..
Me : Oh busy?
Her: Ha'ah... sekarang ni hari ahad pun dia kerja..
Me : ooo
Her : Tu la... akak ada sesapa x?
Me : Dah tua2 ni, mana la ada sapa nak kat akak yg cantik nih..
Her : Ala.. x la... akak kenal2 la ngan dia... mana la tau... Dia baik kak..

Dah agak dah kesudahan ceritanya akan jadi cenggini...

Me : Kalau dah busy sangat x payah la nak kenal2 ngan orang... Nanti sikap dia tu akan patahkan ati org lain.
Her: Tapi dia baik kak... dia ok jer sebenarnya...
Me : I dont believe when ppl said theyre bz. Bz apanya xkan nak angkat talipon, nak send sms nak cakap dia x leh nak berbual sbb bz pun x ble (at this point i was really annoyed tanpa sebab2 yg logik)..
Her: tapi kak...
Me : U know what... akak x percayala, kalau org yg well educated, ble kata dia x reti benda2 cenggini. alasan je, Bz tu alasan je.. The truth is, bila dah stable, ada harta sket, diorang kedekut nak share ngan orang lain.. Thats d main reason, and dia start find faults kat smer pompuan yang dia jumpa.
Her: Tapi dia x kedekut kak... Ngan kami semua ni dia pemurahla kak...
Me : Spend kat kengkwan x sama ngan errr awek..
Her: Akak ni bercakap dari pengalaman ker..
Me : Lebih kurang la...

I relate this whole story to Zana, as expected she said, "Memang Bo**h" .. Alasan je tu... tambahnya lagi.. betul saya tak tipu.. memang Zana cakap cenggitu.. kalau saya ceritakan pada kwn2 perempuan sy yang lain misti lagi colurful adjectives diorang...

Kepada lelaki di luar sana yang sudah melewati 3series tapi masih single, jangan sesekali menggunakan alasan busy sebab confirmed kitaorang akan ..... errr gelakkan..

Katakan yang betul misalnya,
a) Saya kedekut nak share duit saya ngan pompuan lain. Penat2 sy kerja kena kasi org laik.. no wayyy
b)Malasla, pompuan skrg ni dah educated nanti sy kena ikut cakap diorang, saya dahla suka memerintah.
c) Saya memang suka single sebab memang suka sepahkan rumah. Tak tahanla bau ajax fabuloso tu..
d) Nanti kena sopan2, lecehla...
e) kang kena share playstation ngan pompuan.. apa kelasss!!!
f) Bertahun2 sy simpan duit beli kete ni, karang dia bawak... uishhh gayat tuuu..


Agak emo plak waktu menulis ni..

Saya ada cerita pasal lelaki busy...

Ni cerita tahun lepas.. masa tu tengah hari, saya rasa x sedap hati sangat sangat, something abt health la.. so i called dr M.. a lady answered cakap dr M tgh buat operation..

Me : sorrysorrysorry.. i'll call back later..
Dr M: I m here, any problem?
Me : sorry doc... norizan adnan here, xder apa sangat... sorry..
Dr M: Tgh operation la.. I'll call u back..

Basically i don expect dia akan ingat, coz after that i asked a few kakak-kakak kat tpt kerja and depa cari info kat mana2 ntah n sy tak risau sangat dah lepas tu... But dr M called me before isya' ... i mean... he's damned busy tu.. tapi still ada masa call patient coz he cared abt his patients... (tu plural form tu...)

To Encik Labu dan lelaki2 sekategori dengannya, if u cared abt someone, show em' some effort sjangan asyik nak cari salah org tu jer... kalau dia x banyak cakap bersyukurla, kurang2 dia tak melawan cakap awak nanti.. kalau dia suka melawan (hehehehe) bersyukur la jugak at least awak jumpa ngan orang yang pernah dapat gred A++++..

A few days later i bumped into Encik Labu...

Ramah je dia bercakap, saya rasa dia kacak orangnya.. Atheletic built, charming, funny and i like his taste too.. Sebab masa tu ada ramai orang.. saya tak nak la cakap saya sangat suka his silk bedsheet too... bedsheet? As i wrote up there, we werent alone....

I like his books too..

Saya x nampak apa masalahnya dia ni... Dia pun melayan saya mcm biasa jer... tak la dia malu2 sampai jatuh kerusi ke hapa..

Now i remember alasan no 1 yang sepatutnya Encik labu dan ahli kelabnya gunakan..

Saya nak perempuan yang cantik... Mintak maaf awak x cukup cantik untuk saya.."

hows that?