Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Co-op n U

Hari Koperasi Sekolah is celebrated every 22-28 each year. This year theme is "koperasi memupuh keusahawanan" How true!!!

We launched d celebration today. Kudos to our advisor Mr Azizan for make it happen. It was well... i might say a very well organized launch...

We had a very very scary day yesterday, preparing for d launch. Each one of us work harder than usual, especially Halmi my colleague-cum-photographer.

I was laminating d bookmarks with 3 kids when he gave his 2cents worth piece of advice.

"dia kena sampai kat merahla.." nasihatnya bila saya terkial2 sebab d bookmark x berapa nak ok..

"ko sure ke, cikgu azizan yg cakap ngan akak taruk kat hijau jer" i tried nak melawan.

"lerr aku tau ler, dulu aku kerja ni apa" halmi sungguh yakin, x sampai hati sy menidakkan..

we were talking for laminator heat color coded indicator.

i did as halmi told, and plastic tu stuck. it was messy, siap berasap2 lagi.... hasanol came and lend a hand as halmi dah balik dah masa tu, it was 6.35p.m.

tapi until midnite, with acho's help, d laminator still stuck.. guess it beyond reparable..cesss!!! half of d bookmark x laminate lagi.. toss n turn on d bed, woke at ungodly hours and revised my budget.. kena ganti la tu.. pergh!!!

seeing mr azizan n kids happy faces this morning i tried to forget d laminator machine. but seeing halmi, there's some undescribable feeling rushed tru my vein..

siap kau nanti!!!!

all in all.. duit ble cari beb..

i wanna say, i've been actively involved in Co-op since 2001 (terpaksa sebenarnya), but today i mean this year is d first time i see d best advisor like Mr Azizan Zubin.

I think he is a great leader, as ppl said, a great leader inspired.. that what he definitely did!!

i'd like to paste his pix here, masalah negaranya i m in cc now. for some inexplicable reasons some ppl's favorite pastime ialah mencuri kabel talipon, so that for few days already we are denied of telephone lines.. jahat betul orang2 ni...

misti masa sekolah dulu, pencuri kabel tu x jadi ahli koperasi sekolah, sbb tu dia x tau apa akibat perbuatannya pada orang lain..

i doubt halmi jadi ahli koperasi sekolah jugak masa sekolah dulu even though few years back he was our ex- coop secretary. he did an excellent job as a secretary... takat tu je pujian saya..

for those out there... jadi lah ahli koperasi sekolah. instead of kelebihan duniawi it also taught u how to communicate with ppl, be responsible and humble. u couldnt ask for more

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