Wednesday, December 31, 2008


during d maal hijrah i went to a grooming workshop. i know.. i know... Jie already asked my, "apa lagi nak digroom kan..".. but then... u know (dengan niat nak menjawab la ni...)..
ok fine let just say i was so xder kerjaya during d school hols.

and then tiba2 new year. here r few recaps.

wishlist yg dah tercapai

1. free trip ke dungun.
i tot i would be over d moon. but nayyy... apsal ada sesetengah perkara sukar betul nak dilupakan, eventhough kita kata kita dah lupa. ada sesetengah orang walaupun sebenarnya nak sangat kita lupakan, tapi masih lagi belum berjaya.. i wont go to dungun. ever!!!!

2. lost weight
i shed 5kg effortlessly. thats because i was so broke. isk isk

very colourful. d kiamat wic i assume turned out to be a blessing. nope, jerk n i never reconcile but at least we are even now. i didnt ask for that post again. i've done wat shud be done. sekian.

only 2 mc's this year. hebat tu (pujian untuk diri sendiri)

dugaan paling hebat
hv to switch class with Man. i felt awful. d feeling was shared by many colleagues. till now i m still learning on how to tackle that crowd. i overheard an unnamed male colleague asking another unnamed male colleague to find "air penawar" to give them. the first time ada orang buat cadangan luar biasa mcm tu. but then, these batch are really luar biasa.


1. say gud bye to someone.

2. losing a best fren.

cesss pathetic betul thn ni.. hopeful next year would be better...

1. balik umah seminggu sekali, miting neighbourhood pun x attend tapi tetiba appointed as ...... (fill in d blank). biar betul depa ni.

2. for d first time in my life, rasa susah sangat bila nak uruskan hal2 rumah seorang diri. for d first time also, tiap2 malam menangis sebab susah hati. now i think i can understand my mom's feelings better especially after my father passed away.

3. my bro yus yg tiap2 dahla duk ngan Anjang, weekend keluar ngan Baby, hujung bulan balik kampung ngan Amy ble plak tiba2 kata ada gefren dan nak kawen. mau x terkejut beruk kitaorang. pleasant surprised anyway.

4. besides family members, siti was my confidante. since i was 13, smer benda pun saya suka rujuk pada dia. smer benda pun misti nak cerita pada dia dulu. losing her is like losing a part of myself.

yg masih diharap.
1. travel ke 'tempat itu'
2. be a better person
3. dapat kamus etimology
4. anuar zain dan brad pitt ( hehehe)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lawak kanak2 tadika

1. Hari Santa.

Aisyah was 4 last year.Watched tv and suddenly she realised something. Lari2 to his bro Zudin 6 year old (yes they r very affectionate..) and dgn muka bersungguh2..

Aisyah : Abang.. hari ni hari Santa la bang..

Zudin: Mana ada hari santa la dik...

Aisyah: ada ... tadi ecah tgk ada santa kat tv.

Zudin : Itu santa klosss(heheh) hari ni namanya ari krismess.. apala adik ni.. (gelak2)

Aisyah : (sambil menangis) tapi ecah nampak sendiri ada santa, hari santa la namanya..

Zudin : ye la ye la.. hari santa pun hari santa la..

To all christians.. wishing u a merry santa day (hikhikhik) a happy new year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

rest my case


after 3 kali isi minyak full tank, surat nikah masih lagi x dapat2. anyway thanx god my aunty, despite sakit urat2 memanjat gunung Tursina willing to pursue d case.

mak aihh.. leganya x tau nak cakap.

took mom to see my sisters. partly coz nik demam, mainly sbb she deserved to jalan2 after few weeks tidur x lena. seeing Naufal yang baru je pandai meng-somersault-kan badan really make our day.

pas tu g soping. mak saya memang suka soping. pas tu balik..

macam best je rasanya.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

surat nikah -part 3

my aunt has just arrived at 12A, after a long hols in egypt. she had a wonderful trip, and lots of story to tell.

it just that i had to confirm with my mom, yeah... we havent finish d surat nikah thingy..

as expected my mom politely decline to go with me to pejabat agama on monday. sangat obvious la kan sebab2nya.. she had go to d felda office and d staff advised her to hand in d copy of badly-damaged marriage cert. to wic she was so grateful..

my aunt, eventhough x pernah baca buku2 john grisham, asked all the right questions regarding d original surat nikah, and gave d accurate solution to make sure there wont be any delayed.

it makes my heart beating even faster... and i called my mom. guess like her daughter she will have sleepless nite too.

unless... my mom let me handle it my way.. tapi rasanya perkara tu x mungkin akan berlaku la kan..

now i m in d cc, surfing sana sini, wishing i could find a clue how to solve this entah-apa2 thingy.., meanwhile utk kali yg entah ke berapa i cursed d previous staff who didnt do her job.

buang karan betul...

why is that ppl suka meremehkan perkara yg penting? and other ppl have to pay for their negligence?

and they get away with it.

mister heartbreaker

following d surat nikah incident, i was in d very foul mood even orang sebelah rumah yg x berslah pun terpaksa mendengar norizan adnan membebel. i was so devastated, afterall we r talking abt my mom. mak kita beb, misti la rasa lain mcm sedih beb..

thanx god a friend promised to went out for a jog together... before futher reading i must warn u that all that i write in dis entry is cerita kelakar untuk menghiburkan hati.. tak payahla pergi check facts ke hapa.. this all for fun only..

i put on oyen sneaker wic i bought for my mecca trip looooooong time ago. after one round of circulating d neighborhood area, we went back to my house coz d sneakers mmg x dapat diselamatkan lagi. might be d sight of 'that' car reminded her something. she point to d car but i was so disturb with my sneaker condition.

i changed to slipper jepun and we continued our ritual.
but she didnt mentioned anything until i told her wat i've been up too that day.

"surat nikah? whose?" so it all started. and d question of bila nak kawin, follwed by my standard answer bla bla commence.. only this time it was diff.

"tu la jual mahal, dia dah nak kawin dah". said her while still focusing on d quiet highway which stretch among two hillls. the view is breathtaking, and she add her dramatic act to it.. taking times answering my questions...mpergh!!!

"who? bila pulak ni?" i obviously aware dia tu siapa, but hey!!! might be she was talking about anuar zain. who knows..

she gaves all d details. d wedding would take place in June. and she keeps on blaming me for being tolak tuah whatsoever padahal saya sumpah tak tahu menahu pasal ini filem.

"sempat lagi ni. awak ada 6 bulan lagi nak buat marketing for me. kerja keras sikit. this is ur fault ok. kalau fr d start u usahakan misti x jadi cam ni.. hehehe" fr my experience, its better if we give ppl some kerjaya so that dia akan pikir 18 kali nak bring up d same subject again.

we laugh good naturedly. we parted or way once its almost maghrib.

it takes only approximately 3 minutes to reach home, depending on my speed. but that day it took longer than i think of.

a lady who happens to be taking her daughters for a stroll caught my attention. a bubbly personality this one, and she claimed that we have met before. seriously i couldnt remember even tried very hard racking my brain, but she gave the facts quite right, so betulla la tu.

"lerrr ko ker?" this means nothing except the very info that she told over gelak-berguling2 (exxagerating edition ok) followed.

"kitaorang tau both of u r singles. kitaorang plan nak kenenkan la.. " katanya sambil ketawa.

"lambatla.. he's getting married" saya menjawab sambil pegang pagar.. ye la x baikla ketawa berguling2 depan rumah orang..

she asked for d details wic i offered none, karang x pasal2 lak saya kena pangkah..

did she said kitaorang?

funny!!! but i didnt asked who are d kitaorang were. being a native speaker of malay language, i understand that kitaorang represent a crowd of people. plural form of saya.

These unidentified kitaorang just add to another group of people who wish d same thing, including 3 chinese whom i wrote in my previous entry.

dia tau x by getting married, he broke many hearts? kesian diorang...

Friday, December 12, 2008

mencari surat nikah part 2 - datang semula isnin, pegawai xder ari ni

yeah rite!!!!

wat if pegawai tu met an accident, seriously injured n admitted so by monday pun dia x leh datang. or might he met a fatal accident and shud d office closed or not? wat abt d public? or maybe ada tanah runtuh dia terperangkap tapi pihak berkuasa x jumpa dia atau his body, so while waiting for him to appear, sapa pulak yg nak gantikan dia ka opis?

pening kepala makcik la.. here is this is d story.

went to pejabat agama teluk intan, brought d original-but-seriously-damaged marriage cert. the person in charge check d registered book, after consult another senior worker she informed us, "tahun 1961 ni xder dalam buku kita".

so fine.. "apa penyelesaiannya?" i was a bit mad .... nayyy very furious. apa ke halnya ada sijil tapi xder rekod? habis tu macam mana plak nak buat???

"isi borang ni" katanya.. i obliged.. "ni kena isi semua, nama wali nama saksi ni" sambungnya lagi..

nak cakap kurang bijak karang kecik ati pulak. how do i know?i wasnt even born, n kat cert tu kalau diorang pandai sangat baca la sendiri. u r supposed to keep all the info in ur office man... ni dah la info missing-in-action lagi mau blame public plak... ape ke he nyer?

saya lagi naik darah becoz my mom was there. very insensitive!! wali n saksi n d bridegroom dah lama meninggal dunia, lagi dia nak tanya2 lagi.. adus!!!!

then came another staff, rephrasing and blaming might be all d stuff ilang during pindah lama2 dulu. seriously, i can understand that, but apa penyelesaiannya?

"datang isninla ari ni pegawai xder" oh mudahnya dia bercakap. dia tau x rumah kami kat mana? pernah x dia terpikir berapa kos nak berulang alik ke teluk intan tu and masa yg diambil.

oh no. they dunno becoz they dont bother to ask, jusk asking to come back. how simplistic!!!!

"boleh x kasi surat pengesahan ke apa ke since rekodnya xder dalam simpanan so at least kita boleh bagi dekat felda mengatakan sijil ni sah" i tried my very2 best nak bersabar.. tapi gagal..

"tak boleh, sapa yg nak sign??" lagi dia mau tanya.. xder ke dalam manual prosedur kerja dia nih kalau xder boss ada second bos, third boss. ke hapa...

pendekkan cerita.. saya sangat2 hilang sabar..

we went home. empty handed! ni la nasib golongan marhaen. btw ni kali kedua mak saya ke pejabat agama yg sama. the first time last week.. seee.. masih x selesai. last2 dia salahkan public, ni x lengkap yg u x ada. mana nak proceed. yg dia tau suruh dtg balik, kalau dah mmg data kat diorang pun xder.. pikir la sikit beb..

balik rumah my mom terus masuk bilik air n x keluar2.. usaha yg sia2 satu hal, terkenangkan yg telah tiada satu hal lagi..

after jumaat i paid a visit kat pejabat agama slim river. afterall masa thn 2006 bila saya x bayar zakat, depa kasi surat peringatan, kalau bab zakat diaorang boleh tip top, well... hopefully.... xkan saya nak tgk mak saya bersedih mcm tu..

since now we resided in d kariah, i begged him to do surat pengesahan jer.. he exlained that it is out of his jurisdiction since my mom nikah kat daerah lain, so by right my mom shud go back to teluk intan, ada lagi komen2 peribadi yg elokla saya simpan.

i was almost in tears..

"bagi maklumat diri, kejap saya telefon mereka". call them he did.

"mereka kata isi borang dulu," lum sempat dia habis saya dah jawab dulu, "i did, dah kasi pun tadi"

"oh ye ker?" soalnya kembali

the truth is, i have already filled borang permohonan salinan sijil nikah dan borang pendaftaran nikah but tey rejected it coz nama wali and saksi xder.

"kalau mcm tu buat surat sumpah la.. ini dokumen yg harus ada" katanya sambil tulis semua perkara yg dikehendaki. "diorang janji kalau pegawai xder, timbalan dia yg akan uruskan ari isnin ni, dan siap ari tu juga." sambungnya..

"kalau dua2 xder?" don blame me for being so sceptical.

"saya dah tanya dah soalan tu tadi.. kalau dua2 xder dalam 2,3 hari akan siap".

i thanked him n drove straight to pejabat majistret, coz majistret bukan ari2 ada kat slim river. was told he will be there on monday, tuesday n friday.

seriously... apsalla gomen servant favorite pastime suruh org datang semula? wat if bila dia nk amik gaji kita cakap ngan dia, x ble la sbb xder org nak sign cek ari ni, datang ari isnin yer..

boleh x orang pejabat agama teluk intan tu tersenyum manis pas dengar semua tu dan cakap "xper la encik kami sabar... ni semua dugaan dari Allah".

i wish..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cerita buang karan.

currently i m in d cc, surfing for prosedur nikah kahwin bla bla thingy... concurrently quietly "menghampehkan" d staff who makes my mom suffered.

i havent find d solution yet, maybe surat sumpah is d better option, but then if i had my way mencampak orang tu ke dalam longkang is the most brilliant solution.

lets talk abt sumting funny..

i found its hillarious when zana told me that a male fren asked her if somting going on between norizan adnan and another male fren.

"what??" i almost choked, i mean, him of all ppl..

"he said during their trip, that particular man asyik tanya je, yg ni sesuai x utk ijan, bila g mana2 je tanya yg ni sesuai x" explained zana sambil ketawa terkekek2 obviously she felt cerita ni mmg x masuk akal langsung. ceritanya panjang tp crap smernya..

barula sy paham apa perasaan siti nurhaliza.. hehehe

to begin with, i think its funny coz i didnt know that, man loooooooves gossiping. On the other hand i almost jatuh kerusi sbb terkejut.. coz kot ye la sebegitu sekali ceritanya apsal i didnt get anything pun? cess very d buang karan..

later that nite i relate these incidents to our best fren- Jie..

"do u want me to make an appearance?"asked Jie, cam biasa la kan... he watched movie too much.. hehehe

i still havent made up my mind.

few days later...


almost maghrib, was just arrived n was wearing one of my baju batman when one of d neighbour called me.

i suspected dia ni was lonely coz from my observation dia just talked to me when had no one to talked to. pendek cerita - saya ;ah pilihan terakhir.

turned of d engine n headed to pagar rumahnya (ceh panjang lak cerita...) dia tunjukkan yellowish colored water wic ran from d water purifier (agaknyala namanya )... very hygenic la dia nih.. i gave my undivided attention.

pas tu dia tanya kot2 nak share streamyx line. to wic i gave a yes without thinking twice. but then, theres sumting yg dicakapkan wic makes me thinking deeply.

we were talking abt movies. sounds like dia ni pun suka g movie jugak..

"marila kita g beramai2" for me its a very normal thing to say.

"eh x ble janji la, slalu i g ngan polis2 bujang tu.." katanya..

saya pun sengih2 je.. wat to say then..

Baby's assumption is simple, "dia geng ngan polis eh? mesti polis tu kasi tau diorang penah amik ic lu masa lu kat cc ari tu. sebab tu dia offer lu share internet ngan dia"

x baik kan buruk sangka. tunggula bila dia xder sesapa disekeliling dia ni, i might get d answer.

speaking abt movie..

we (baby, yus, riena and i) bwk anak2 sedara watched Los n Faun. Ni baru2 betul2 giler kelakar. we laughed non stop.

btw i planned to see Et on my way home. tried to get Jie along, but he was stucked at d workshop. next time maybe..

and today - Jie fly to Jakarta for another golf trip.

bet there wont be ole-ole for me - as usual. for d first time i think its d best. wat is d used of asking all and sundry wats d best souvenir for me pas tu bought nothing, padahal it already rose silly suspicions.

buang karan tu...

luckily now i hv a new book. Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer. Another bestgiler book by the most prolific englishman. honestly i dunno wat prolific means, but who cares.. tru this book i already learn new word -convivial... .. jangan lupa baca tau.

mencari surat nikah

tuan2 ada simpan surat nikah?

saya xder simpan, coz i don hv one.

so does my mom. i mean she used to hv it, but after 40 yrs of marriage, nobody asked her abt it anymore. besides, unlike today even registered pregnancy kat spital pun ppl ask ur surat nikah, back then, things were less complicated.

until recently.

after 10 years my father passed away, my mom was a bit furious coz a few "things" still havent settled eventho she had submitted all d relevant documents to Felda office a week after the funeral.

once in a while she been doing follow up, only to be told " tunggu dulu".

months ago it was d last straw when d new clerk revealed that that-previous-person-in-charge NEVER submitted it to d headoffice.

at least that what they said.

so my mom dutifully hand in d documents once again. this time around my mom learnt her lesson, frequented d office to make sure they would be no delayed.

and.. she was a bit dissapointed when after months they came with a gud news.. they need d surat nikah to prove that my mom is the sole heir.


for god sake she is 60++ and her eldest is 45. She was married during the time mesin photostate and mesin laminate were the things in James Bond sequel. My late dad passed away in 1999 and again if they were that efficient this matter would be solve years ago.

"memang suka menyusahkan orang la diorang ni mak? dia yg x buat kerja apsal kita plak yg kena tanggung kelembapan dia?" we, the kids were unanimously agree on one thing..

but my mom would never heard of it. "susah sikit pun x apa.. asalkan selesai.. esok kalau mak dah tak ada kome lagi susah.. jangan nak pergi buat pasal".

susah sikit amender? my mom went to pejabat agama asking for a new marriage cert coz d one in her possession tulisannya dah kabur and x leh dibaca.

besok dia nak pergi lagi sebab d first time org tu kata apa ntah..

saya rasa inilah penderaan emosi yg paling hebat sekali. apa kejadahnya disuruh a widow cari surat nikah???

we plan to throw our colorful profanity to d previous-person-in-charge.

"usah kome nk buat pasal, Cik X tu baik orangnya.." cess my mom kot dengan kitaorang ada aje x betul dan dia komplen tapi still nak backing cik X tu..

reminds me of d article i read in d latest issue of TIMES.. A school superintendant, when students complained her coz she fired their headmaster coz of his incompetency despite d students unisonly said, he is nice.

"Nice? of he is nice let him work in the post office" katanya la.. x caya bacala article tu..

I m not sure whats d connection of nice and the post office. but if i had my way those good-for-nothing worker shouldnt waste taxpayer money and bullied a poor widow emotion by asking her marriage certificate no more.

i know.. i know... there's always a right way to solve a problem..

but then my mom shut the other window. we were left with no choice except following her way.

kalau tidak... isk iskk