Thursday, December 11, 2008

cerita buang karan.

currently i m in d cc, surfing for prosedur nikah kahwin bla bla thingy... concurrently quietly "menghampehkan" d staff who makes my mom suffered.

i havent find d solution yet, maybe surat sumpah is d better option, but then if i had my way mencampak orang tu ke dalam longkang is the most brilliant solution.

lets talk abt sumting funny..

i found its hillarious when zana told me that a male fren asked her if somting going on between norizan adnan and another male fren.

"what??" i almost choked, i mean, him of all ppl..

"he said during their trip, that particular man asyik tanya je, yg ni sesuai x utk ijan, bila g mana2 je tanya yg ni sesuai x" explained zana sambil ketawa terkekek2 obviously she felt cerita ni mmg x masuk akal langsung. ceritanya panjang tp crap smernya..

barula sy paham apa perasaan siti nurhaliza.. hehehe

to begin with, i think its funny coz i didnt know that, man loooooooves gossiping. On the other hand i almost jatuh kerusi sbb terkejut.. coz kot ye la sebegitu sekali ceritanya apsal i didnt get anything pun? cess very d buang karan..

later that nite i relate these incidents to our best fren- Jie..

"do u want me to make an appearance?"asked Jie, cam biasa la kan... he watched movie too much.. hehehe

i still havent made up my mind.

few days later...


almost maghrib, was just arrived n was wearing one of my baju batman when one of d neighbour called me.

i suspected dia ni was lonely coz from my observation dia just talked to me when had no one to talked to. pendek cerita - saya ;ah pilihan terakhir.

turned of d engine n headed to pagar rumahnya (ceh panjang lak cerita...) dia tunjukkan yellowish colored water wic ran from d water purifier (agaknyala namanya )... very hygenic la dia nih.. i gave my undivided attention.

pas tu dia tanya kot2 nak share streamyx line. to wic i gave a yes without thinking twice. but then, theres sumting yg dicakapkan wic makes me thinking deeply.

we were talking abt movies. sounds like dia ni pun suka g movie jugak..

"marila kita g beramai2" for me its a very normal thing to say.

"eh x ble janji la, slalu i g ngan polis2 bujang tu.." katanya..

saya pun sengih2 je.. wat to say then..

Baby's assumption is simple, "dia geng ngan polis eh? mesti polis tu kasi tau diorang penah amik ic lu masa lu kat cc ari tu. sebab tu dia offer lu share internet ngan dia"

x baik kan buruk sangka. tunggula bila dia xder sesapa disekeliling dia ni, i might get d answer.

speaking abt movie..

we (baby, yus, riena and i) bwk anak2 sedara watched Los n Faun. Ni baru2 betul2 giler kelakar. we laughed non stop.

btw i planned to see Et on my way home. tried to get Jie along, but he was stucked at d workshop. next time maybe..

and today - Jie fly to Jakarta for another golf trip.

bet there wont be ole-ole for me - as usual. for d first time i think its d best. wat is d used of asking all and sundry wats d best souvenir for me pas tu bought nothing, padahal it already rose silly suspicions.

buang karan tu...

luckily now i hv a new book. Prisoner of Birth by Jeffery Archer. Another bestgiler book by the most prolific englishman. honestly i dunno wat prolific means, but who cares.. tru this book i already learn new word -convivial... .. jangan lupa baca tau.

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