Thursday, December 11, 2008

mencari surat nikah

tuan2 ada simpan surat nikah?

saya xder simpan, coz i don hv one.

so does my mom. i mean she used to hv it, but after 40 yrs of marriage, nobody asked her abt it anymore. besides, unlike today even registered pregnancy kat spital pun ppl ask ur surat nikah, back then, things were less complicated.

until recently.

after 10 years my father passed away, my mom was a bit furious coz a few "things" still havent settled eventho she had submitted all d relevant documents to Felda office a week after the funeral.

once in a while she been doing follow up, only to be told " tunggu dulu".

months ago it was d last straw when d new clerk revealed that that-previous-person-in-charge NEVER submitted it to d headoffice.

at least that what they said.

so my mom dutifully hand in d documents once again. this time around my mom learnt her lesson, frequented d office to make sure they would be no delayed.

and.. she was a bit dissapointed when after months they came with a gud news.. they need d surat nikah to prove that my mom is the sole heir.


for god sake she is 60++ and her eldest is 45. She was married during the time mesin photostate and mesin laminate were the things in James Bond sequel. My late dad passed away in 1999 and again if they were that efficient this matter would be solve years ago.

"memang suka menyusahkan orang la diorang ni mak? dia yg x buat kerja apsal kita plak yg kena tanggung kelembapan dia?" we, the kids were unanimously agree on one thing..

but my mom would never heard of it. "susah sikit pun x apa.. asalkan selesai.. esok kalau mak dah tak ada kome lagi susah.. jangan nak pergi buat pasal".

susah sikit amender? my mom went to pejabat agama asking for a new marriage cert coz d one in her possession tulisannya dah kabur and x leh dibaca.

besok dia nak pergi lagi sebab d first time org tu kata apa ntah..

saya rasa inilah penderaan emosi yg paling hebat sekali. apa kejadahnya disuruh a widow cari surat nikah???

we plan to throw our colorful profanity to d previous-person-in-charge.

"usah kome nk buat pasal, Cik X tu baik orangnya.." cess my mom kot dengan kitaorang ada aje x betul dan dia komplen tapi still nak backing cik X tu..

reminds me of d article i read in d latest issue of TIMES.. A school superintendant, when students complained her coz she fired their headmaster coz of his incompetency despite d students unisonly said, he is nice.

"Nice? of he is nice let him work in the post office" katanya la.. x caya bacala article tu..

I m not sure whats d connection of nice and the post office. but if i had my way those good-for-nothing worker shouldnt waste taxpayer money and bullied a poor widow emotion by asking her marriage certificate no more.

i know.. i know... there's always a right way to solve a problem..

but then my mom shut the other window. we were left with no choice except following her way.

kalau tidak... isk iskk

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