Sunday, December 14, 2008

mister heartbreaker

following d surat nikah incident, i was in d very foul mood even orang sebelah rumah yg x berslah pun terpaksa mendengar norizan adnan membebel. i was so devastated, afterall we r talking abt my mom. mak kita beb, misti la rasa lain mcm sedih beb..

thanx god a friend promised to went out for a jog together... before futher reading i must warn u that all that i write in dis entry is cerita kelakar untuk menghiburkan hati.. tak payahla pergi check facts ke hapa.. this all for fun only..

i put on oyen sneaker wic i bought for my mecca trip looooooong time ago. after one round of circulating d neighborhood area, we went back to my house coz d sneakers mmg x dapat diselamatkan lagi. might be d sight of 'that' car reminded her something. she point to d car but i was so disturb with my sneaker condition.

i changed to slipper jepun and we continued our ritual.
but she didnt mentioned anything until i told her wat i've been up too that day.

"surat nikah? whose?" so it all started. and d question of bila nak kawin, follwed by my standard answer bla bla commence.. only this time it was diff.

"tu la jual mahal, dia dah nak kawin dah". said her while still focusing on d quiet highway which stretch among two hillls. the view is breathtaking, and she add her dramatic act to it.. taking times answering my questions...mpergh!!!

"who? bila pulak ni?" i obviously aware dia tu siapa, but hey!!! might be she was talking about anuar zain. who knows..

she gaves all d details. d wedding would take place in June. and she keeps on blaming me for being tolak tuah whatsoever padahal saya sumpah tak tahu menahu pasal ini filem.

"sempat lagi ni. awak ada 6 bulan lagi nak buat marketing for me. kerja keras sikit. this is ur fault ok. kalau fr d start u usahakan misti x jadi cam ni.. hehehe" fr my experience, its better if we give ppl some kerjaya so that dia akan pikir 18 kali nak bring up d same subject again.

we laugh good naturedly. we parted or way once its almost maghrib.

it takes only approximately 3 minutes to reach home, depending on my speed. but that day it took longer than i think of.

a lady who happens to be taking her daughters for a stroll caught my attention. a bubbly personality this one, and she claimed that we have met before. seriously i couldnt remember even tried very hard racking my brain, but she gave the facts quite right, so betulla la tu.

"lerrr ko ker?" this means nothing except the very info that she told over gelak-berguling2 (exxagerating edition ok) followed.

"kitaorang tau both of u r singles. kitaorang plan nak kenenkan la.. " katanya sambil ketawa.

"lambatla.. he's getting married" saya menjawab sambil pegang pagar.. ye la x baikla ketawa berguling2 depan rumah orang..

she asked for d details wic i offered none, karang x pasal2 lak saya kena pangkah..

did she said kitaorang?

funny!!! but i didnt asked who are d kitaorang were. being a native speaker of malay language, i understand that kitaorang represent a crowd of people. plural form of saya.

These unidentified kitaorang just add to another group of people who wish d same thing, including 3 chinese whom i wrote in my previous entry.

dia tau x by getting married, he broke many hearts? kesian diorang...

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