Sunday, December 14, 2008

surat nikah -part 3

my aunt has just arrived at 12A, after a long hols in egypt. she had a wonderful trip, and lots of story to tell.

it just that i had to confirm with my mom, yeah... we havent finish d surat nikah thingy..

as expected my mom politely decline to go with me to pejabat agama on monday. sangat obvious la kan sebab2nya.. she had go to d felda office and d staff advised her to hand in d copy of badly-damaged marriage cert. to wic she was so grateful..

my aunt, eventhough x pernah baca buku2 john grisham, asked all the right questions regarding d original surat nikah, and gave d accurate solution to make sure there wont be any delayed.

it makes my heart beating even faster... and i called my mom. guess like her daughter she will have sleepless nite too.

unless... my mom let me handle it my way.. tapi rasanya perkara tu x mungkin akan berlaku la kan..

now i m in d cc, surfing sana sini, wishing i could find a clue how to solve this entah-apa2 thingy.., meanwhile utk kali yg entah ke berapa i cursed d previous staff who didnt do her job.

buang karan betul...

why is that ppl suka meremehkan perkara yg penting? and other ppl have to pay for their negligence?

and they get away with it.


zino said...

harap2 ada penyelesaian utk mendapatkan salinan surat tu.. kenapa tak jumpa bos dia org utk dapatkan pandangan.. kadang staf bawah ni jawab main sedap mulut je..

Kengkawan said...

tu la tu... abis tu boss dia x der ker opis, camna tu pakngah.. x per makcik andak dah take over... by friday baru settle katanya. tedious betul..