Friday, December 11, 2009

Cerita Zudin


whre all d days gones?

zudin make a scene last week.. meraung2 n melolong2... her mom threatened to upload his drama dlm u-tube.. but he simply said between his sob n weeping.. zudin akan delete nanti..

he was no 007 in the rows of 16 young boys. most were very excited in d early morning when bathe by a troop of firemen.. and paraded to the Surau in a beautifully decorated lorry accompanied wonderful and enchanting songs by kompang men dreapped in blue silk batik. it was well planned, well organised and well very well la...

unfortunately his turn came an hour before zuhur, so his darama was witnessed by bunch of zuhur jemaah.. he entered the room precisely at 12.40noon and even aftyer zuhur prayer he was still meraung2 nak balik... sampai mak dia pun kena masuk bilik tu sekali..

the only consolation was, when i overheard a few onlookers discussed among each other.. "lembut je bahasa dia guna ye.. dia cakap terlalu sakit doktor, doktor buat apa ni doktor"

Zudin, at least kitaorang x la malu sangat. apa2 hal pun Zudin after vomited cople of times telah selamat berkhatan pada 6 Dis 2009..

Seee.. mak andak x taruk pun gambar Zudin, or upload soara Zudin waktu tengah nangis2 tu..

Welcome Zudin, to manhood world...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Said i loved but i lied

Currently i m listening 2 micheal bolton's - d same tittle..

Funny how love changed our life. Funny' someone juz couldnt stay the same when they r in love..

in my case i juz love d my keter cap ayam.. i dunno how deeply my love is until its gone..
to d workshop..

i missed WKJ badly.

i missed it more coz i stammered in Bib's Vios Auto.. Me n keter auto... juz don click.. Took me ages ( i mean it) before i could reach my workplace 2day. Wic normally 5 mins drive. i keep on pressed break pad coz so used to changing gear n pressing d clutch pad. SUPID (huhu

As d curly hair mr maikel said..

said i loved u but i lied.
coz it more than i feel inside..
said i love u but i was wrong.
coz love could never feel this strong..

right.... n i m more than 'patah kaki' than before..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I had a great start today.

Woke up, then gardening. I juz love gardening, eventhough i havent had knack in it. my fingers juz don hv those green effect. I keep on doing it, coz of d high self satisfaction reward is priceless.

Acho called asking us (me n mom) to drop by d farm wic is 10mins drive from home. A basket of durians, thats why. (i like...)

We do not know its harvesting week.. Acho didnt tell us, kot dia cakap pun bukan kitaorang tolong pun, thats why la kan...He was waiting for the lorry to upload the palm oil and send it to d nearest mill. Actually there is only one mill je pun...

When i was small, we helped our father in the fram whenever we are free. Our task was collecting loose palm oil. It was tricky especially during rainy season, because it tends to loose more than usual. At most we could get 6 bags. Basically what we called bag was a gunny sack, i m not sure why they called it bag anyway. The gunny sack was originally used as fertilisers packaging. talk about recycled huh? it had been carefully washed in d stream anyway...

The stream which at the border of our farm is really amazing. i'll write about it some other time.

well, when we reached d farm, Acho was nowhere to bee seen. Its normal for 10 acres of farm (smer org pun dpt sama banyak beb).. as long as we could see his bike, means he is near, its enuff.

then while waiting for Acho, looked for banana and chilly. I circled a few trees to check loose seed. there were plenty, so ... wat else to do.. i havent done it for years... macam ternampak2 my late dad passing in between trees, thing he used to do to make sure his small daughters were safe eventhough he make it macam x sengaja.

it was a great morning, reminisce the past.

We went home around 11.30 a.m. Had brunch and dashed to work. Our immediate boss sponsored a yummy lunch today. We had kurma daging (biasa je), hot n spicy sambal tumis udang (berapi!!), masak lemak pucuk paku n ayam masak ros. I like..

Everything was perfect, even my first class today was perfect too. Such a doll!!..

Then someone told me a suggestion from someone else, regarding a task wic during his time dia x buat apa pun, buat bodo je, tapi sekarang baru tiba2 nak kasi cadangan.

Hilang akal ke hapa?

Thanx god tukang sampai cadangan tu is someone yg memang rajin giler n i respect him very much.

Let me put it this way, if u r so lazy even to lift ur finger, why don u juz continue with ur long sleep? U don even know what u r talking about la man... If u need to butter up someone "up there" very much why don start with doing ur job properly..

Sadly to say, i m juz so very fed up with his nak jadi hero attitude. Sudah2la tu...

Anyway i juz said yes to that pembawa cadangan, because partly i have a high opinion on him n mainly i wasnt d one will carry d task. huhu...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Few anecdotes

i juz love seeing all new fresh faces. so innocent, so sweet. so full of life..

reminding me of my time back in 1985.

me n the rest of the clan walked to d nearest primary school to register. the trip was memorable because it was d 1st time and the only time we walked together. I walked beside Noran Zakiah, who were my best frien back then. In 1986 we parted, she to Kuantan n me to New York (Huhu) we juz met briefly in 1996.That was d last time i met her. me, so lousy in maintaining long distance frienships.

but i don remember anything else. my memory sucks!

newayy.. i do hope the kids who sat upright before me today will remember half of what i said this morning for the rest of their life tho... hikhik

As stated on d pix, Nilam Programme wic initiated by MOE was ended in September. Aminn.

Being an avid reader since toddler, i jz couldnt fathom why kids do not see how wonderful reading habit is. it was uphill battle, but i dont have the cut to be a loser.. huhu...

so, forcing them i did. make short, even we (fiza n i) was far from succeed, but we r headng d right direction... hopefully..

That's Nina, our Tokoh Nilam 2009.

I wasnt in d pix, because I m only balaci, hilang x berkurang, masuk pun x bertambah.

Its Anjang's family day, held in Kalumpang Resort.

Since my mom wanted to buy few things in Tg Malim, so we joined Anjang. Joined is not the right word tho, because, ayo terojon crammed with people at every nook n cranny was never my cup of tea.

Being very d kampung one, kitaorang normally g air terjun masa orang xder. huhu..

Tu la anak2 Anjang, Ilman, Nisa, Alia n Adib. The youngest, Naufal tinggal ngan Mak Nik dia. Pix was captured by Abg Mukhlis, my bro-in-law. So xderle depa ber2 dalam gambo.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


--> Baby pura2 bz pdhal lapar...

Dengan rasa x berapa ikhlas (wa teka je beb), Baby left a bagful of her new dresses. Most r from her recent holiday trip in Bandung.
Untuk tidak mengecewakan Baby, kitaorang pun belasah je baju dia.
we r gud huh sista?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

swallow and summer

Ironically I watched the Ucapan Dasar Presiden this morning. A beautiful maiden speech. The title was Menjunjung Tradisi, Menzahir Kebenaran.. itu kot. Watchout for the text in d mainstream newspaper tomorrow.

Before that, there was a talk show hosted by.. well x kenal.. and the guests were two academicians.

One of the guests said, lebih kurang la kan… eventhough UMNO never boasted that they r an Islamic party, but it was the government who initiated Islamic Education as a compulsory subject for all muslim students in 1965. Orang tu la cakap.. panjang lagi la ayat dia..

The panels unanimously agreed that all UMNO leaders must be seen as Islamic. As the host cheekily comment, “masa maghrib mestilah terus ke masjid, jangan duduk kat kedai kopi pula”.

Honestly I never bump into any UMNO leaders in coffee house during maghrib coz I’ve never been to any coffee house during maghrib.

And then the discussions became more interesting. One of the guests (told u I don remember name) mentioned about a study made by a man name Kerslar in Kelantan (seriously I never read the study, so might be the name have been misspelled too) something about the difference of UMNO and PAS leaders.

The findings are intriguing, considering he spent 6 years in Kelantan to complete his study. Interesting, wish I could have a copy.

Again, the panel cakap tu salah individu, bukan parti. Funny!

On something unrelated, I learned something new in the president’s speech this morning. A swallow doesn’t make a summer equals to mendengar guruh di langit, air tempayan dicurah jangan.

Anyway i love the way the president ended his speech. Very honest and humble.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Menumpang lori.

Have u?

i never.. yet.

Baby will be outstationed to Vienna for 2 months. So she asked Acho to use her Vios-cap-ayam. Initially d plan has been made to ferried Acho to her house.

i drove to Klang last Sunday, without Acho, coz he changed his mind. But mom determined to spend some times with baby, thats expected.

i think Acho kind of takut sbb tukar plan. last nite he told us he wanna park the car at 12A walk to toll exit.

Uda kata x apa, but i would never heard of it.

i mean, the only time i walked malam2 (it was malam raya actually) from highway to toll exit was 10 years ago. i was broke and there was no handphone and i was late for pre-raya dinner. and it was Acho who fetched me.

'boleh x kalau kitaorg hantar?" i asked him.

mula2 he was llike x kasi la jugak sbb hari malam and nanti nak balik payah.. but we were determined and he let us.

first we saw the lorry, acho said the driver is his friend. We waited until he mount up the lorry before headed home.

macam adventurous plak.. but sadly acho wont share any story with us.

btw baby fly last nite. bon voyage dear sis.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Biar betul

It was a week before Ramadhan and d kids had a-making-raya-card competition.
ok ok... i know... who cares about raya card nowadays. D kids had told me abt that milions of times. But then one of the advantage of my current job is... we have VETO power.
anyway.. eventho i forgot where the cards are (yeah rite!) but i love the pics..
especially Nazwan yg tutup muka (ape ke he nyer YOB?)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hilang tidak berganti

I went to West Sumatera twice. I love the place and the food and the scenery too. I love the hotel that i stayed, Ambachang Hotel in Padang and The Hills (Novotel) in Bukit Tinggi. Cozy room, great ambience and great food too. Eventhough i was a but x puas ati coz all television channelled were conquered by Indonesians, i mean takat nak tengok sinetron, kat Malaysia pun ada.

Especially the scenery, definitely.. From d deep blue Hindi Ocean, Teluk Bayur to Sianok Canyon, I love them all..

Entering the fifth day since the magnitude 7.6 quake struck on Sept 30, the stench of death overhung the city of Padang while rescuers tried in vain to find people still alive. - tu ayat suratkhabar .. and my heart goes to all West Sumatera people.

ONCE, I was mesmerised by the dancer holding candle-plate image at a window grill in Buya Hamka's house at Danau Maninjau. A quaint house on top of a hill facing a serene blue lake.

Wish the quaint house and the villagers will survived too.


The boy who is holding the Oxford dictionary is Haffiq Ikhmal.
His beloved mom passed away peacefully at 11 last night after long battle with kidney failure.
The kids (Tikah, Illy, Oya) and I went to give last respects to her this morning. A sombre mood.
I remembered exactly how our siblings felt when we lost our wonderful father in 1999. Even until now we still missed him deeply.
Dear Ikhmal, be strong and we hope you'll pull through.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Small scale open house

Unlike d national trend of education world, 2/3 of manpower in my workplace dominated by male. Naturally i hv more male colleagues than female.

Tu intro je.

Once they transferred, even camna baik pun, d relationship terminated. i m really lousy at maintaining long distance friendships.

D idea of reunion popped up when Mr Hamidi texted 2 weeks ago.

So armed with my (horrible) culinary skills, pinggan dua tiga keping, sekotak gelas and resepi dari kak Sal Rais, a small scale open house cum reunion were oraganized. only closest fren were invited.. sbb umah sy kecik je..

besides sir midi, Kamal, raof, kak jah were there. yg lain2 tu kawan rapat je la.. Wan, Halmi, Sham, Salidah, Kak Sal si pemberi resepi and of course jiran dpn umah Zana.

Honestly, i had a gud time. hopefully the guests too. c u next year!!!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

End of the road.

'aku risau dia nak pi mana lepas ni.. dia kata nak hilangkan diri biar siapa pun x dpt cari dia" Mr A, a (trusted) friend began his piece of bad news.

i put down my cap-ayam-lappie, tried to stop my heart from beating. it was very extremely grievance. i dunno.. i know that particular friend wasnt happy at home, he never told me anything, and i never asked but it is an open secret among the 3 of us.

the news bearer is our mutual trusted friend. his confidante.

i dunno when was i started terlibat-dalam-ini-pilem. we were good ol' frens who respected each other privacy. but still, over the years we maintained our friendships. eternally. we never talked about our personal life, that an unspoken rule, except now.

"x kanlah seumur hidup dia nak rasa insecured mcm tu?" i was referring to our friend's second wife who forbid him from seeing his 1st.

"tak tau la.. tapi nampaknya dia lbh sayangkan yg di sana" said my friend, and i believe him.

its very unfair for me to pass judgement without knowing both his wives. afterall he is a gud friend of mine, so i cant say its his fault too.. biased la plak..

but then, kalau dah sesuatu tu x dapat diselamatkan, kalau seumur idup asyik susah hati je, kalau hati dah x dapat dipujuk lagi, is it worth it to stay?

i asked this question to the news bearer, he looked at me blankly. thanx god he is happily married so might be the question wont make sense to him.

i texted the miserable friend, "nak g mana2 pun kasi taula.. jgn susahkan hati kawan2" i mean it.

i dun understand why when having marital problems ppl suka larikan diri dari kawan2. pernah x diorang terpikir perasaan kawan-kawan yg risaukan diorang, entah sihat ke, entah selamat ke, entah bersedih ke. makan ke tidak, ok ke tidak. Pernah x diorang terpikir yang kawan-kawan ni x der masa nak jadi judgmental. Takder masa nak kasi nesihat ke, ceramah ke apa... Everything happen for a reason.

kalau dah berusaha sehabis baik, tapi masih x berjaya, apalah daya kita sbg manusia biasa nak menolak qada dan qadar.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mari menyapu...

i do not know ramadhan could be this busy. but as my mom never failed to remind us, day in day out, gaji bertambah kerja pun kena la tambah jugak. gaji sy naik dua hengget je..

back to the entry tittle.. seriously i never watch the controversial discovery channel ad. was flabbergasted with the pix of men on d road holding sharpen bamboos in d mainstream newspaper. tot it was from a movie.

while we cannot blame others from being hurt (afterall the damage has been done), retaliate d same way is simply very silly.

as a malaysian citizen who is proud of her country, i would never go to indonesia again, would never buy their products and would never support their music.

sampaila hujung tahun ni...

anda bagaimana?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear passenger

1. Show-offing
i dunno why u acted the way u r.. seriously i'm tired.

2. whining
stop it. feel free to quit. nobody is indispensable

3. backstabbing
pity u... because i m a muslim so i would never retaliate. so go ahead

4. know-all
i don care how much u know. prove it. stop ur yada-yada n walk ur talk.


yang bosan

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby and I honing our photography skills last Sunday.
that was after watching Sandra Bullock in d Proposal.
Having a quick early dinner. The lemon herbs chicken was gitu-gitu je la..
Our next outing would be in Alaska.. Omigoshhh we juz loove Alaska after seeing d movie.
Spend considerable time googling Sitka, Alaska later.
Me n gang were playing as desk officein mocking basketball games on Saturday. See the read arrow? Until now I still confused on how it work. The purple lady, was a 24sec timekeeper. the man in red was timekeeper. and the speckie guy was an assistant scorer. i was in charge of scoresheet for the first time in my life.
I cant remember their names because they were on surname basis (and because I was so lembabp when it comes to names), and i keep confusing but i do remember Ms Ong, Ms Teng, Mr Ma the PTPS, his Assistant Mr Yau and Mr Ho, our trainers Mr Cheng and Mr Tan, Mr Liew fr Chenderiang, the bubbly mr-err fr Sungkai, Ms Cheong.
There Malay guys Mr Kamarul, Alias and a lanky guy fr Slim River.
I do remember Sin Loong tho' because he sat next to me and i tot he was juz graduate when in fact he was not.
tu je la cerita minggu lepas..
xla best sgt pun

Friday, August 07, 2009

Basketball 101 (strictly for dummies)

Basic Basketball Rules ( taken from here)

Number of players

If you want to play basketball for fun you have the possibility to play on your own. But you can also play team games with either 1, 2, 3, or 5 players on each teams. Teams can be mixed with boys and girls or not. On a competition level, a team is made of 5 players playing on the court and 5 players sitting on the bench that can be used for substitution during the game period.

Each player is assigned a position when playing. This position is usually determined by the height of the player. The tallest guy usually plays “center” or “position 5”, while the medium size ones play “forwards” or “position 3 and 4”. The shortest players then play “guards” or “position 1 and 2”.

A player scores when he manage to put the ball into the basket from above. Scoring a basket increases the team score by 3, 2 or one point. If the player successfully shoots from outside of the 3 points line, the basket is worth 3 points, other wise it is worth 2 points. It is also possible to score one point when shooting from the free throw line, after a foul for instance.

A violation occurs when the player infracts the rules of Basketball. A violation results in the awarding of the ball to the opponents. It happens when the player takes more than 2 steps without bouncing the ball on the floor. This is called Traveling. An other violations is when a player stops dribbling and then starts dribbling again or bounces the ball with its two hands at once. We call this a double Dribble. You can also commit a violation if you twist your hand , when in contact with the ball, pass the vertical. This is called Carry, as the hand must always remain on the top of the ball.

A foul is an illegal action that can commit a player from one team to a player from the adverse team. Basketball is generally said a non-contact game. If, in particular occasion this is not respected, a foul is committed. There are two types of fouls. The first ones are called defensive fouls. They occur when the offensive player is being fouled by the defender. Defenders should not block, push, trip, strike or hold the player in possession of the ball. The second ones are the offensive fouls. For example a player in offense commits an offensive foul when charging into a stationary defender

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

rambling tales

Anecdotes 1
it was last week. jerk came unannounced. the mere mention of him make me puke let alone seeing him. pergh!!!
"lama eh x nmpak" i attempted small talks ..thats when he was having lunch with one of my klik (eja BM)
"kurang berkesempatan, sibuk sikit" he answered sweetly. yeah rite like i dunno u r plain lazy.
he asked me abt st wic is really none of my business.
"Our fren here is the best man 2 answer that. he's an expert" i pointed to my klik
Poyo betul... buat la homework sket sblm tanya soklan..

Anecdotes 2
"Sy x nak makan" said her..
"Mkn la sikit.. what is it dis time?" d problem with woman in love is dis... mood swings..
"she said he has another woman" ayat dia lain tp sy translate and simplified it..
"she who?" i knew the he but she.. who? no idea.
"d usual, she said bla bla bla..." well i don wanna know really. that she is really a plain psycho.
"crap!!! don believe her. she's a big fat liar" thats colourful but i was damn pissed off.
"but..." nak melawan lagi dia ni..
"no buts... ask him if u don believe me"... it was d global warming syndrome i guess..
after few creeping hours (wic seems like ages).. she came back to me..
"saya kena marah. he said he don wan 2 hear that" i gave her my infamous told-u-so look
"i don believe it.. how could her.. x sangka.. mcm awin la dia".. she lamented...
"awin who?" never heard of any Awin.
"Awin.. Awin kawan kakak saya tu.. Awin selalu mcm tu.. dia cakap mcm-macam padahal hal tu x betul. lepas tu dia buat muka x bersalah je. Berani dia reka cerita lepas tu buat macam x ada apa2. Ya Allah saya ingatkan Awin je yg buat macam tu.." Dia terus bercakap.. Saya terus makan...
"silly of u... " x tau sapa yg kena tipu, tapi i was d one yg terlebih hangin...
oh.. that Awin.. i knew her... a very gila-gila bahasa one.
but at least she's still young and naive..
this particular person...she's much older than me. hopefully Allah bukakan pintu hati dia supaya jangan diulang perangai buruk tu. Nothing wrong with being big and fat..
but being big fat liar is something else.

Anecdotes 3
"sibuk ke? saya ada hal nak cakap" she was engrossed in her work, not even raised her eyes..
"not really.." i stood like a schoolkid, waiting to be punish.
"dudukla.. " i sat next to her. she was still doing her work... like her life depend on it.
" saya dah ada kawan sekarang kak..akak jangan terkejut" she said while smile nervously..
"yg keje spital tu ke?" well we r in d same chasing harry winston team, so i know.. i mean i know almost every single man in his life.
"bukan.. ni yg lain" dia masih nervous. saya ketawa2 kurang percaya...
"ni cincinnya.. murah je.. tapi beli kat Habib" she showed me d solitaire.
"sewel!!" i admired d ring.
" rasanya betul dah.." dia kata sambil ketawa2...

there was sudden deja vu seeing that..
I remembered going out with my best fren since we were in school, Shahrir (Ye En engko la tu sapa lagi?) few years ago when he told me about Ida.
"aku rasa dah betul dah"... said him. there n then i knew, she's d one. An odd old fren's feeling knowing that he was determined.
The got married a year later, i attended d wedding with Jie, Et and her hubby, halim. That was err... i hardly remember.. i never see En again.

i was over d moon.
"akak seorang je tau ye... " 4 kali dia ingatkan.
I cant stop smiling..
"double happiness beb.. kena buat baju nih.." kind of old joke wic i rarely use these days..
"siapa lagi" she was a curious case, as usual..
i handed her my henfon-cap-ayam. she smile from ear 2 ear..
"eh tapi dia kata rahsia tau"... i kind of remember... i shudnt keep d sms tho.. aiyaa..

and 2day..
she came, the lady with habib's ring n told me.. "sy cakap tahniah dah kat dia"..
i was like, "whattt?"
saya tepuk dahi dan secara dramatik menjatuhkan diri ke atas faded pinkish sofa.
"now he knows i m so mulut tempayan.."

no i m thinking wic is worst... being a big fat liar r mulut tempayan?

rasa sangat bersalah today..

i need a cuppa earl grey green tea. but i wonder whether its green r grey..

sometimes life is so confusing..

Friday, July 31, 2009

Smart Solat Camp 2009

Cikgu Rohaya menegur dengan penuh kasih sayang

Ustazah sedang memeriksa bacaan pelajar
dengan bersemangat.

Apa ke he nye kome ni Yong?

Amali wuduk

" Budget brp?" as AJK Hadiah (i like!!) I cant hide my excitement. just looove shopping for gifts.

"Nak berapa? " asked him. name is Shaharul Hilmi Ayub.

"ooo..." i understood. this is a no-frills person - dont guess.. seumur hidup saya cuma dua orang je yg species macam dia saya pernah jumpa.

"boss cakap budak2 disiplin kurang baik. Aku katala, mcm komputerla, kalau tiada anti-virus tak guna. sembahyang tu macam anti-virus la.. cegah dari buat jahat. kalau sembahyang pun tak reti sampai bila-bila pun susah nak didisiplin. kita bantu la pelan2, sok kita mati sok sapa nak sembahyangkan kita?" dia cakap. saya setuju.
"nak berapa?" dia tanya sambil seluk koceknya. a sign that i'm well understood.
Later when i relate this piece of story to a fren, Kak Salmiah Rais while we having a tea, she kind of stop eating and give me the look which i'm very familiar with.
"Akak nak kasi duit kan?" i hazard a guess.
"a'a nak berapa?" she asked..
" dah.. kita guna duit Tabung Kebajikan budaj2 ni je la kak, i'll ask Zudin to do the budget". a form 2 student whom i trust and appointed as treasurer.
But then these 2 people's generosity, humbled me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sms yg masih disimpan

ari tu dgr kat radio.. mcm best plak..

so heres mine

1. couple of family n frends addresses -
angah, anjang, nick, et, len, reno sng bila jln2 n tetiba rasa nk kirim postcard

2. Aulia travel
No akaun dia.. sok nk join trip mana2 sng

- Mak dak jgn sedih nanti kami pun nangis
it was after my operation in 2006. i was in my bedroom n she was in uda's. no elaboration tho.

4. Nadia
- Mak Andak, abah muat baju tu. Ya minta maaf sebab patahkan basikal Zudin.
Aha.. it was on father's day this year. My mom organized a tahalil, she juz came home from Mecca n me fr China. Ole2 is a must la kan.. But Nadia my niece ada satu peel yg x taula dari sapa dia ikut. My bro-in-law Abang Dos baik orgnye, dia mmg ambik berat kat keluarga dia, my sister- her mom plak mmg very selfless sejak kecik.. tu yg x paham tu.
In 2006 masa balik dr West Sumatra, dia menangis guling2 sbb x dpt baju mcm adik2 dia. Costed me few hundred buck bwk dia soping ke Sogo pas tu. Last yr nangis lagi, masa balik Chiengmai sbb dia dpt ole2 kecik. Pas tu we gave her baju sepasang yg sepatutnya org lain dpt. This time around nangis x dapat earrings. Tapi dia dpt yg lebih mahal, dia x kira tu..
Last time ble la maafkan sbb kat umah my sis, malu-malu la ngan ayah dia, ni kat umah sendirik, siapla sy ceramahkan dia mlm tu especially lps dia ngamuk baling beskal adik dia yg bersusah payah sy bwk balik ke Malaysia.
"x padan langsung sikap awak dengan umur awak Nadia Aqilah" mcm kejam je ayat ni. Nadia dah thn 4 skrg, mana sesuai nak ngamuk2 mcm dulu lagi.
I told my sis i've scolded Nadia, dia kata x apa tu yg saya rasa x bersalah tu... but the next morning masa baca paper, Nadia told me that, "hari ni hari bapa la mak andak, Ya x sempat beli untuk abah".
Cair rasanya. Nadia is d only anak sedara yg x pernah lupa Hari ibu, hari bapa n hari guru. So we scoured d house n cari apa hadiah yg sesuai for her father. tu la cter sms tu.. n hope pas ni Nadia x buat perangai lagi...

5. my own sms- huhuhu
Slh sy ke tcer klu sy rse sdih? at first, bro mnta sy tny fmly mnta pstjuan... dorng dh stju, nenek n saudara2 pn ada y dh tau. tp las minute dia kte x jd. ya allah, sy rse malu rs dia main2kan hati sy. sy slalu kena buli kn...
thats d original msg i received on March 14, 2009 from an ex stdent yg sy dh edit kot x lagi sedih bunyiknya. wic makes sy betul2 x lalu makan. eventhough dia dah besar panjang, di mata saya dia masih anak murid saya sewaktu kali pertama sy jumpa 9 thn yg lalu.. hancur hati saya baca sms dia.. so i fwd this msg to the said bro whom i know very well (the advantage of being cekgu sekolah) with a little ermm mild advice - ABU (bkn nama sbnar) I DUNNO WAT HPPEN BUT ITS SURE DSTURBING
Abu did not reply my sms. That was d only text i send. Even we met plenty of times daily that subject never raised. Some things are better left unsaid, i guess.
Their relationships resumed shortly after that. Thanx god.
The mild advice is not something i m proud of. I juz hate masuk campur hal cenggini, but juz cant help it. Janganla buat pasal ngan my students... hilang akal ke hapa?
Didnt surprised me when she told me last week, they were dating and they saw me walking with a bunch of kids and the guy was like terkedu and his color changed , "teacher la.."
I didnt see them. And from my position n situation at that time there is no way i could see them. It was crowded and with the kids around its juz hard to be distracted to others.
"Dia mcm terus terdiam n mcm takut pun ada" add her..
The last thing i want in my life is scaring ppl. Therefore, i wish i don hv to send mild advice text to no one in future. x best la jd org yg ditakuti...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

thanks baby

i hate Cameron Highland for obvious reason.. couldnt stand the steeply road. kids punya pasal sy layankan aje. like last year, d kids (diff bunch this yr) were handling a bloom stall.

everything was fine, took lots of pix, evry one had a jolly fun time, except pada hari kejadian, saturday morning, tergamak depa datang lambat. yeah rite!!! mana la bisness nak maju kot pukul 7 batang idung pun x nampak lagi. really blow my top!

other than that smer pun best. untung pun ok if not for something yg x diduga. we rewarded a few members in our group who worked harder than everyone. hopefully it will spurs others to follow their steps. Congrats to Group 5 (Kamarul, Nazua n Miza) for highest sales, izati the treasurer, syida d Pm, Atika for her devotion toward this sales, and 2 boys ban n shah.

on Sunday, woke up early and spent my entire morning at a workshop. cost me rm346.50. thats for timing belt, engine oil, brake oil (last tukar 2005) and filter. time consuming maa.. abis la baca Mingguan Malaysia n Sunday Star kat situ.

After that went straight home and read agatha christie - after d funeral and sidney sheldon's special delivery. a very old books i required from Novel Hut recently. yeah i m writers' nightmare..

Had special hol on Monday. Watch d long awaited Half-blood prince. A spectacular show indeed. Baby came a long way from Bangi to accompany me.

We had chic deluxe n double cheese burger for lunch, and after provoking d salesgirls we decided it was not a value buy no more i mean.. heyyy katanya RM5.95 je... baby was such in jolly gud mood afterall she got a free clinique set from her dear sister (i couldnt stand her nagging ok)

then we had doughnut wic baby claimed d craze in town but i don even noticed and my long time fav - asam laksa.

the doughnut with oreo was too sweet for my liking and d asam laksa was not as i used to remember. the broth lacked its oomph and somehow the taste of fish chunk irritates me. might be sbb perut kenyang so banyak songehla.. padahal suruh masak x tau jugak..

it was almost 10 wen i reached home eventhough we parted our way at 5. public transport sucks.. and a wee bit dissapointed with puduraya also, i heard it have been upgraded but.. well too much noise. in a way it was cleaner than before but an annoying young man tergamak meludah kat depan org ramai..

i mean i don minda if an old people done that... budak muda tu... lack of civic minded betul..

apart from smer kejadian yg saya komplen2 tu... i m very grateful having a sis like baby. thank baby for a wonderful monday.

next week kta g d proposal lak k?

Monday, July 20, 2009

bandwagon - here i jump!

i was quite flabbergasted with sudden response for the death of a political secretary. While i am deeply sorry to the deceased family, especially his fiancee, but i really couldnt fathom why these people put the blame solely to MACC?

Maybe i watched serial Cantonese drama too much. (i grew up in d era of Police Cadet pukul 7-8 kat TV3 in d 80s until la the recently-showing Flaming butterfly kol 8.30-9.30 kat 8tv - sure x miss).

According to d drama- pergh!!! unfortunately i don hv DeNozo (NCIS) verbatim-film-quote - there are 3 posibbilities (based on d drama je)

1. its the underground-society wic the deceased was once linked to, a way of stopping him from revealing unnecessary details.

2. death is the best option under d circumstances - jz like a minister (negara mana eh) committed suicide while he was under investigation. but then if anyone committed suicide misti ada surat r anything.. xder plak yer..

3. accident r under duress r dutch courage r sleep walking - i know.. very lame

Since #2 n #3 macam x berapa masuk akal sangat, so from d start i tot it was #1. Even from the day i heard abt the discovery of sprawled body on the rooftop.

Afterall MACC was established six month ago, how come the rest of d suspects who came for interrogation still alive and kicking? Now... its something 2 ponder..

For the family it was an eternal loss. Thinking abt them, makes me feel sorry #1 ever crossed my mind. I m sure he was a good guy. Well.. i shudnt watched serial chinese drama too much..

What puzzled me a lot is - Whre is d CCTV? Show us d truth nothing but the truth.

Friday, July 17, 2009

x per ker kalau terharu?

I found collecting Nilam books was really uphill battle. No elaboration tho.

In the end i was so exhausted and demotivated. So i read my fav book wic i used to scour when I was down - First among equals by Jeffery Archer.. very x kena mengena but somehow it lift up my spirit... a bit.

Once the task was over i bought jars of cheap candy to distribute among the kids who hand in their book.

To each of them i said how thankful I am having them as a student. Most muttered their thanks quietly. But there was this sweet girl. Named is Syima from 5 Dahlia.

She said, nayy... rasa self worship plak kalau tulis kat blog nih..

Suffice to say i was so touched and hilang segala rasa exhausted and demotivated. People said they learn from teachers, but then in my case, i learn from the kid.

Like the words on the bamboo tree i saw in taman Herba, Bukit Tinggi West Sumatra. Sometimes we juz so self-centred until someone (in my case Syima la) knocked some senses to us.
Thank u Syima for making my day (dah lama dah.. saja je baru nak tulis)
Yes.. even until the moment i blog abt it, i m still rasa terharu.. X per ker?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Midnight Magic

Katanya Harry Potter rakes in $22 billion. baru sekali tayang je tu.. hebat..

Baby n I planned to take anak2 sedara for movie trip dis weekend but hv to kensel lorr.. Baby will attended a short course.. memang pesen kursus skrg buat on weekend kot. wic is a gud move la kan..

Wic means d movie trip have 2 wait la..

Speaking abt movie.. Had a boom-boom-splash-errr-mini-drama 2day. Actually d drama took place on Tuesday, thanx god i wasnt around, attending a crash-course.. Course lagi..

Hal kecil saja, tapi dengan sifat semulajadi manusia suka membesar-besarkan cerita, cerita sedepa jadi sejengkal.

Called both parties. No, not going to reveal anything, but theres something i learnt loong ago but still aplied until dis very day...

Yang paling kuat nangis tu la yg bersalah.. crocodile tears!!

Sangat drama la dik... but no.. i m a pro now, so nangis la sampai banjir pun... so used to budak2 cengeng nih...isk isk isk

Monday, July 13, 2009

Untuk encik serba tau..

1. Surat Pembaca di dalam Berita Harian, Sabtu 11 July, 2009
An UMNO man (dia yg tulis) said that masa 2 thn sblm PPSMI dimansuhkan is for "guru-guru PPSMI menyelenggara pendapatan mereka kerana elaun dipotong". Fuhh very insulting!!!
But nayy... I shud expect that when he used his party after his name. Mind u, dalam surat pembaca je. Why not just tulis nama, and whre u from instead of tulis company ke hapa, ke organisation r something. r u view representing ur organisation?
Pas tu, dia tulis suh org DBP jangan buat kerja lepaskan batok ditangga (ejaan dia patut batuk la tuan.. appraa) buat terjemahan yg asyik "melayukan" perkataan Inggeris..
Dia tau x ada berapa langkah penterjemahan spt yg digariskan oleh Baker 1962? Kalau dia tau misti dia tau bahawa pilihan yg dibuat oleh ITNM tu la yang terbaik lepas ambil kira semua langkah yang ada.
Dia tau x tetuang udara tu apa? Cuba sebut kat orang berapa kerat je yg tau..
Kalau tau.. jawabla.. mana terjemahan yang lebih baik? radio ke tetuang udara?

saja je taruk gmbar bunga... untuk menyejukkan ati yg panas...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blood and water, wic is thicker?

family heirloom( hehehe)

Guess we dun hv much things in common unless our interest in political issues and supporting d same party.
While we, the women in d family speak non stop, our bros prefer to ignore us. Acho is included. teruk tul..
Eventhough Acho is our younger bro, being d eldest, he is d man of d house.
We still talked fondly of how he taught us things.. like how to change d gas, change flat tyre, change bulb, fixed leaking tap, checking car's and bike's engine, fixed broken furniture and fixed apa sajala barang umah yg rosak. If he could get his way, silap2 bumbung rumah pun dia suh kitaorang tukar..
He also taught me to drive, tapi after numerous futile attempt i lied that i m fasting and nak balik rumah before. the truth is he was a bad teacher.. dah sah2 kereta tu masuk semak, tolong je la reverse kan... tapi dia suruh gak saya reversed sendiri, pas tu marah2.. mana nak tau.. bengkeng sangat..
Actually that's how our father raised us. Cant blame him when he has 6 daughters before blessed with the first son, Acho...he juz continue d legacy.
Even until now, Acho still d first man we turned to when we r in need. he rarely express his opinion, but its d action that speaks louder.
like when i texted him, mintak due hengget kredit dah abis, pas tu ari dah mlm pas tu takut nak g pekan sorang2 pas tu jiran dpn umah xder pas tu mcm hari pun gelap, pas tu mcm takut kot apa2 jadi.. (well... kena convincing la kan)
he juz send kredit more than i expected...
lap u Cho!!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Wishful thinking

Lepas satu.. satu datang..
Such a hectic month..
thanx 2 these 2 caring girls who came to lend a helping hand.
actually they brought bad news too... isk isk..

How i wish i could be by d seaside... strolling by d golden sandy beach, collecting seashells, swimming in d cold blue water..

and read a gud book..
speaking about books..
kepada d kids yg pintar, sopan, cantik, kacak, comel dan manja...
antar ler buku NILAM... tension tau x asyik nak kejar je ari2..

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

If only u were here!!!

I've wrote about how do i feel on this event before. But still, i attended it. While others would run to d tailor for new dress, i simply put on a year old- our-family -baju-boria-masa-yus-kawin. a very cheap plain blue Myanmar Silk and a Chiengrai Sarung wic had seen her better days.

After subuh i texted et, telling her about it. her replied make my eyes moist, eventhough it was just a mere "congrats". its d unspoken things that make me so oh heart-broken. watever that means la kan...

Since my schooldays, i was told that ppl never see me mad and sad. It puzzled me before, coz i do have my fair share of bad days. Over the years i took it as a compliment. And i wont start being gloomy in public.

Heres a few things that i treasured most on this day
Met Kak Jah. Was my colleague, now she transferred to Slim River. A bubbly sis, cerita yg x kelakar pun ble kitaorang gelak berguling2. A gud cook, loves to eat and loves pampering us with her famous laksa pangkor. A great friend, i must say.

Sat next to two Norizans.

The orange Norizan is from Tapah. A fine lady, a likeable person too.

The peach tudung Norizan was my Advisor during my undergrad-trainees in 2000. She was okla..never gave me problems and very helpful. felt so lucky having a x-banyak-songeh-advisor like her. After grad we never keep in touch, was told she transferred to Kelantan.
Never tot i would see her again.

And the articulate MC of d day is Kak Noreha, my weekend housemate-cum-obersea-trip-mate.

I dunno, i still wish u r here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

perlimau dan seorang kawan lama

My greatest experience in Silat is being a spectator.

Do not have a flair in martial arts. Make short, me and silat were not in speaking term sejak dulu kala lagi...
But when i heard that Azuan (dlm gambo, baju biru) is looking for a chaperone, i'm d first to angkat tangan. Partly because for d past weeks Azuan had spend his free time surfing d net looking for new steps in silat.
Very d bestari wan.. He even has a vast u-tube-collections on silat (he said khairul-another colleague- compiled for him). Nak main silat pun kena bukak internet, impressive giler tu wan...

Mainly because d kids, bila ajak buat kerja je misti kasi alasan busy ngan silat training. they trained in d afternoon, after asar and after maghrib too.

The District Level Silat Competition was held on June 25th, 2009

Our contingent comprises of 16 participants. They bagged 1 gold and 2 silvers. Faziq, Boy, Kimi, Alip and A-yap will represent our district in State level. congrats to them, and Azuan too.. Eventhough Azuan said,"last year lg banyak kita dapat kak!"

But then, hey!! i believe Azuan and d team will strive for more gold in future.

Coincidently, was invited to another Silat ceremony. It was sunday June 28th. Our Ketua Penduduk (namanya cikgu dollah) was such a x-boleh-duduk-diam character. He and the Taman Bukit Slim committee organised a Majlis Perlimau Seni Silat Gayong Malaysia.

I tot majlis gitu-gitu je la kan..

Gosh!! I was wrong.. D invite wasom distributes since, well i wasnt home, but i even get few smsed fr dif ppl reminded me about d ceremony. gotong-royong masak2 was in the morning (wic i didnt attend) lead by Kak Ila. I heard it was sponsored by undisclosed somebody. whoever he/she is -mudah-mudahan rezekinya dimurahkan Allah... pergh!!! mcm beriman lak..

The "akad" ceremony began with doa recitation at 3.30. Then d sifu (aisey forgot his name), narrated d history of silat gayong, since we were give a booklet so i do not really pay attention. isk isks..

This plate is given to all d new members. I just knew that sintuk is actually d 'roots' wic tied around d lime. It is symbolised purity and strenght. The candle, kemenyan has nothing to do with cult practice but symbolised something, wic i forgot but i still keep d booklet beside my bed. Mlm td nak baca tp ada hal lain plak.. In case u hv anything to ask abt it, i'm more than nwilling to lend u d booklet wic i found intriguing coz it was neatly hand written. So amazing, dont u think so?
Anyway, i remember wat d needle r for. It represent ketajaman fikiran. In the early days they uses keris instead of needle, but needle is more practical and economical but then the philosophy behind it is still there. Ahli silat gayung shud be tajam akal dan fikirannya.
d ceremony was conducted in the full of custom and tradition manner. Most of the taman folks were there to give support to d kids and for those who still havent have kids like me, to socialise with others.

kudos to all d Taman Bukit Slim folks who makes d ceremony a succeed. I had a gud time. so does yati, the taman secretary, don in blue baju kurung.
p/s if only i knew ppl will turned up pakai formal.... hikhikhik

Well at nite I met an old fren. Jie namanya. Janjinya kol 6, tapi he was working on Sunday and katanya was stuck with his boss. So he came a bit late, after maghrib.
It was biasa je, until I noticed someone i know in d restaurant while we were having dinner.
"ni fauzi!" i point to Jie and he smiled, "adik i" katanya sambil tunjuk his gang. we didnt leave our chair, so can u imagine talking across d restaurant.
"why u doing that?" jie tanya
'i dun know, don want him to talk and fikir lain plak" seriously i dunno..
and when we were outside d restaurant, bumped into 2 kids who knows me.
"ntah apa2.. selalu kta kuar ngan zana x jumpa pun sapa2..." i told jie..
"then next time, kita jangan jumpa kat sini" said Jie.. sy x dapat mengagak moodnya..
Hey! since when meeting and old friend is a sin?
I dunno...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bila tiada

"hari2 membebel", a kid commented and a few besides her anonymously said "a'a"

"hah.. what?" seriously i couldnt believe my ears..

"smlm lagi lama dia membebel ce*" d kids continued. i glanced at d membebel-person, hoping that she would stop. she did! either because of me r maybe she's tired. i dunno..

This term i have a new resolution.

It all begins when on the last day of last term, a girl came to see me and asked for a key to a certain room..

"yang u salah kaunterla... tanya la kunci koop ke, kunci library ke, ni kunci bilik tu mana nak ada" saya jawab sambil ketawa2 tapi muka tetap x angkat dr kertas periksa. was marking exam papers at that time.

"kat sapa ye ce?" dia tanya ngan muka x bersalah..

saya ketawa lagi when she told me she left her books in that room. this girl is really forgetful and knowing her for 3 years memang gitula peelnya.. kalau x tertinggal misti terlupa, kot x terlupa misplaced... saya ketawa lagi...

after some time she came back to see me. i was still deep in marking. kang lambat siap org lain marah lak..

"any problem? sorry i cant help u 2day, nak marking cepat ni yang" i stopped for a while when she approached.

"nak salam je" katanya serba salah..

"ook.. jgn tinggal barang lagi yer.." sy kasi nesihat sambil ketawa2. dia pun sama.

When i heard d news she met an accident 3 days later. still laugh, afterall she hit the poles. seluas2 jalan tu, tiang jugak yg dilanggar kenapa?

i stopped laughing when anis, yat, mila visited her at ICU she was unconscious. seeing her, we cried. nothing else we could do except praying for her speedy recovery.
besides lan, her bro updated me on her condition on daily basis. with d other kids, we prayed very hard.
but then... Allah knows best. She was "invited" and cremated in the next morning.
again, we accompanied her for her last journey... seeing the Creator eternally.
Couldnt take any pics except 2 above. the said poles and d gloomy dress.
Until now, i wished i could leave d exam papers and helped her finding d books on d last day we met. I wished i could tell her how much i love her ( i am) instead of ketawa2. maybe i've hurt her feelings. maybe she felt i never care.. or maybe...
i dunno..
i hope none of my students will remember me as .... i dunno yang baik2 saja sudahla...
i strive to be one.
honestly, i juz bring myself to blog about d demise of one of my fav students before... rasa mcm x ble nak kering airmata bila ingat dia..
somehow cekgu yg membebel tu reminds me of her... dunno why..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kawan Saya


i'm using kak sal's lappy so cant upload pix..



Congrats to Kawan Saya (cess tetiba tumpang bangga) for winning one of Anugerah Utama Hadiah Utusan-Exxonmobil in short stories..

His short story, Sang Penjinak Ular really amazing.. he deserved it..

So MR Hashim Osman... u really make us proud..


p/s dh upload

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beijing Bliss

Day one

flight 0830 - 6hrs fr KL to Tianjin. Crammy and very uncomfy. NEVER fly in low cost.. (hihikhikk if u could afford it la kan...)

at Tianjin Airport, Ch. Health screening giler strict. But well... its for everyone's gud.. kot x jadi mcm kat Malaysia... isk isk.... sampai lapan kes pagi ni....

Greet by Johnny - rep fr Muslim Tours. Since China is a socialist country, so there's only one travel agent to cater for Muslim Tour. Unlike kat Malaysia bercambah2 travel agencies. The tour is govt-own, Johnny la kata...

It took 90mins from Tianjin to Beijing, d Capital of China. The traffic was smooth. Had dinner and lunch wic i don really appreaciate, coz... aiyooo really could stand d bland taste.

We stayed at Holiday Inn Mingzhuan. Very cozy. Chinese were so proud with their mother tongue. Satu kerja le nak memikir how to use this remote control.. huhu

Day 2

Jade store.
Fully owned by govt, Johnny kata.. so janganla bargain, dia kata lagi.

Did u know that in for Chinese, jade is d symbol of endless love? (i thought diamond) jade is d wedding gift to d bride from the mother. so that if the marriage didnt workout, the jade would be handy in case d daughter need some cash to start a new life. Johnny yg kata. so i ended up bought jade bracelets for all my sisters, termasukla Rina sekali... convincing betul si Johnny ni bercerita..

Next - to crystal store. ..

Oh..... the orange bangles... looks so tempting..... i juz cant stop salivating.... oergh but nayyy!!!! couldnt afford it.... x best betul jadi org mesken.. takat amik gambar je la

Then - The great Great Wall of China. The only manmade building/object can be seen from space. Need i say more?

Day # 3-

Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Health Dept and shopping

tp digicam leh tertinggal..

Day 4

morning - wandering at d nearby wet market with zana- eyeing for a set of china wic were so amazingly unique. planned to come next day.

Summer palace - An emperor, tired of staying in Forbidden City wanted to have a holiday by a pristine lake in Shanghai. It was so far... forced his subjects to build a similar one nearby. Took 100yrs to complete. Funny man!!

With all the Fengshui details, the Chinese believe visiting there wud make u live longer. I dunno...

The man made like is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big, so we decided to have a boat ride. the tics is Y10 only.. tapi org yg xder teket lak naik dlu...

Apa kes???

Tu Ila... muka tensen kena tinggal boat.

A must - Olympic 2009 bird nest stadium.

Soklan: how did they bend the pillars? truly amazing..

Day 5

I dont used to summer.. Could sleep after Subh coz at 5.00a.m ari dah terang benderang.. wandering alone at the wet market coz org lain smer tdo.. was told d market opens at 7.. buang karan... snap few pix..

tu bukan beg saya. yes we put on baju kurung. Truly Malaysian spirit. Headed home for another long and torturous journey...