Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga

on valentine day, lovers spent milions of ringgit on romantic candle-lit-dinner. d dim light is good to hide women unfortunate skin problems, said an article i read long time ago.

i spent d nite, in the dark though. has nothing to do with hiding blemishes, pores or white heads. suddenly the bulbs went off in unison or in our mother tongue, berjemaah terbakar.

for months i one by one the cheap-and-not-so-energy-saving-bulbs terbakar. unfortunately the last one chose valentine day nite to bid gud bye to d world.

last weekend i brought tangga-ble-lipat2 to 12 A. to change the bulbs.

i never dare to ask acho for help coz being the man of the house he always taught us to be independent. when i bought motorbike in my uni year, he forced me to change the flat tyre once i complained the tyre was punctured.

tukar minyak hitam pun dia paksa buat sendirik beb.. sangat kejam. he said kalau dia xder siapa nak buat nanti? macamla kedai pomen xder.. hehhehe...

i didnt go to kedai when to fix the lamps coz i need to save on watever dough i hv. sakit beb!

playing mc gyver, i turn the bulb anti-clockwise - bingo its work. and tried to change it with bulb from bathroom. piece of cake !!!! yg itu lampu kat dining..

then living room plak..

hv i told u i m afraid of high? i m. and the ceiling a bit higher than in the dining.

saya panjat tangga itu dengan rasa was-was, sambil mata fokus pada lampu yang terbakar. terlupa saya bahawa tangga tu kena ejas betul...

tau2 sebelah kakinya dah terpeleot dan tangga tu meluru terus betul2 di atas kaki saya. tak la sakit sangat, sakit hati sikit-sikit tu ada jugak..

petang itu saya per ke kedai membeli 6 biji mentol yang katanya jimat tenaga dan tahan sehingga 3 tahun. it costs me RM90.

later that nite, i fix the dining room bulb. i left d one in d living room. gayat la..

the next day zana helped me change d bulb in d living room. Best kan zana.

hopefully lagi tiga tahun la baru pikir semula pasal lampu. tension beb!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Entah apa mesejnya

i wrote something dreadful just now.

but then all these political struggling cases taught us one thing, whatever we want to say/write we are abide by the supremacy of law.

tak jadi saya nak kutuk kawan saya tarik muka semalam sebab dia sorang je kena conduct baca yassin untuk pelajar. tergamak dia tanya xkan dia sorang je bertugas, orang lain buat apa..baca yassin pun nak berkira kan... opppppsss dah tertulis plak..

this morning we hv hari ko. i m so proud when the kids conducted explorace by themselves. the project manager is KHAIRUNNISA KHUZAIR from 1C. Mind you, just 13 years old, berani dia suruh Pak Guard pun terlibat dalam ini pilem. I was a bit ternganga when the Pak Guard gave the participants their task and later handed their next clues. Ada ke Pakcik tu pulak yang kena ajar diorang cara nak cari meaning from the dictonaries. Best la pakcik ni..

When I was form one, i never talked to Pak Guard, let alone asking for help. Ermmm

Had numerous jaw-dropped session today. Top of all when the organiser (tiap2 minggu diff committee) plant the clues in the fish pond.

"Yang, the gardener might not like it. Afterall u havent tell me beforehand about this pond things". Walaupun kolam tu takat buku saya je, but i still concerned about their safety, the gardener tu alasan je..

" Ce*, kami sanggup cuci kolam tu semula. Ala.... mana nak cakap dah 3 hari Ce* xder. smlm cari x jumpa" Now..

I've been outstationed for 3 days (Cesss) and yesterday theres so many problems arises and need my immediate attention.

I have a soft spot for kids, n my guess they knew it... when they started make That face i just knew i have to gave in..

Had a wonderful time today. Especially when they asked, "next week kita nak main apa pulak?"

Its not next week yang, the next meeting would be in mid march.

Meanwhile, i have to brush up my mintak-maafla-pakcik-budak-budak-ni-pakcik-tau-je-lah skills. Or maybe i should look for brushes and brooms.

Till then.. happy weekend.

p/s the pics will upload soon, how soon is soon tak tau lagi la kan...

p/s happy wedding day 2 Heli and Hubby... Moga kekal ke hujung nyawa.

Monday, February 16, 2009

after 7 years?

i m talking about PENA's police report on PPSMI wic they claimed breached article 152. no elaboration tho. i just wanna know, why?

i mean, i just received a text message from one of the first PPSMI batch students, asking me if her boyfriend is really busy as he claimed he is, or just an excuse not to entertain her. she is in matric centre and the boyfriend (whom i know very well) is one of my closest frienda. and selepas tidak lagi menjadi cekgu mereka, saya menjadi penasihat peribadi la plak....

they plan to tie a knot in the near future, aminnnn...

i still remembered vividly, how she used to help me menolak troli, pasang LCD, hangkat notebook then at one point hangkut the screen (berat giler beb) to the top floor. berjuta kali diingatkan all those gadgets berbelas2 ribu for each teacher.

all those are happy memories.....

even after 7 years i still couldnt forget the kids. maksudnya daya ingatan saya sangat hebat, sama macam PENA.. (hehehhe x kena mengena)

i still use d trolley and lcd. screen too.. but the notebook telahpun menghembuskan nafas terakhir pada pagi Ahad 2 minggu lepas. 2 jam kemudian saya dan Fida, serta her bro pergi ke Low Yatt beli laptop baru.

tu je la ceritanya... tapi laptop tu dah pun selamat kena virus dan la ni xble browse internet.. apsal eh?


Friday, February 13, 2009


Before that ...

Pemabu AGM was a great success- as usual.. betul tak Len? So bad Izan couldnt joint us this time, her grandmother passed away a day before the AGM. May god blessed her.

I am looking foward for the next Pemabu AGM ... kan Len kan? btw i'm still the president. uncontested!

The most intriguing matters lately is Perak's political condition.

After a week beating around the bush, I am glad last night (i watched it in 8p.m. news) people have come to the right direction - finding the real culprit.

Macamla budak2 bergaduh kat sekolah, instead of terus mendenda mesti siasat dulu kenapa mereka buat begitu. Once we know the root of the problem, then it is easier to ensure it wont happen in future.

I mean, it is so unfair when the 10th mentri besar and DAP president shouldered all the blames.

I am flabbergasted by the courage (?) shown by the 10th mentri besar. Seriously, as a Muslim Malay, there are two entities we wouldnt defy - ulama and the king.

As long as is not against syariah.

Tak faham betul how can people melawan2 when ulama kasi fatwa. They are scholars beb!!! They know what they are doing. and our king is an ex-judge. He has our best interests at heart. He has shown it afer PRU12, by accepting PR eventhough BN got the most numbers of seat.

Kenapa la dalam terkinja-kinja berpolitik, sanggup mereka jual semua harga diri dan terlupa menoleh ke belakang.