Saturday, February 21, 2009

Entah apa mesejnya

i wrote something dreadful just now.

but then all these political struggling cases taught us one thing, whatever we want to say/write we are abide by the supremacy of law.

tak jadi saya nak kutuk kawan saya tarik muka semalam sebab dia sorang je kena conduct baca yassin untuk pelajar. tergamak dia tanya xkan dia sorang je bertugas, orang lain buat apa..baca yassin pun nak berkira kan... opppppsss dah tertulis plak..

this morning we hv hari ko. i m so proud when the kids conducted explorace by themselves. the project manager is KHAIRUNNISA KHUZAIR from 1C. Mind you, just 13 years old, berani dia suruh Pak Guard pun terlibat dalam ini pilem. I was a bit ternganga when the Pak Guard gave the participants their task and later handed their next clues. Ada ke Pakcik tu pulak yang kena ajar diorang cara nak cari meaning from the dictonaries. Best la pakcik ni..

When I was form one, i never talked to Pak Guard, let alone asking for help. Ermmm

Had numerous jaw-dropped session today. Top of all when the organiser (tiap2 minggu diff committee) plant the clues in the fish pond.

"Yang, the gardener might not like it. Afterall u havent tell me beforehand about this pond things". Walaupun kolam tu takat buku saya je, but i still concerned about their safety, the gardener tu alasan je..

" Ce*, kami sanggup cuci kolam tu semula. Ala.... mana nak cakap dah 3 hari Ce* xder. smlm cari x jumpa" Now..

I've been outstationed for 3 days (Cesss) and yesterday theres so many problems arises and need my immediate attention.

I have a soft spot for kids, n my guess they knew it... when they started make That face i just knew i have to gave in..

Had a wonderful time today. Especially when they asked, "next week kita nak main apa pulak?"

Its not next week yang, the next meeting would be in mid march.

Meanwhile, i have to brush up my mintak-maafla-pakcik-budak-budak-ni-pakcik-tau-je-lah skills. Or maybe i should look for brushes and brooms.

Till then.. happy weekend.

p/s the pics will upload soon, how soon is soon tak tau lagi la kan...

p/s happy wedding day 2 Heli and Hubby... Moga kekal ke hujung nyawa.

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