Friday, February 13, 2009


Before that ...

Pemabu AGM was a great success- as usual.. betul tak Len? So bad Izan couldnt joint us this time, her grandmother passed away a day before the AGM. May god blessed her.

I am looking foward for the next Pemabu AGM ... kan Len kan? btw i'm still the president. uncontested!

The most intriguing matters lately is Perak's political condition.

After a week beating around the bush, I am glad last night (i watched it in 8p.m. news) people have come to the right direction - finding the real culprit.

Macamla budak2 bergaduh kat sekolah, instead of terus mendenda mesti siasat dulu kenapa mereka buat begitu. Once we know the root of the problem, then it is easier to ensure it wont happen in future.

I mean, it is so unfair when the 10th mentri besar and DAP president shouldered all the blames.

I am flabbergasted by the courage (?) shown by the 10th mentri besar. Seriously, as a Muslim Malay, there are two entities we wouldnt defy - ulama and the king.

As long as is not against syariah.

Tak faham betul how can people melawan2 when ulama kasi fatwa. They are scholars beb!!! They know what they are doing. and our king is an ex-judge. He has our best interests at heart. He has shown it afer PRU12, by accepting PR eventhough BN got the most numbers of seat.

Kenapa la dalam terkinja-kinja berpolitik, sanggup mereka jual semua harga diri dan terlupa menoleh ke belakang.


zino said...

yg sampai baring atas jalan raya tu yg tak paham... nak pertahan kan apa.. sape yg rugi sape yg untung....

yg nak ambil kesempatan gelak kat belakang... malas lah nak komen panjang.. hehe

Kengkawan said...

tu la tu... aje ngan jongket dema nih.. xder beban batu plak digalas.. hehheheh

Kengkawan said...
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