Wednesday, March 04, 2009

peer pressure.. again!


For d last few years i've been telling all n sundry, i wanna have a bicycle. So that i can play a small part in saving d environment (sgt mulia cita2 tu).

My sisters, especially Nick have been very vocal opposing that idea. She dont think riding a bicycle is safe. Besides such a waste because I already have a motorcycle, katanya

But i havent touch the motorcycle since 2007. I m not sure i can ride lagi ke x...Thats another story though..

Last Wednesday, upon reaching 12A at almost Maghrib (it was 7.15p.m) I saw 2 figures "lepaking" somewhere. I joined them coz there's something i want to talk to one of them.

Frankly i didnt gave them kuliah maghrib ke hapa, eventhough i noticed i wasnt really welcomed. heheheh.. Both were smoking (mak aihhhh!!!! i m really surprised!!!), one continued puffing d ciggie, another pegang je sampai sudah. Might be they were aftraid i'll report to cikgu disiplin kot.. (ok kidding!!!)

back to d 2 men. one said he want to buy a bicycle. the other one opposed.. bla bla bla... they were in joyous mood, especially when i left.. perghh

yesterday a fren texted me. "ada orang dah beli beskal"..

well.. i mean.. what do i care? come on... of all d things in d world what do i care sapa beli beskal sapa tak.

but this fren chose to tell me because she knows what inside my mind, i guess!!!

not fair.. i want d bicycle first!!!

hehehe.. very childish..

on something strange but really unrelated, my mom is so sad this morning.

she went for somebody's funeral and once at home she just sat quietly on her fav chair. she remained aloof.

i guess something is bothering her.

and it's bothering me 2.

why eh..


zino said...

so bila nak beli beskal tu.. pakngah pun rasa nak beli satu.. dulu yg ada kat rumah ni dah kena kebas.. hehe..

gate tak tutup selamba je mamat datang ambik..

Kengkawan said...

tergamak dia curi.. jom kita beli beskal ramai2..