Tuesday, April 28, 2009

teka teki tahunan

was so distracted after getting a morning call fr kak reha. she is our obersea-trip-kaki-cum-our subordinates since last year.

it was about our visa thingy wic havent settled yet. no.. thats not bothering me at all.. used to that. its something else wic really makes me really... disturbed.

so disturbed that, when a wel... abt 7 year old boy asked me, " kak, nenek saya mintak rm2", i stared at him and simply said NO.

i mean... wehh apa ke hal mintak2 duit, ni pekan slim river je.... everybody knows one another maaa.. at least somebody else did. so i entered a sundry shop wic i used to visit but they said they dont know the boy. a lady in a green blouse with red scarf told me that boy is very poor. senang cakap memang susah betul la...

thinking that they need the money for bus fare i find them.. handed some money and dashed off..

later i bumped into that lady again in maybank. asked about the boy's family. they are very poor, anak ramai.

parents ada x?

"ada" katanya. "macam x bagus jugak kan.. ari tu i nampak abang dia duduk kat kedai and mintak duit mcm tu jugak. parents dia hidup lagi, patut jangan ajarla anak macm itu" katanya dgn panjang lebar..

saya setuju!!!! no matter how mesken u are, never lose ur dignity... remember the saying, "ulat dalam batu pun ble hidup? "

"kurang pendidikan pun satu sebab jugak" ulas perempuan baju hijau yang saya pernah tengok baju tu kat butik FOS. Hampir2 saya beli baju tu dulu, tapi sebab xder saiz je..

we parted our way and zoooooom... i got sms from uda. kak noreha is uda's best friend. uda congrats me on d same thing.

told her i didnt feel right coz after maki2 "that person" dlm meeting its like some compensation to shut me up.

why is that some ppl think that some ppl could be bought? why is that when u complained abt something ppl took it as u r vying for something else....

oh come on...

diorang lupa kot pada satu hari yang tiada penaung selain naunganNya, tiada balasan, selain balasanNya, tiada bantuan, selain bantuanNya kita akan berjumpa semula.

or maybe i shudnt jump to d conclusions too soon.

watever it is i'll see Shahrul, Rizlan, Raof and Azuan soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009


it saddened me that some parents were so crazy about academic performance rather than character building. met lots of them wic make me sometimes avoid talking to them. imagine listened to d rambling about how gud their children are when in fact there were many a times i wish i could throw the children tru the window (dulu MS Tai, our english teacher masa form one n form two suka ckp mcm ni).

excel in academics, sports and extra curricular activities really make them think they own the world. in a simpler term- POYO.

i met Cyrus/form 5 at State Level Athletics Championships, in Manjung recently. He took part in 200m and 100m. Broke records in both event.

well... many records have been broken.. big deal... but then it was his personality that distinguished him from others.

when his coach talked to him, while others suka menjawab2 (termasuk norizan adnan) he would listen attentively.

when one of the team-mate complained that he got stomachache and 'loya-loya' thingy, naturally its him who helped the poor fellow.

when a girl lost her handphones, he took an effort to find the culprit, to the extend making him apologize.

when another boy were so down (ni sy tambah2 je based on his expressions unless memang muka dia cenggitu) he was there to lift him up.

the things that i admired most was this..

few boys we discussing in tamil. when i came and sat beside them, they greet me. then continued their discussion wic revolved around d next day important events. he was d only one whho switched to bahasa, eventhough the rest still use their mother tongue.

honestly i really don mind because i was doing something else at that time, but still... a simpler gest

Friday, April 03, 2009

believe no one

I watched d live telecast from Istana Negara this morning. Officially we have a new, the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I remembered looooooooong time ago someone joked that mnemonic for our Prime Ministers are RAHMAN. Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussien, Mahathir and at that time the deputy was Tun Ghaffar> That was the year Semangat 46 was established and Anwar toppled Tun Ghaffar to be #2 man.

He joked, Najib wanted to join S46 but her mother said, "No, after Anwar u'll next". N is reserved for Najib, katanya.. We laughed because it doesnt make sense to the schoolchildren mind, except, jgn lawan cakap emak... tu le moral values nya kot.. afterall we knew he was juz kidding.

Couple of weeks ago, Baby who came home from Manila shared some disgusting news involving the next prime minister wic was published in several countries abroad. Since my laptop cap ayam was in terrible condition (padahal baru je beli..) so i could not surf the internet to check the news.

This morning i read Siasah. For the record i also read Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Harakah, NST and The Star. Afterall i have 12 siblings, so smer orang pun suka hati nak beli surat khabar apa.

Di muka surat dalam( x ble la obvious sangat), there's an article about what Baby told me previously.

We have a brief discussion on that, but she insisted i read the net first, the judgement shud come later.

Whatever it is. The history has been carved.

Who are we to be judgemental?