Monday, June 29, 2009

perlimau dan seorang kawan lama

My greatest experience in Silat is being a spectator.

Do not have a flair in martial arts. Make short, me and silat were not in speaking term sejak dulu kala lagi...
But when i heard that Azuan (dlm gambo, baju biru) is looking for a chaperone, i'm d first to angkat tangan. Partly because for d past weeks Azuan had spend his free time surfing d net looking for new steps in silat.
Very d bestari wan.. He even has a vast u-tube-collections on silat (he said khairul-another colleague- compiled for him). Nak main silat pun kena bukak internet, impressive giler tu wan...

Mainly because d kids, bila ajak buat kerja je misti kasi alasan busy ngan silat training. they trained in d afternoon, after asar and after maghrib too.

The District Level Silat Competition was held on June 25th, 2009

Our contingent comprises of 16 participants. They bagged 1 gold and 2 silvers. Faziq, Boy, Kimi, Alip and A-yap will represent our district in State level. congrats to them, and Azuan too.. Eventhough Azuan said,"last year lg banyak kita dapat kak!"

But then, hey!! i believe Azuan and d team will strive for more gold in future.

Coincidently, was invited to another Silat ceremony. It was sunday June 28th. Our Ketua Penduduk (namanya cikgu dollah) was such a x-boleh-duduk-diam character. He and the Taman Bukit Slim committee organised a Majlis Perlimau Seni Silat Gayong Malaysia.

I tot majlis gitu-gitu je la kan..

Gosh!! I was wrong.. D invite wasom distributes since, well i wasnt home, but i even get few smsed fr dif ppl reminded me about d ceremony. gotong-royong masak2 was in the morning (wic i didnt attend) lead by Kak Ila. I heard it was sponsored by undisclosed somebody. whoever he/she is -mudah-mudahan rezekinya dimurahkan Allah... pergh!!! mcm beriman lak..

The "akad" ceremony began with doa recitation at 3.30. Then d sifu (aisey forgot his name), narrated d history of silat gayong, since we were give a booklet so i do not really pay attention. isk isks..

This plate is given to all d new members. I just knew that sintuk is actually d 'roots' wic tied around d lime. It is symbolised purity and strenght. The candle, kemenyan has nothing to do with cult practice but symbolised something, wic i forgot but i still keep d booklet beside my bed. Mlm td nak baca tp ada hal lain plak.. In case u hv anything to ask abt it, i'm more than nwilling to lend u d booklet wic i found intriguing coz it was neatly hand written. So amazing, dont u think so?
Anyway, i remember wat d needle r for. It represent ketajaman fikiran. In the early days they uses keris instead of needle, but needle is more practical and economical but then the philosophy behind it is still there. Ahli silat gayung shud be tajam akal dan fikirannya.
d ceremony was conducted in the full of custom and tradition manner. Most of the taman folks were there to give support to d kids and for those who still havent have kids like me, to socialise with others.

kudos to all d Taman Bukit Slim folks who makes d ceremony a succeed. I had a gud time. so does yati, the taman secretary, don in blue baju kurung.
p/s if only i knew ppl will turned up pakai formal.... hikhikhik

Well at nite I met an old fren. Jie namanya. Janjinya kol 6, tapi he was working on Sunday and katanya was stuck with his boss. So he came a bit late, after maghrib.
It was biasa je, until I noticed someone i know in d restaurant while we were having dinner.
"ni fauzi!" i point to Jie and he smiled, "adik i" katanya sambil tunjuk his gang. we didnt leave our chair, so can u imagine talking across d restaurant.
"why u doing that?" jie tanya
'i dun know, don want him to talk and fikir lain plak" seriously i dunno..
and when we were outside d restaurant, bumped into 2 kids who knows me.
"ntah apa2.. selalu kta kuar ngan zana x jumpa pun sapa2..." i told jie..
"then next time, kita jangan jumpa kat sini" said Jie.. sy x dapat mengagak moodnya..
Hey! since when meeting and old friend is a sin?
I dunno...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bila tiada

"hari2 membebel", a kid commented and a few besides her anonymously said "a'a"

"hah.. what?" seriously i couldnt believe my ears..

"smlm lagi lama dia membebel ce*" d kids continued. i glanced at d membebel-person, hoping that she would stop. she did! either because of me r maybe she's tired. i dunno..

This term i have a new resolution.

It all begins when on the last day of last term, a girl came to see me and asked for a key to a certain room..

"yang u salah kaunterla... tanya la kunci koop ke, kunci library ke, ni kunci bilik tu mana nak ada" saya jawab sambil ketawa2 tapi muka tetap x angkat dr kertas periksa. was marking exam papers at that time.

"kat sapa ye ce?" dia tanya ngan muka x bersalah..

saya ketawa lagi when she told me she left her books in that room. this girl is really forgetful and knowing her for 3 years memang gitula peelnya.. kalau x tertinggal misti terlupa, kot x terlupa misplaced... saya ketawa lagi...

after some time she came back to see me. i was still deep in marking. kang lambat siap org lain marah lak..

"any problem? sorry i cant help u 2day, nak marking cepat ni yang" i stopped for a while when she approached.

"nak salam je" katanya serba salah..

"ook.. jgn tinggal barang lagi yer.." sy kasi nesihat sambil ketawa2. dia pun sama.

When i heard d news she met an accident 3 days later. still laugh, afterall she hit the poles. seluas2 jalan tu, tiang jugak yg dilanggar kenapa?

i stopped laughing when anis, yat, mila visited her at ICU she was unconscious. seeing her, we cried. nothing else we could do except praying for her speedy recovery.
besides lan, her bro updated me on her condition on daily basis. with d other kids, we prayed very hard.
but then... Allah knows best. She was "invited" and cremated in the next morning.
again, we accompanied her for her last journey... seeing the Creator eternally.
Couldnt take any pics except 2 above. the said poles and d gloomy dress.
Until now, i wished i could leave d exam papers and helped her finding d books on d last day we met. I wished i could tell her how much i love her ( i am) instead of ketawa2. maybe i've hurt her feelings. maybe she felt i never care.. or maybe...
i dunno..
i hope none of my students will remember me as .... i dunno yang baik2 saja sudahla...
i strive to be one.
honestly, i juz bring myself to blog about d demise of one of my fav students before... rasa mcm x ble nak kering airmata bila ingat dia..
somehow cekgu yg membebel tu reminds me of her... dunno why..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kawan Saya


i'm using kak sal's lappy so cant upload pix..



Congrats to Kawan Saya (cess tetiba tumpang bangga) for winning one of Anugerah Utama Hadiah Utusan-Exxonmobil in short stories..

His short story, Sang Penjinak Ular really amazing.. he deserved it..

So MR Hashim Osman... u really make us proud..


p/s dh upload

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beijing Bliss

Day one

flight 0830 - 6hrs fr KL to Tianjin. Crammy and very uncomfy. NEVER fly in low cost.. (hihikhikk if u could afford it la kan...)

at Tianjin Airport, Ch. Health screening giler strict. But well... its for everyone's gud.. kot x jadi mcm kat Malaysia... isk isk.... sampai lapan kes pagi ni....

Greet by Johnny - rep fr Muslim Tours. Since China is a socialist country, so there's only one travel agent to cater for Muslim Tour. Unlike kat Malaysia bercambah2 travel agencies. The tour is govt-own, Johnny la kata...

It took 90mins from Tianjin to Beijing, d Capital of China. The traffic was smooth. Had dinner and lunch wic i don really appreaciate, coz... aiyooo really could stand d bland taste.

We stayed at Holiday Inn Mingzhuan. Very cozy. Chinese were so proud with their mother tongue. Satu kerja le nak memikir how to use this remote control.. huhu

Day 2

Jade store.
Fully owned by govt, Johnny kata.. so janganla bargain, dia kata lagi.

Did u know that in for Chinese, jade is d symbol of endless love? (i thought diamond) jade is d wedding gift to d bride from the mother. so that if the marriage didnt workout, the jade would be handy in case d daughter need some cash to start a new life. Johnny yg kata. so i ended up bought jade bracelets for all my sisters, termasukla Rina sekali... convincing betul si Johnny ni bercerita..

Next - to crystal store. ..

Oh..... the orange bangles... looks so tempting..... i juz cant stop salivating.... oergh but nayyy!!!! couldnt afford it.... x best betul jadi org mesken.. takat amik gambar je la

Then - The great Great Wall of China. The only manmade building/object can be seen from space. Need i say more?

Day # 3-

Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Health Dept and shopping

tp digicam leh tertinggal..

Day 4

morning - wandering at d nearby wet market with zana- eyeing for a set of china wic were so amazingly unique. planned to come next day.

Summer palace - An emperor, tired of staying in Forbidden City wanted to have a holiday by a pristine lake in Shanghai. It was so far... forced his subjects to build a similar one nearby. Took 100yrs to complete. Funny man!!

With all the Fengshui details, the Chinese believe visiting there wud make u live longer. I dunno...

The man made like is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo big, so we decided to have a boat ride. the tics is Y10 only.. tapi org yg xder teket lak naik dlu...

Apa kes???

Tu Ila... muka tensen kena tinggal boat.

A must - Olympic 2009 bird nest stadium.

Soklan: how did they bend the pillars? truly amazing..

Day 5

I dont used to summer.. Could sleep after Subh coz at 5.00a.m ari dah terang benderang.. wandering alone at the wet market coz org lain smer tdo.. was told d market opens at 7.. buang karan... snap few pix..

tu bukan beg saya. yes we put on baju kurung. Truly Malaysian spirit. Headed home for another long and torturous journey...

Friday, June 19, 2009

keranamu Babi

The trip was tortorously(sy x reti nak spell) long and very irritating. we were placed at the last row, only a step away from toilet. i think express bus from KL to Penang wic i used to board in my uni year was heaven compared to this low cost aircraft.

yes, they do have xl seat, tapi kena tambah duit, and games, n movies and anything u just name it as long as u willing to pay more. but for a long distance all these this are badly needed especially the convenient seat. crammed beb 6 jam dlm flight.

before touch down at the Tianjin Airport, d air hostess dah sembur2 dah. thats for errr... safety ke hapa ntah. the touch down was... not very smooth guess sbb duk kat ekor plane kot. pening makcik..

then came 2 rep from China Ministry of Health scan all d passengers. kapal terbang besar, passengers pun ramai. Lagi pening eventhough the two men dah start jalan mcm KungFu pun.. and we were in the last row. torture!!

The we stopped to fill in Health declaration form and another health inspection. Strict giler but Selsema babi ni bukan hal main2. i m glad they did that coz i for sure dont want to stay close to er... the selsema babi virus barrier...

Outside, there were many posters to remind travellers about H1N1. China is very strict about it. Kang x pasal2 dia suh balik...

On our way home, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia pun kasi borang suh isi dlm flight. ada seat number lagi, wic means that kot ada sapa2 yg contracted this Babi Flu, sensenang je org terdekat dlm flight dikuarantin kan sekali. bagus kan. siap ngan contact number lg tu.

Unlike China, x wajib lak kena screen or sembur2.. pelik kan. masa kat ostolia pun kena ada semburan.. pas tu eventho ada nurse tp dia x check langsung x macam kat China dulu. maybe priorities dia pada foreigners je kot.... xperla... diorang tau la keje diorang..

cuma rasanya x berapa strictla... patut lebih bersungguh...

2 days later sy rasa bdn saya panas sikit, hari-hari2 lain pun kdg2 panas tp emosi x stabil sbb ingatkan Babi Flu. Minum air byk2 pun x kurang... satu hari x leh nak function properly. at night mmg x leh bangun.

Emosi betul2 x stabil. Kalau selsema burung leh tahan lagi.. ni Babi... jgn wat pasal... Nak mkn pun x lalu, otomatik lemah giler, padahal bkn x penah demam pun sblm ni...rNak ckp ngan org pun takut nanti kalau jadi apa2, mesti org tuduh penyebar Babi Flu... hishhh..

sok pagi2 g klinik and check.. sah!!! xder kena Babi Flu.. demam biasa je tp dapat la sehari MC sambil2 MA tu tanya apa yg murah kat kat China.

"Beli gadjets la best, murah giler.." tu nesihat saya eh... takat nak beli baju ke hapa kat Mesia pun murah (i mean baju r bag yg imitation oopps)..

Tetiba je sy rasa ok.. and i thanked d MA profusedly...
Until now we still keep in touch with one another, sblm ni x pedulik pun... bukan apa takut2 one of us terkena babi Flu...
Apa2 hal sy konfem bebas Babi (Babi free) wuhuuu

Friday, June 05, 2009

Rambling nonsensical

I havent spent as much time as i want to at 12 A this hols. reason being, currently my mom is in Holy City, performing her Umrah with Uda.

People would ask, apsal x pegi sekali? Sensenang je diorang tanya, abis tu adik lelaki saya yg 3 org tu sapa nak jaga. Mak mesti senang hati, walau kemana pun saya pergi saya mesti balik sebelum maghrib, to have dinner with bros.

Mak, we missed u lots!!!! (but i do miss 12A too)

Grille Butterflies yg dirindui

I do miss spend hols with my anak2 sedara at 12A. Cess, macam byk la kerja x siap so i hv to go 2 my workplace everyday... Almost everday except the day i went to Ipoh to see Auditor and visit Shahira who is still unconscious in Ipoh GH. That another story tho.
Met my neighbour, yesterday. Tu rumah dia. He's getting married this weekend. So happy for him. The bridegroom reception would be on 13th.
"Anything i could help?" i asked him sincerely eventho dlm hati saya sangat harap dia x suruh saya tolong memasak, memang sah2 ada yg hilang selera makan seumur hayat karang.
"x ada apalah.. semua katering".. jawabnya riang. Saya aminkan jawabannya dalam hati.
"cuma nanti berselerakla, nak pasang khemah" katanya..
"its ok. wanna use d porch?" i've told him i wont be around on his wedding.
"bolehke? ingat nak pasang karaoke kat situ" katanya x brp konfiden.. mungkin dia takut jiran dia yg keje ustazah ni komplen apa2..
i did not. in fact rasa ralat plak x dpt menyumbangkan 2,3 buah lagu. bukan hari2 ada jiran nak kawin. dalam Islam pun tidak dilarang berhibur asalkan x ada unsur maksiat.
"ha karaoke?" ntah perasaan sy je ke atau mmg muka dia cuak sikit.. "ruginya i x dpt nyanyi".. he would never know my niece, Ecah komplen kat Baby dia muntah dlm kereta sbb mak Andak dia x berenti2 nyanyi.. huhu...

"tapi jangan rosakkan pokok bunga i ye.." i sound so very teacherish!!!!

I couldnt help it..

I m a fool at heart. Setiap pokok bunga ada ceritanya sendiri...

Like d one up there (nama x tau) ... its from my LM day in Bagan Serai.

I was broke-all-d-time undergrad-trainee and rented the cheapest kampung house we could find. My housemates, Bali, Sue, Ida and Hani were such colourful characters.

On d first night, we broke d bed while doing "ice-breaking". We laughed a lot until the tenant, an old nice tok wan as we fondly called her, came to see wats happening.

later her visit became frequent, to share interesting stories with us. we juz love listening to her story. how i treasured the memories.

I remembered Bali who loves pampered us with her house-keeping skills. Sue's famous "masak lempah" wic she claimed Sarawakian specialties. ida's radio recorder wic we used to record our singing stint (at that time no laptop mmg takde lagi ye tuan2).. and hani, the tudung labuh but loves rock band so much. she has such a sweet voice too..

Almost everynight after finished with our daily chore we would sing our heart out.. biarla x bunyi mcm katak panggil hujan pun...

And on d last day at the house, i seek permission from Tok to bring back the flower plant. its so beautiful and bloom all year round, day in day out. i juz cant stand seasons flower r bunga pukul seploh pagi r lapan pagi. why shud it limit its time? ohh please...why shudnt the flower blooms 24 hours a day? why shud we deprived the beauty for insensible flower yg suka suka hati je taruk masa bila dia nak berbunga ke x.

So... i juz love that flower coz it represent my life at that time.

"terima kasih ye jaga budak2 ni elok2 masa diorang kat sini" mak saya yg baru sekali jumpa Tok cakap sambil nangis2 peluk Tok. Padahal tu la first time diorang jumpa. Saya x paham. Mak saya bukan suka nangis pun, tp maybe sbb masa tu arwah ayah saya baru je meninggal so my mom sensistif lebih. We parted our way that day. Saya x nangis..

A year later tok visited us at my kampung. She passed away few months after that. Sue fly from Sarawak to KL in 2006 and that was the last time i see her. I havent see Bali, ida and hani again.

I bet we would be seeing one another dalam keadaan2 yg langsung x dirancang in the near future. juz like we were destined to share that wonderful house of Tok's and shared amazing experiences eventho we never knew each other existence despite attending d same lecture hall, d same cafe, d same library and ida even said i was in his bro pix album.

no. i dunno his bro. neither do him. i juz that we went to d same trip and tgh dia n kwn2 dia posing me n my gang jd background plak. wat a coincidence!

And that flower wic was originally abandoned around Tok's house resembles a happy life when i was young.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Angels n Demon

i love movies..
Lagi best bila g ramai2
along, zudin, baby n aisyah

ready, tapi Ya nyorok plak


mana kasut ecah?

there... on our trip 2 movie, last yr..