Monday, September 14, 2009

Mari menyapu...

i do not know ramadhan could be this busy. but as my mom never failed to remind us, day in day out, gaji bertambah kerja pun kena la tambah jugak. gaji sy naik dua hengget je..

back to the entry tittle.. seriously i never watch the controversial discovery channel ad. was flabbergasted with the pix of men on d road holding sharpen bamboos in d mainstream newspaper. tot it was from a movie.

while we cannot blame others from being hurt (afterall the damage has been done), retaliate d same way is simply very silly.

as a malaysian citizen who is proud of her country, i would never go to indonesia again, would never buy their products and would never support their music.

sampaila hujung tahun ni...

anda bagaimana?