Thursday, October 22, 2009


--> Baby pura2 bz pdhal lapar...

Dengan rasa x berapa ikhlas (wa teka je beb), Baby left a bagful of her new dresses. Most r from her recent holiday trip in Bandung.
Untuk tidak mengecewakan Baby, kitaorang pun belasah je baju dia.
we r gud huh sista?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

swallow and summer

Ironically I watched the Ucapan Dasar Presiden this morning. A beautiful maiden speech. The title was Menjunjung Tradisi, Menzahir Kebenaran.. itu kot. Watchout for the text in d mainstream newspaper tomorrow.

Before that, there was a talk show hosted by.. well x kenal.. and the guests were two academicians.

One of the guests said, lebih kurang la kan… eventhough UMNO never boasted that they r an Islamic party, but it was the government who initiated Islamic Education as a compulsory subject for all muslim students in 1965. Orang tu la cakap.. panjang lagi la ayat dia..

The panels unanimously agreed that all UMNO leaders must be seen as Islamic. As the host cheekily comment, “masa maghrib mestilah terus ke masjid, jangan duduk kat kedai kopi pula”.

Honestly I never bump into any UMNO leaders in coffee house during maghrib coz I’ve never been to any coffee house during maghrib.

And then the discussions became more interesting. One of the guests (told u I don remember name) mentioned about a study made by a man name Kerslar in Kelantan (seriously I never read the study, so might be the name have been misspelled too) something about the difference of UMNO and PAS leaders.

The findings are intriguing, considering he spent 6 years in Kelantan to complete his study. Interesting, wish I could have a copy.

Again, the panel cakap tu salah individu, bukan parti. Funny!

On something unrelated, I learned something new in the president’s speech this morning. A swallow doesn’t make a summer equals to mendengar guruh di langit, air tempayan dicurah jangan.

Anyway i love the way the president ended his speech. Very honest and humble.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Menumpang lori.

Have u?

i never.. yet.

Baby will be outstationed to Vienna for 2 months. So she asked Acho to use her Vios-cap-ayam. Initially d plan has been made to ferried Acho to her house.

i drove to Klang last Sunday, without Acho, coz he changed his mind. But mom determined to spend some times with baby, thats expected.

i think Acho kind of takut sbb tukar plan. last nite he told us he wanna park the car at 12A walk to toll exit.

Uda kata x apa, but i would never heard of it.

i mean, the only time i walked malam2 (it was malam raya actually) from highway to toll exit was 10 years ago. i was broke and there was no handphone and i was late for pre-raya dinner. and it was Acho who fetched me.

'boleh x kalau kitaorg hantar?" i asked him.

mula2 he was llike x kasi la jugak sbb hari malam and nanti nak balik payah.. but we were determined and he let us.

first we saw the lorry, acho said the driver is his friend. We waited until he mount up the lorry before headed home.

macam adventurous plak.. but sadly acho wont share any story with us.

btw baby fly last nite. bon voyage dear sis.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Biar betul

It was a week before Ramadhan and d kids had a-making-raya-card competition.
ok ok... i know... who cares about raya card nowadays. D kids had told me abt that milions of times. But then one of the advantage of my current job is... we have VETO power.
anyway.. eventho i forgot where the cards are (yeah rite!) but i love the pics..
especially Nazwan yg tutup muka (ape ke he nyer YOB?)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hilang tidak berganti

I went to West Sumatera twice. I love the place and the food and the scenery too. I love the hotel that i stayed, Ambachang Hotel in Padang and The Hills (Novotel) in Bukit Tinggi. Cozy room, great ambience and great food too. Eventhough i was a but x puas ati coz all television channelled were conquered by Indonesians, i mean takat nak tengok sinetron, kat Malaysia pun ada.

Especially the scenery, definitely.. From d deep blue Hindi Ocean, Teluk Bayur to Sianok Canyon, I love them all..

Entering the fifth day since the magnitude 7.6 quake struck on Sept 30, the stench of death overhung the city of Padang while rescuers tried in vain to find people still alive. - tu ayat suratkhabar .. and my heart goes to all West Sumatera people.

ONCE, I was mesmerised by the dancer holding candle-plate image at a window grill in Buya Hamka's house at Danau Maninjau. A quaint house on top of a hill facing a serene blue lake.

Wish the quaint house and the villagers will survived too.


The boy who is holding the Oxford dictionary is Haffiq Ikhmal.
His beloved mom passed away peacefully at 11 last night after long battle with kidney failure.
The kids (Tikah, Illy, Oya) and I went to give last respects to her this morning. A sombre mood.
I remembered exactly how our siblings felt when we lost our wonderful father in 1999. Even until now we still missed him deeply.
Dear Ikhmal, be strong and we hope you'll pull through.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Small scale open house

Unlike d national trend of education world, 2/3 of manpower in my workplace dominated by male. Naturally i hv more male colleagues than female.

Tu intro je.

Once they transferred, even camna baik pun, d relationship terminated. i m really lousy at maintaining long distance friendships.

D idea of reunion popped up when Mr Hamidi texted 2 weeks ago.

So armed with my (horrible) culinary skills, pinggan dua tiga keping, sekotak gelas and resepi dari kak Sal Rais, a small scale open house cum reunion were oraganized. only closest fren were invited.. sbb umah sy kecik je..

besides sir midi, Kamal, raof, kak jah were there. yg lain2 tu kawan rapat je la.. Wan, Halmi, Sham, Salidah, Kak Sal si pemberi resepi and of course jiran dpn umah Zana.

Honestly, i had a gud time. hopefully the guests too. c u next year!!!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

End of the road.

'aku risau dia nak pi mana lepas ni.. dia kata nak hilangkan diri biar siapa pun x dpt cari dia" Mr A, a (trusted) friend began his piece of bad news.

i put down my cap-ayam-lappie, tried to stop my heart from beating. it was very extremely grievance. i dunno.. i know that particular friend wasnt happy at home, he never told me anything, and i never asked but it is an open secret among the 3 of us.

the news bearer is our mutual trusted friend. his confidante.

i dunno when was i started terlibat-dalam-ini-pilem. we were good ol' frens who respected each other privacy. but still, over the years we maintained our friendships. eternally. we never talked about our personal life, that an unspoken rule, except now.

"x kanlah seumur hidup dia nak rasa insecured mcm tu?" i was referring to our friend's second wife who forbid him from seeing his 1st.

"tak tau la.. tapi nampaknya dia lbh sayangkan yg di sana" said my friend, and i believe him.

its very unfair for me to pass judgement without knowing both his wives. afterall he is a gud friend of mine, so i cant say its his fault too.. biased la plak..

but then, kalau dah sesuatu tu x dapat diselamatkan, kalau seumur idup asyik susah hati je, kalau hati dah x dapat dipujuk lagi, is it worth it to stay?

i asked this question to the news bearer, he looked at me blankly. thanx god he is happily married so might be the question wont make sense to him.

i texted the miserable friend, "nak g mana2 pun kasi taula.. jgn susahkan hati kawan2" i mean it.

i dun understand why when having marital problems ppl suka larikan diri dari kawan2. pernah x diorang terpikir perasaan kawan-kawan yg risaukan diorang, entah sihat ke, entah selamat ke, entah bersedih ke. makan ke tidak, ok ke tidak. Pernah x diorang terpikir yang kawan-kawan ni x der masa nak jadi judgmental. Takder masa nak kasi nesihat ke, ceramah ke apa... Everything happen for a reason.

kalau dah berusaha sehabis baik, tapi masih x berjaya, apalah daya kita sbg manusia biasa nak menolak qada dan qadar.