Monday, November 16, 2009

Said i loved but i lied

Currently i m listening 2 micheal bolton's - d same tittle..

Funny how love changed our life. Funny' someone juz couldnt stay the same when they r in love..

in my case i juz love d my keter cap ayam.. i dunno how deeply my love is until its gone..
to d workshop..

i missed WKJ badly.

i missed it more coz i stammered in Bib's Vios Auto.. Me n keter auto... juz don click.. Took me ages ( i mean it) before i could reach my workplace 2day. Wic normally 5 mins drive. i keep on pressed break pad coz so used to changing gear n pressing d clutch pad. SUPID (huhu

As d curly hair mr maikel said..

said i loved u but i lied.
coz it more than i feel inside..
said i love u but i was wrong.
coz love could never feel this strong..

right.... n i m more than 'patah kaki' than before..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I had a great start today.

Woke up, then gardening. I juz love gardening, eventhough i havent had knack in it. my fingers juz don hv those green effect. I keep on doing it, coz of d high self satisfaction reward is priceless.

Acho called asking us (me n mom) to drop by d farm wic is 10mins drive from home. A basket of durians, thats why. (i like...)

We do not know its harvesting week.. Acho didnt tell us, kot dia cakap pun bukan kitaorang tolong pun, thats why la kan...He was waiting for the lorry to upload the palm oil and send it to d nearest mill. Actually there is only one mill je pun...

When i was small, we helped our father in the fram whenever we are free. Our task was collecting loose palm oil. It was tricky especially during rainy season, because it tends to loose more than usual. At most we could get 6 bags. Basically what we called bag was a gunny sack, i m not sure why they called it bag anyway. The gunny sack was originally used as fertilisers packaging. talk about recycled huh? it had been carefully washed in d stream anyway...

The stream which at the border of our farm is really amazing. i'll write about it some other time.

well, when we reached d farm, Acho was nowhere to bee seen. Its normal for 10 acres of farm (smer org pun dpt sama banyak beb).. as long as we could see his bike, means he is near, its enuff.

then while waiting for Acho, looked for banana and chilly. I circled a few trees to check loose seed. there were plenty, so ... wat else to do.. i havent done it for years... macam ternampak2 my late dad passing in between trees, thing he used to do to make sure his small daughters were safe eventhough he make it macam x sengaja.

it was a great morning, reminisce the past.

We went home around 11.30 a.m. Had brunch and dashed to work. Our immediate boss sponsored a yummy lunch today. We had kurma daging (biasa je), hot n spicy sambal tumis udang (berapi!!), masak lemak pucuk paku n ayam masak ros. I like..

Everything was perfect, even my first class today was perfect too. Such a doll!!..

Then someone told me a suggestion from someone else, regarding a task wic during his time dia x buat apa pun, buat bodo je, tapi sekarang baru tiba2 nak kasi cadangan.

Hilang akal ke hapa?

Thanx god tukang sampai cadangan tu is someone yg memang rajin giler n i respect him very much.

Let me put it this way, if u r so lazy even to lift ur finger, why don u juz continue with ur long sleep? U don even know what u r talking about la man... If u need to butter up someone "up there" very much why don start with doing ur job properly..

Sadly to say, i m juz so very fed up with his nak jadi hero attitude. Sudah2la tu...

Anyway i juz said yes to that pembawa cadangan, because partly i have a high opinion on him n mainly i wasnt d one will carry d task. huhu...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Few anecdotes

i juz love seeing all new fresh faces. so innocent, so sweet. so full of life..

reminding me of my time back in 1985.

me n the rest of the clan walked to d nearest primary school to register. the trip was memorable because it was d 1st time and the only time we walked together. I walked beside Noran Zakiah, who were my best frien back then. In 1986 we parted, she to Kuantan n me to New York (Huhu) we juz met briefly in 1996.That was d last time i met her. me, so lousy in maintaining long distance frienships.

but i don remember anything else. my memory sucks!

newayy.. i do hope the kids who sat upright before me today will remember half of what i said this morning for the rest of their life tho... hikhik

As stated on d pix, Nilam Programme wic initiated by MOE was ended in September. Aminn.

Being an avid reader since toddler, i jz couldnt fathom why kids do not see how wonderful reading habit is. it was uphill battle, but i dont have the cut to be a loser.. huhu...

so, forcing them i did. make short, even we (fiza n i) was far from succeed, but we r headng d right direction... hopefully..

That's Nina, our Tokoh Nilam 2009.

I wasnt in d pix, because I m only balaci, hilang x berkurang, masuk pun x bertambah.

Its Anjang's family day, held in Kalumpang Resort.

Since my mom wanted to buy few things in Tg Malim, so we joined Anjang. Joined is not the right word tho, because, ayo terojon crammed with people at every nook n cranny was never my cup of tea.

Being very d kampung one, kitaorang normally g air terjun masa orang xder. huhu..

Tu la anak2 Anjang, Ilman, Nisa, Alia n Adib. The youngest, Naufal tinggal ngan Mak Nik dia. Pix was captured by Abg Mukhlis, my bro-in-law. So xderle depa ber2 dalam gambo.