Friday, December 11, 2009

Cerita Zudin


whre all d days gones?

zudin make a scene last week.. meraung2 n melolong2... her mom threatened to upload his drama dlm u-tube.. but he simply said between his sob n weeping.. zudin akan delete nanti..

he was no 007 in the rows of 16 young boys. most were very excited in d early morning when bathe by a troop of firemen.. and paraded to the Surau in a beautifully decorated lorry accompanied wonderful and enchanting songs by kompang men dreapped in blue silk batik. it was well planned, well organised and well very well la...

unfortunately his turn came an hour before zuhur, so his darama was witnessed by bunch of zuhur jemaah.. he entered the room precisely at 12.40noon and even aftyer zuhur prayer he was still meraung2 nak balik... sampai mak dia pun kena masuk bilik tu sekali..

the only consolation was, when i overheard a few onlookers discussed among each other.. "lembut je bahasa dia guna ye.. dia cakap terlalu sakit doktor, doktor buat apa ni doktor"

Zudin, at least kitaorang x la malu sangat. apa2 hal pun Zudin after vomited cople of times telah selamat berkhatan pada 6 Dis 2009..

Seee.. mak andak x taruk pun gambar Zudin, or upload soara Zudin waktu tengah nangis2 tu..

Welcome Zudin, to manhood world...