Friday, January 29, 2010

Pagi yang penuh pengajaran

When we were young we think we could conquered the world. When we are much older, the spirit wasnt there anymore. we just follow the flow. At least that's what i heard from ..well... older people.

But i dont want to follow the flow. The life of me, following the flow is not an option.

I want to live life to the fullest and no matter hard, i will explore new path and make a trail. After working 11 hours daily for the last 4 weeks, i guess it's time i start a new trail myself.

There's many a thing should be improved.

Following Stephen Covey's The Habit advice (rasanya dlm buku dia) i went up seeing the right person during the right time.

Her name is Siti Mariam Joned. After lenghty discussion and explanation I couldnt agree more. I learnt long ago (was it from the book also?) whatever behind closed door, must remained so". No, its not something under Official Secret Act... lerr...

But then... these are the lessons i learn from her today.

1. Be tactful with subordinate. (i tot i m, tapi tactful could means more than what mr webster defined in his first famous dictionary)

2. Black and white.

Make sure every instructions is in black and white especially when dealing with hostile person. again no one in particular could be classified as hostile ... yet, but just assume u'll meet one, then the black and white instruction would come handy.

3. Record

All the yada-yada is absolutely tarak makna unless backed with record. Start ur buku log now.

On something partially related, 3 days ago, Azuan, an old colleague came to see me over something wic i definitely i was in no position to help. Yep, no power, no fire to do so. He knew that, and probably (guessing games!!) he juz need someone to talk to. Im all ears...

That was not the reason i mentioned it.. the point is Azuan said, "Saya suka dia kak. Senang kan keje dengan dia."

I totally agree more. In my humble opinion, a leader should inspire and nurture the talent among his or her subordinates. Not come to work and baca suratkhabar dari muka depan sampai ruangan sukan during office hours. While the talent in question is still questionable, but she really inspired us to work harder, like her..
I left her room feeling very rich, this morning, eventhough all my proposals (i brought 2) were rejected.

p/s... Kak Sha, in case u read this, u r still d best boss i ever had. She's brilliant but
u r still the best badminton player in d universe!!! hehehe

Water under d bridge

As a muslim, there's a few thing we would never do besides eating and doing the haram thingy which clearly stated in holy Quran.

Talking bad about the deceased is one of them.

Logically what is the use of speaking ill of a person who could never talk back. How would you justify your claim? What if is he was wrongly accused? Nak mintak maaf kat sapa sudahnya nanti?

There's always a proper way to express your dissatisfaction. Posting in a blog is definitely a NO-NO...

As i found in an article recently, " it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected from the strong".

Should we forgive the person who defamed the deceased because he/she is weak?

Or maybe he/she was like d character in NCISNavy in Nat7 2,3 weeks ago (as usual tajuk dh lupa)... the attention seeker who did terrible horrible thing for the sake of being on the dateline. tapi in the end d NCIS team decided to post only a big ? unface mark and decline to name the culprit... hah ambik kau!!!!.. Gain nothing in the end.

I dunno. Guess we should make life a little easier by loving one and another.

Dear (silent) readers... i lap u too..


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Danish Hakim Ahmad Yosoff

Ni Danish. Umah opah banyak nyamuk abis la anak sedara ku...

The pix was taken on d last Hari raya aidil adha. Qurban sekali ngan akikah untuk Danish.

His sepupu sepapat (Abg An, Kak Ecah and Kak Alia) were taken care of Danish.
Supposed i paste parents pix too.. but they were so busy doing something else coz we lacked on manpower that day. With Angah's family beraya kat Botswana (tapi Saffi kata beraya kat Langkawi, jgn nak tipu kitaorang la Saffi) and baby was still in Vienna at that time.

Newaayy... it was Danish first raya with Adnan's clan..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Since it is d first time, banyakla kekurangannya.. anyway I were on my own, i'll definitely conk out by the end of d day..

Thanx to Shahrul, Zudin, Faizol n Dila and the rest of d gang.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pilih la Aku

The only Presidential post i ever had in my entire life is.. PEMABU's Life President.. pergh!!! (its a long story anyway)
On Dec 19th I attended Persidangan ANGKASA and i was flabbergasted why ppl bother to contest. I mean, i myself I couldnt stand all those caci maki and accusations from the crowd. Puji-pujian pun ada tapi most of the time cacian la... If were them mesti saya balik rumah nangis berguling2...
Tomorrow, Librarian's AGM will take place at Resource Centre. I was so impressed with the Persidangan candidates ( the effort, toughness, abilirty to wither the challenge bla bla bla..)so I asked them to come out with borang calon, pencadang and motto and everything MINUS the caci maki.
-----> This is Seha. She's not qualified to compete because she's underaged. Only Form 5 are elligible.
To my dearest Librarians (including you, Seha)
Selamat berAGM. Pilih dengan cermat!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This morning I had a quick breakfast with mom. 2 pieces of yummy curry-puff sponsored by my 12A neighbour Dr Hani.
Then a brief chat with Wan while he xeroxing(xder dlm kamus) my Scheme of Work.
-----> Ni gambor Wan masa sakit last year, today i noticed he still underweight.
Then Halmi came. So it was loud and lively (Halmi yg buat bising, Wan dan saya tak bersalah.. hehe)
It was a good start I must say... until a colleague complained i didnt performed my task at the right time..
Suddenly it juz hampered my mood very much. I juz don get it, dalam zaman org dah pegi ke bulan masih ada lagi ppl with the effort saiz bola ping-pong masih lagi wujud.
On Dec 31st i've point out the discrepancies. Another ocassions on Jan 4th, again on Jan 7th but till now havent settled yet. Apa yang susah sangat sebenarnya?
Then, the weirdest thing is, no apologies and the blame was passed on me. Oh mudahnya hidup!
Weird! Juz because dah biasa buat begitu, doesnt mean that u could get away with it.
On something diff.. while searching for Wan's pix - i came across this.
it was taken last year in Ipoh GH - they were visiting Wan.
From left - Lan, Halmi and Zazul.
I'm glad dalam ramai2 orang, the four of them always with me tru thick and thin..

Monday, January 11, 2010

sampainya hati dia Jie...

Bila diberi 2 pilihan kita akan memilih yang terbaik, sesuai dengan kemampuan berfikir kita pada masa itu.

Therefore, when i was given 2 options on Dec 9th, i opted for the second coz the thought of meeting Jerk (part of the parcel) was errr... not so appeal to me.

Since 2006, i thought the real culprit in the messy situation is him, thats why i called you up on December 29th.

Partly i just want outside info and mainly to ensure the situation never leak to many. No gossip, no backstabbing, no badmouth. Thats what i learnt from you and Et.

After our brief meeting I religiously followed your advice. It works wonder.

Unfortunately, it never crossed my mind the culprit is not in the form of HIM.

How could she left all these messy business and get away with it? You know the pix never lie rite. it juz that... i m so extremely furious, i couldnt bear to upload it... and she refused to hand in all relevant documents... i did asked, on two occassions Jan 2nd and Jan 4th. She make dunno and said the boss didnt asked her to d0 so, and she didnt know she has to do the list serah tugas and everything...

oh come on...

i tot tu smer common sense je Jie, rupanya dia kudung deria rasa Jie...

do i have to scoured it myself?

Nampaknya begitulah.... sungguh bastard orang itu.

p/s tu gambar kita, halmi, his fiancee-to-be fikah, ida, zul's wifey and her son. diorang xder kena mengena dalam ini pilem. they'r a very gud frens.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

What shud i say..

I juz hate it when holidays end. (who didnt?)

And the new year was such a gloom coz was stuck with kira mengira which i wish i didnt involved in. Rasa dianiayai.

Anyway.. now the school season started off, whenever i was down (macam x pernah lagi la kan) i juz remembered few sweet things..

1. Holidaying with Ya n Ecah in Pangkor (adala org lain tp tanak sebut nama la kan)
2. 2 weeks hols at 12A with nieces.

3. Shopping spree trips with mom and adik

4. Hari Raya Qurban even tho without Baby (huhu)

5. Hari Zudin Bersunat sbb ada drama..

And Zana's engagement party too... the food was superb and a week later she gave me a precious gold ring coz as she put it, "kan sy dah janji dengan awak..."

To be frank, i don remember...
Tapi sbb dia dah beli n siap antar kat umah lagi tu takkanla sy nak tolak plak... To be honest it juz disagree with d habit of spending on something costly which juz sat idly on one's finger and did nothing... i mean the ring la kan...
Then she insists... well ....
p/s Zana, akak pakai cincin awk kasi 2 hari2 tau... tengkiu