Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a week..

1. Innovation Project.

3rd meeting - Mr Halmi tergamak x kasi bdk2 ni duduk.. Qila, Nyot, Mahathir n Boy.. terpaksa sabar je dengar...

then tergamak plak menambah2 idea yg dah dipersetujui bersama.. letih tul... In the end have to call it a day, if not sampai malam x abis, asyik2 nak tukar design je... letih.. letih..

2.Bengkel Blog & Fotografi Mini, supposedly buat ngan Halmi but he was so engrossed with the innovation project ( yes!!!) so i did the task on a much lower scale basis.

I love publishing warehouse sale. Baru je last month kot took my anak2 sedara g Tmn Shamelin For Utusan warehouse. Great bargain!
Late last year, we went to Karangkraf Warehouse sale at Section 16, S.Alam, dlm ujan ribut tu la peginya... I definitely will come again x kisahlah langit runtuh pun, worth every cents!!
But my boss insisted that i pay a visit to Book Fair. Honestly I don wanna go coz i couldn stand the crowded place n parking space hunting. But couldnt stand d hues n cry as well, so thanks god baby willing to accompany me.
It was ... well... crowded and cramped... but managed to complete my task.. (after a plateful of Kenney Roger's Roaster).. now discussing with colleagues wic book we shud order. wic book we shud avoid. wic publisher give the better rate. Wic we shud ignored. Aha! that kind of thing.
Btw.. Current statistics reveal that Malaysians read 5-10 books a year.. No wonder, the book fair were so cramped. Gud spirit.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coping with bad news

I was having my breakfast when my supperiors mentioned a colleague who speeding on her way back from hospital. They discussed at length how the matter shud be avoided if she used her rationale. Seriously, i juz do justice to d food. Not my cuppa-tea breakfast titbits.

But then, the mere mentioned of hospital jogged my brain.. Then n there i realised something awful, my routine check up... silly me.. kinda forgot. it was like.. 8.30 a.m, d appointment was at 9 n journey is like 1.5 hour.

What else? speeding la.. (now u know why ppl speeding)

At d end of the day, everything was ok, except for the scan result. Messy!

Eventhough the incident happened 21 days ago, until now saya masih lagi berdebar2...

Btw found this..


interesting. maybe we shud apply dis

Monday, March 22, 2010


Much have been said about sex education, some suggested the parents, some even suggested nurses to be the educator. Honestly, I couldnt care less, siapa-siapa sahajala...
But today... an eye opener incidents..
A bunch of minor girls were discussing about their weekend getaway. I tried my best not to interfere, afterall I'm sure their mom would not allow them. Besides, so busy with something else at that time...
They were torn between chill out at karaoke spot r picnicking at a infamous waterfall at a remote area. Very isolated place, neven been there.
After heated discussion they agreed on picnic..
"Who's going to drive yang?" I asked ngan muka x ambil kisah kononnya padahal dalam hati dug dag dug dag, sambil muka maintain terus ngadap laptop..
"Ala.. boleh.. saya pun bole" answered the tallest among them, underaged and berani-kerat-jari-mmg-xder lesen punya...
So hard to restrain myself from giving comment... I glued to the lappie even more, they keep on planning...
My chance appeared when they invited me for karaoke session.. Whaaaa!!!
First, i never been to Karaoke for all my life, 2nd... The karaoke is like 2 buses away (very far lorr) from our neighbourhood..
"Mak aihh.. jauhnya... ur mom tau x yang?" The endearment yang always do magic with the kids..
"Of course not Ce*... kalau mak kami tau.. terukla kena..." replied the cat-eyes with beautiful smile.
Itu la mulanya... cerita kecil2 membawa cerita yang lebih besar... isunya ialah jenayah err statutory rape. (tau pulak depa ni..)
The gud thing is, one of them mentioned the measures should be taken to make police report... Saya rasa yang dia cakap tu betul... They discussed it at length...
In my humble opinion, zaman cikgu2 semua tau dah lama berlalu... these girls know much.. way too much...
But then mereka tertinggal satu perkara penting. duty of care.
"If ... I mean kalau-kalau la yang kan.. something bad happen to any of you, you have to remember, first u don hv licence, secondly why are you there in d first place without adults yang? thirdly what about ur parents nanti, ur siblings, think about them too yang" tried to make it short n sweet tp terpanjang gak my speech hmpphz.. (I shudnt say that... kata2 kan doa..)
3 girls tunjuk muka cuak.. seorang muka x bersalah, sorang lagi muka blurred.
Sucks!!... maybe nurses r our best bet...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hari mengambil slip keputusan SPM 2010


Fida, the resilient project manager who works around the clock for the past 2 weeks

Mr Halmi couldnt help smiling ears to ears, something to do with Chemistry results and beside him. Mr Zairul, the Examination Secretary advising students... for the last time..

The boys... all grown up, waiting for their turn.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kan bagus kalau x cakap....

Situation 1.

Day : Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bumped into a PPD rep outside the office.

Me : Encik nak kemana? boleh saya bantu... ( very d skemala..)

Him: errr... saya nak ke tandas je... hujung sana tu kan?

Me : ...(hesitate).. a'a..

Him: Saya dah selalu datang sini...

Apparently i never see him before... huhu...

Situation 2

Date : lupa dah, but somewhere in 2007

Was told by the nurses that this particular doctor's father was under the weather, thats why i was attended by other specialist at that time. The next time i see him, after soalan-soalan-wajib phase, and he read the report i attempted small talk..

Me : Was told ur father was sick at that time. How was he now?

Doc: passed away oredi.. (x angkat muka dari report)....

Me : ooo... i m so sorry (rasa nak nyorok bawah meja)

Doc: x der apa-apa... sakit sudah lama...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I want my bestfren back!!!

Sejak dahulu kala, i frequented the restaurant for its scrumptious marble cheesecake and apple-kasturi juice only. and sometimes for to-yam-kung.

But then, i could get much better tom=yam-kung from other place. The tom yam in Niza Tom yam in Bidor and a muslim restaurant in Chiengmai wic i visited once was much better.

But the marble cheesecake and apple kasturi is irreplaceable..

Then one day i came, was told it was sold out,
ble ke mcm tu/
since it was raining heavily (siap ngan kilat lg), so i decided to stay... n hv watever recommended..
turned out... x sedap betul eh...

moral of the story - ntah... pikir la sendiri

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cerita Jade

Basically, the value of jade is determined by its colour, clarity, texture and intensity.

While colour, clarity and texture could be seen with naked eyes, a small aluminium stick is used to test the intensity. By listening to the sound made, aha! one should know whether it is of a good quality of not.

Since we're not an expert, it is advisable to buy jade from reputable dealers.
To ensure that the bangles x tersangkut terus kat tangan, the salesgirls will use plastic to put on and later take off d bangle. Fuhh!!!

Jade was never in my must-have list until I heard this story from Johnny ------>

Cengginila ceritanya (versi pendek)

For Chinese, jade is the symbol of love. A gift from parents to their daughter on her wedding day. In case if something unfortunate happen, The jade will help her to start a new leaf, r if things go awry, to cover the cost of funeral.

It is also a heirloom wic shud remain and handed down from one generation to another.

It bears no value if stolen from people or taken off from the deceased. That's why it is called a gift of love. Only your loved one deserved to get it from you. Johnny kata la...

For more reading --------------->

end up bought 8 pieces (Ramai betul siblings)
tapi dlm gambo ada 4 je..

including a jade bangle for me
tapi x tau kat mana dah...
maybe i shud interrogate my anak2 sedara cuti sekolah ni nanti..
newaayyy..... if u thinkig of buying piece of jewellery - buy jade, no penjahat in his right mind will rob u.


When was d last time u went camping?


Definitely in 1990. Camping was such a craze at that time, and the teachers were soooo amazingly dedicated and whenever they think of any activity, it will end up in the Sungai Bill.

I never had gud time eventhough i love greenery and the scenic beauty. The cool mountain stream with huge rocks scattered around is juz breathtaking. It juz that, i so hate menggendong bags coz the bus could not enter the camping site. it was like... 1,2 km kot.. i don mind walking but sambil menggendong beg yang berat tu mmg... iskk... one more thing after camping, the piling up baju kotor really upsets me, and the fight to get place in the tiny Aspuri bathroom was so unbearable. enuff said.

fast forward 20 yrs later..

the venue is in Petrosains, KLCC. Its something i didnt expect. With the kids of course.

Yesterday a kid asked me whether i enjoyed myself or not.

"What did Jamaeyah and Aqillah told u" I asked them back. These 2 girl (in the pic are reps from our school).

" Diorang cakap seronok dapat ramai kawan, banyak aktiviti menarik, fasci yang baik2, buat eksperiment, lawatan ke petrosains, g buat water testing kat FRIM. semua la seronok diorang kata" She added. I m sure she was green with envy.

" I dunno. They were rite. But when u get older u don see things like u see when u r much younger. Do you?" saja je saya soal dia balik..

"Betul ke yang diorang cakap tu Ce?" dia tanya balik... ooo ceh nak suh verified kan citer je..

Its true. Eventhough bila sampai (on the dot!) we all tercangak2 tgh panas n d person-in-charge was a bit hostile (no offence but he was efficient, no doubt eventho i wished he could be more punctual) but the fasci were excellent. the show was superb, the activities we brilliantly fun-packed and i couldnt ask more.

But then, tido dlm khemah n angkat barang berat2 juz not my idea of fun, sejak dulu kala lagi. Maybe it juz me... org lain ok kot.

Neway... tapi apalah sangat semua tu jika dibandingkan, the next day ble usung bantal pegi Pelantar Minyak.

p/s a day after the camp i pay a visit to the hospital. but thats another story tho?