Monday, April 26, 2010

Hujung dunia kita berjumpa..

Betullah orang kata hidup ini penuh dengan misteri yang sukar dijangka.

Two weeks ago a friend invited me for makan-makan. her bestfriend was there too. She was my junior in school some 21 years ago.. We talked about old friends, past and present.

It dawned to me there's so many things we never expected will happen. Like the most gorgeous girl in her class is still single.. There are some predictable news too. Like the one who is so dilligent is leading a prosperous life.

Later that night, i googled for few friends name. Most of them are in facebook, but some still MIA. Something wonderful crossed my mind. Since the boyfriend's name quite unique, so why not?

Was flabbergasted when found out, the guy married someone else. I mean, it was like yesterday this friend showed me boxes of beautiful and meaningful cards from the then bf. They were such jolly good couple, and very much in love..

I couldnt find anything on the friend tho.

People said life is like a play. If so, as i see it my play is coming towards the end. We (people at my age) had passed our rising action phase. Having brave the struggles and hiccups, now we are in the phase of giving way to new people, new things and new beginning. Make short we are in the falling action part, where after climax were reached, we are in the process of discovering the resolutions.

Unlike Shakespeare, I dont think my hour that i strut and fret on stage signifying nothing.

What makes he thinks so?

well... i dunno why i blog about this. Maybe because suddenly i felt so sad and despair. Or maybe the demise of the bus driver in the bus this afternoon had some effect on me.

It affected me a lot.

Since Acho borrowwed my car to go to Hulu Selangor so I decided to stay at Stadium after afternoon event ended at 5.30 until evening event which will start off at 8.30p.m. At 6.00p.m most of the MSSPK participants were off to their hostel except for few people who prefer to stay.

Thats when a lady knocked the musalla door and informed that one of the bus drivers passed away peacefully in the bus, only discovered when d kids finished the events and thronged the bus.

Wasnt it sad, to go without saying goodbye to your love ones?

"Kesian ye keluarga dia, misti tunggu-tunggu dia balik.." these were exchanged among the crowd who were there at that time.

While the details was yet to be known, but somehow, i was a bit emotionally unstable.

Luckily an old fren came, and she gave me a lift home. I skipped the night event.

Ironically the same friend who invited me for makan-makan last 2 weeks invited me over for a plate of spaghetti tonite. I obliged half heartedly.

All the incidents and anecdotes juz make me lost my appetite...

So saya makan 2 pinggan je..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stroll down memory lane

Woke up rather late this morning n was feeling a bit groggy. The red needle in the weight scale didnt help also... My.. my..despite i skipped dinner last nite it was still 37kg (bukan berat sebenar)

oh kejamnyer mesin penimbang itu..

btw.. went to my alma mater, hal2 kerja sahaja..

Pic 1.
i bumped into Shahrul Nizam, my classmate in 1992(dah tua ko Shahrul).. he invigilates MUET exam candidates. he was rather busy, but still the sight of kawan lama is something you must appreciate. Since nobody around could we asked, a self potrait then, in front of the mini pond 50m from his 4G classroom, 21 years ago.
Shahrul is happily married to a teacher named Julia. In case ada plak yang nak sabotage gmbo ni kan... ghentikan ler kome...

Pic 2

Thats Kak Ani, the library assistant.
We loooved her, eventhough dulu dia selalu marah kitaorang sepahkan library.hehhehe..She's still there n the library still neat, thanx to her... nothing changes, except it is more lively and the kids called her makcik instead of kak.. hahhaha.. but she didnt look like a makcik to me...
i've visited many schools' library tapi tak ada yang lebih teratur bukunya melainkan di Perpustakaan Kak Ani. Mind you, if the skirting fell, jam, jam itu dia dtg bwk hammer..

pic 3
in front of 3A our class. I remember Cikgu Salma Hasna make us (who didnt get A in SRP Trial)stand up on d chair for one period. My seat was in d middle of back door. Tergamak dia kan. Lepas tu saya dapat A la kan... Azab weh berdiri atas kerusi, dah la saiz Amerika, buruk tul rupanya. Thanx to her jugak laa..Apa lagi eh? banyakla.. tapi saya malas nak ingat... sbb sy ingat nk diet je ni..


Thursday, April 22, 2010

How am I supposed to live without you?

Situation : Fews years ago. Heading to eatery place, talking about everything under the sun.

Me : I m just curious, what if one day you hate me?
Kawan saya : No, never.
Me : What if one day you dont want to talk to me anymore.
kawan saya : What? no way...
Me : Everything changes you know...
Kawan saya : tak kan...
Me : Kalau la... let's say u hate me, one day...
Kawan saya : No way... i will never do that..
Me : All my life, there's only you and her... and she hates me now.
Kawan saya : noo dont cry..
Me : Know what... what have i done wrong...
Kawan saya : maybe its me. She doesnt like me kot..
Me : I dunno, she said she likes u..
Kawan saya : Maybe its me n u together she doesnt like.
Me : if one day u hate me, and refused to talk to me r see me anymore,
would u please tell me d reason why.. so that i wont go to my
grave with nagging questions.
Kawan saya : Dont, takkan berlaku... jangan cakap lagi. x mungkin... it will
never happen to us.
Me : It juz that... I m so scared i dont hv fren to go eating anymore..
Kawan saya : U will always have me... always..

oooo manisnya janji...

yesterday i texted kawan saya, a lunch invite. no answer till 2day. hate to call him up. so i juz let it be...

i ended up eating 3 diff dishes, no elaboration tho.

if one day i'll hate somebody close to me, i will definitely tell them why, so that they dont have to carry nagging questions to their grave...

but so far it would never happen, i will love each n every one of them deeply no matter what happen...

except jerk..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

haruskah ku silamban dirinya?????

i was minding my business(serious!!) and (not-so) enjoying my breakfast at a spacious restaurant alone. i drove to the swanky-spacious restaurant(exaggerate!) with a friend, but he preferred something international, me couldnt live without nasi lemak sambal tempe so we split. n there was i, doing justice to the food, while watching the flat screen idiot box which tied up at the upper cranny of an antique cupboard.

back to d story - i was all alone having my nasi lemak sambal tempe n richly thick hot tea. not my favourite combination. i was torn between iced lemon tea or lemonade but in the end, hot tea just slipped... somehow i sensed the communication between my brain n my larynx was intercepted by my visual, saw a few men sipping their tea in a very relax manner eventhough they clad in their navy blue uniform. What a sight at 10 a.m in the morning.. didnt their bosses looking for them? but the tea looked tempting, that is.

oh come on... i drifted.. back to the story again..
so i was having my breakfast in a swanky-spacious restaurant, all alone because a friend decided to have an international menu n i m very into local dishes. I make a mistake with my drinks ... but then that was not the only mistake i did on that time.... goshh

Suddenly a man placed his plate on my table.
20 years ago if he did that i would surely throw the plate onto his face. in other word, i m saying that, i m not too keen on sharing table with male unless it is job related or he is a very very close friend. (now it explains why i'd rather had breakfast very early in the morning with the guys at my workplace, whenever i was assigned with something. i call it biz breakfast- killing 2 birds with one stone)... but that's diff story tho..

back to the story..(again?)
20 years ago we were in school 2gether, i mean the man who shared my table. I was his senior n if there was anything sour between us in the past, he seemed to oblivious to it. me too. at least i tried to appear theres nothing bad ever transpired between us.what gud digging the past neway? bury the hachet, i guess..

as usual the story revolved around people in d past.

he asked abt his ex well-being. since he said he is happily married now, so i told him that the ex who visits my house once a year with her children is leading a happy life now. she is, and i mean it.

I mean... bukan biasa ke org tanya n ppl will come out with news...

Him: dia duk mana skang kak?
Me : KL
Him: Area mana
Me : Dia cakap tp akak lupa
Him: Ada no dia kak?
Me : xder la...
Him: Nanti kot ko jumpa dia, kim salam kak, mintak no dia tau kak..
Me : Insyallah..
Him: Aku nak cari sangat dia kak..
Me : Hah? Apa lagi la ni... Yang lepas tu sudahla
Him: Aku x boleh lupa dia kak..
Me : Weh... i tot u r happily married..
Him: Memanglah... tapi aku x bole lupa dia.. jiwa aku kacau..
Me : Goshh... td cakap bertuah dapt ur wife smer..apa ni?
Him : Lain kak... dia the first... tolong kak ye..

I was confused... prior to that , he admits that his wife is the bestest n envied by his male friends. Trophy wife? nope he didnt use that word, i did. All of sudden why asking me to do such job yg memang mati idup balik never crossed my mind.

i hurriedly finished my breakie, paid the meals for both of us, even he tried to stop me but i insisted, because i think it was plain rude when you left your company before he/she finishes their meal.

but then, saya x mahu langsung terlibat dalam ini filem.. PERIOD.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ala.... 5 minit pun kira ker?

That's the kids fav questions... Just because their class ended at 1.05 p.m doesnt mean that the five mins didnt count.. Very hard to retain their attention.
Time flies when we were in Access Room last Thursday, listening to the Special Ed teacher's tips on treating special people.
Khairi, give away the goodies to the lucky Special Class students

every one was glued, including Fitri, sampai terlentok-lentok.

Even the talkative Lah also behaves as good as gold. He was taking his turn distributes the goodies. Good job!

Adek n Didi... during normal days.

We left exactly at 1.00p.m tho. Because after that I had to attend a meeting. The chairperson called, she was stucked somewhere and insisted that we go ahead.. Bad luck.
There were only 16 members turned up, including these four gentlemen. The first time i chaired a meeting and at the end of it i went to each of them and muttered my thanks.
Baju hijau : Ok.. no prob
Baju hitam : terima kasih jugak.
Baju merah: Napa? ada makan ke?
me : hari ni xder (hari-hari lain pun xder jugak)
Baju kelabu: Ke ada hadiah pelakon lelaki terbaik ke?
me : siapa?
Baju kelabu : ada orang berlakon lebih2..
me (n the rest too) : who? ooo (sambil simultaneously pandang muka baju hijau)
me : ooo ye...the script this morning... teng kiu ha...
Suddenly i felt like i'm no better than the kids.. plotting something with the gang to gain something which dalam logik akal an uphill battle...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sedentry Sunday

Last nite, power failure, n i slept earlier coz eventhough many people tot (n told me) that I am so...amazingly brave staying alone in the big house (yeah rite... like i don know what they actually mean by that n i juz don give a damn about those crap n keep my poker face all d time).. the truth is .. i m so penakut. big time.

So this morning woke up at ungodly hours, thanx god the electricity is available. Curled in my fav chaise n these keep me company.

When was the last time u indulge in BTB's novel?
Me.. rasanya buku Unexpected Blessing kot.. ages ago. It was... well... not my-cuppa-tea. But this novel is kind of entertaining but definitely not her best.. tu according to the reviews yg saya google jap td la.. Neway since i havent read the 2 previous novel (macam drama bersiri plak) so i found it very interesting..

If u like Sex and the City u'll definitely looove One Fifth Avenue. I never think where do you live dictates who u r. Duk mana pun sama as long as there's no ppl who snooping around, and the tell-tale is also in my No-No list of neighbours too.

But then, its not about me la kan..

its about rich and famous one-fifth avenue residents who thirst for power, social prominence and for marriages that are succesful - at least to the public eyes.

oh.. what a joy for not having it at all ( a quote i like most from this novel)..

Friday, April 02, 2010

dari kaca mata red-rimmed saya

Who said teacher's job ends when the tournament ended? Seen here Mr Sharul n Mr Rizlan (in lime green tshirt) making sure the children behave during the prize giving ceremony. Amir (ex 2009 Sportsman-of-year) smiled to camera like nothing happen. Cheeky!
"If there is a mutual respect between players and coaches, that keeps the team honest and makes for a very healthy environment which in turn promotes other important qualities such as work ethic, integrity and a positive atmosphere for competing and winning." ---Jillian Ellis
The 4x400m Saringan caused distress for Hakimi. Somehow i felt so hopeless seeing him in this condition.
"If you are ever going to achieve as much as you can in a sport, you are going to have to be willing to make a leap of faith to learn how much your body can handle." ---Meredith Rainey Valmon
The team are bonded by sharing bitter sweet of life and rigid routine together. Nothing compared to good musics. Fitri and Mamat - a picture of peace.
"I think a lot of our team commitment is a silent understanding that each one of us has poured our life into what we're doing." ---Claire Carver-Dias

When victory knocked your door, remember all the people behind it. I was touched by Ms Principal's humbleness when she refused (we literally forced her) to accept the Best Team award on our behalf. Even until the last minute she texted, asking us to accompanied her. This pic proved it.

"You are a direct reflection of me. When you lose, I am a loser. When you fight, I am a fighter. When you win, I am a winner. When you and I work together, we are a team." ---Anonymous high school coach

Creme of the crops.
Qhairul Shafiq - U18 Sportsman of the year (2 golds and I new records)
Farida Satar - U18 Sportswoman of the year . (4 golds - 400m Hurdle, 400m, 4x100m and Long Jump. One bronze 4x400m)
Amir Syahmi - U15 Sportswoman of the year . (4 golds - 200m , 100m , 4x400m and new record in 400m. One silver 4x100m)
Saidatul Izzati - U15 Sportswoman of the year . (5 golds - 800m, 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m and new records in 200m)

Mr Rizlan (the lime green tshirt) smiled sweetly, might smelled victory i guessed, another lime-green tshirt man(takat nampak tangan je) is Mr Sazili, the team assistant manager. Mr Sharul and Mr Arif (coaches) always avoid the crowd, but never failed to give useful comments.

Ira Mastura, proudly showing off her most coveted 2 golds after being second in 200m match on the first day. She refused to accept the medal tho... and work harder than anyone could imagine on the second day. I salute you girl!!

p/s saya edit post ni banyak kali sebab takut kawan2 saya marah. They r very very low profile n until now i wonder why they include me in this team. Neway.... kalau nak pangkah pun kena tunggu next year la ye..
To the children, Congrats..