Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think aaaa....

Lately i m suffering to a certain incurable disease - an allergic reactions to some ideas r to be exact

Oh please... When ur track record is questionable, don bother to spill all ur 'outta dis world ideas'. Gimme the proof and facts... not the ideas or plan wic i'm sure budak tedika also could splurt it much better than you do. Besides if it is soooooooooo amazingly great, y dont u implement it urself before? Or lend a helping hand to make it happen.

In this age... ideas (lots of it) are juz a click away. I m talking about Google. Yes, we valued ur experience, only if u have a proven one. If u dont, then maybe u shud keep ur mouth shut and lets start working together. I mean it.

People can plan, but it is d execution part that is the most difficult
said FEDERAL Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister, Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

if u r willing to sweat together, ur ideas r welcome. If it juz lips service, forget it.

We both r adults. Let act like one.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Penatnya bercakap...

Tengok gambar je lah
(ehsan Mr Ilyas)

Friday, June 25, 2010

mari menipu

I almost leap from the bed when the technician answered my question, " ada beza x?"..

"ha'a reduced sket" said him...

" dulu berapa?" ye, ye, cerita smlm pun sy x brp ingat inikan pulak 3 bulan dulu. Thats y i asked.

"sikit sangat je. dalam 1 point berapa je.. dulu xxl skang dah jadi xxm" obviously he had no clue even 0.5mm ke, o.5cm ke, o.5 kg ker still means a lot for people who so health conscious like me.

I was... over d moon, a feeling yang xder sapa pun paham dan ambik pedulikan.. hikhik... so the long wait afterwards juz nothing. A breeze.

I was in d crowded public hospital yesterday for another routine check up. The waiting hour was long and boring. What to do? more and more people opted for cheaper solution. huhu..

I read mags wic i brought from home. It almost fell outta my hand when i overheard this conversation among a middle age nurse and a 30something lady who wears a dark color lyra tudung.

Nurse: Ni ya time slip.
Lady : I nak MC, kan tadi i dh ckp i nak MC..
Nurse: Tak boleh Puan, puan x sakit, datang buat pemeriksaan jadi mana boleh kasi MC.
lady : Kenapa x boleh pulak... Saya tak nak pergi kerja hari ini.
Nurse: Puan ambil lah cuti rehat.
Lady : saya nak MC jugak... siapa nama doktor tadi?
Nurse: Ni doktor la yang x kasi MC ni puan, lagi pun memang Kementerian Pendidikan x benarkan buat macam tu...

Ha? Kementerian Pendidikan?

Sampai hati dia buat macam tu... Lepas tu dia siap lagi argue dan masuk dalam bilik nak jumpa doktor tu... Dia x nampak kot kat luar punyala ramai orang lagi... Patutla lama kena tunggu...

Misti dia x penah jumpa my ex-boss (namanya Saidatul Sahariah). She always reminds us, "kalau kita ambik MC tapi sebenarnya tak sakit,menipu la namanya, tunggu je la balasanNya nanti".

Kak Sha la yang cakap... Saya pun percaya jugak...

Water, water everywhere!

I loooooove water testing activity which was done on the 1st week of holiday... When I was small we lived near the river. I was a gud swimmer(tolong la percaya), but then when i was 7 my family moved to our current hometown. I missed the river so much..

We invited all and sundry to join water testing. Here is Mr Badrul from our school who stopped by on his way to another school...
Mr B: Budak2 ni x biasa g sungai ker?
Me : Napa eh?
Mr B: Mana dpt ikan kalau gitu, kena sauk kat tepi2 tu...
Me : Ye ker? Saya pun tak tau...

So we got new lesson that day, nak tangkap ikan kena sauk kat tepi2 misti dapat. (its proven... Thanx Mr Badrul)

The more the merrier.... dengan bergayanya Daus, Qai and Amir, form 5 students wat water testing.

Be a sport!!! Katanyala kan... so let the kids have their field day...
Me killing time amik gambar diri sendiri with the kids x semena2 berposing...

It was gr8!

Boleh x kalau buat water testing hari2?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

David Baldacci

"whats d title of d int book i told u wen i was in vienna?" came a text message.

"dont remember" my short reply.

" david baldacci rite"... ehhh si baby ni... the truth is, i wasnt in d good mood. my body was there, but my soul was elsewhere.. why cant i be bird?

"dunno. n i m in d sejid, accompanying mom, 'll check it out later"

it was after yassin recitation, i was at d back of the row, and wasnt so happy. i wished i could be in 12A but Uda was in Holy City (again!) and very x masuk akal if i didnt accompanying mommy coz g masjid malam jumaat is part of her routine.

in fact i havent sleep at 12A for the whole 2 weeks school break.. tortured!

once home, i go through stacks of story books, there was a few books from baby's recent trips. She had a habit menulis tpt dia beli buku. but no, none from Vienna. She was at d bookstore, wanting to buy few more david baldacci's book.

"xder... lu x penah kasi wa baca pun. never heard of david baldacci" i texted her and go to sleep. why cant i be bird, so that i could sleep in foreign land?

2 days later i went to 12A, while looking for something to read... there... the book written by david baldacci stood proudly in between sets of grisham's novels.i dont remember seeing it before.. I swear.

so i perused it, but turn out its soooooooooooo brilliantly written and i end up reading it errr... twice...

The title is Stone Cold. excerpt? Dont bother... even the one offered in didnt do justice to the book itself. It is far more interesting and intriguing. Believe me!!!

So good i even introduced to a pal. No pic coz the book is with her.

btw, x sabar nak baca all series..


p/s i hate fathers' day... make me missed my late dad even more...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup? what Cup?

I was on my way to d class when i overheard 2 boys quarrelling over something... 2 yrs ago, a tiny catfight lead to something nasty n make short ended at police station. so i stopped, put my sweetest-candy-smiled and approached them..

Me : korang gaduh eh?
Boy 1: ye la dia ni... x caya org cakap..
Boy 2: mana ada, dia ni Ce*
Me : eiii.. x baik tau.. i dgr td... x baik kata org messy
Boy 1: mmg Messi la Ce*
Me : kutuk org x baik.. panggil la nama betul dia.
Boy 2: nama dia memang Messi,kitaorg citer EPL la Ce*
Me : sorry, i tot u kata dia messy
Boys : tak hehheheheh, kita org ok... hal bola je Ce*... mana ada gaduh...

That was like... few months ago...

This world cup season all d kids will go international. More international names would be discussed openly, More lawak antarabangsa will come soon.

Meanwhile, my favourite this season is the highest paid Italian club player, Samuel Eto, an African, who play for Cameroon. (that after i read the article in Time's latest issue)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Water Testing 101 for educator

There are two elements of testing, biological and chemical.. make sure u catch lots of water species for evidence. But remember!!! remind them U r NOT FISHERMAN... released all the species once you have count your score.

The testing might be long, arduous and strenuous, (due to the making sure the safety of kids, budak2 kot dh jumpa air tau je la...) so had a gud meal, and READ the safety tips thoroughly!!!. Dont forget to switch to muka-askar-mode all the time, especially bila the kids tak nak balik sbb nak main air sungai lama2.

Always introduce materials and concepts ahead of time And the safety precautions too. Answer all the kids "WHY???" before asking them handling the test.

Wear rubber gloves, be sure testing directions are clear and available for everyone. Since the target group is d KIDS... so let them do it, eventhough u hv PHD in biomarine engineering or biochemicals 1st class degree or top scorer in your atomic fishery class.. do not show off!!... juz let the kid do all the test. let them hv the experience. Afterall this is what the programme is all about..> EDUCATING THE CHILDREN.

Seek permission first.Of course you dont want any visit to court later. Always seek permission from authority before conducting water testing... And talked to someone who knows the place well is most welcome too. They might share some invaluable info kot kena gayanya. In our case, we went to Felda Office and were introduced to Pakcik Ahmad bin Jalani, an avid angler. wuhuu!!!

Eventhough your degree was in Masak-memasak or Seni-menghias-taman, as an educator u shud be a miss-know-all. Bawak je la buku tu ke mana2 and whenever d questions raised, buka je la buku... jgn malu2, walaupun di tepi sungai.

Selamat mencuba

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Water testing 101

Do you know how long people could survive without food? It is one month, at most. Without water? Why dont u try n find out... huhu..

So, water testing is juz not my fun idea of killing time. I'd rather go shopping r holidaying in some exotic foreign soil. Afterall its school holiday again. But then, its d job's part and parcel. School holiday is merely d one u see in kalendar kuda, when in reality people like us were forced to complete our task albeit it is Saturdays, Sundays or even school holiday.

Not that I'm complaining. The truth is I m extremely excited with the Citizen Science Project organized by Petrosains/MOE/FELDA. It was launched on March 1,2010 and 9 schools were selected Must say it is a great honoured.

Ohh d handphone is beeping... gtg...
i'll update later.

have a pleasant school holiday peeps!!