Friday, July 30, 2010

Sekarang saya sedang marah

Jadi saya tampalkan kata-kata dari jiran saya merangkap rakan sedarjah 6 Merah tahun 1985 (dah tua betul ko ni Fuad)

A person is clever so long as he is humble. Other than that he is stupid

p/s dengan rendah hati saya katakan saya tak tau guna remote control di Beijing itu

Monday, July 26, 2010

Doa selamat.

These r few fav pics..

the breakie... for makciks who busily prepared the yummy lunch

Naufal Imran, kejap2 nangis, kejap2 nangis..

Izzati n her bro Izzuddin, sama gak.. kejap2 gaduh kejap2 gaduh

and Izlan Fahmi, who still in pyjama n reluctant to take morning bath... Adik sapa la tu...

p/s gambar2 lain kat digicam Baby

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sejarah dari mata mereka.

Currently i m reading TIMES July 26,2010 edition page 7.

A paragraph article wic bears a pic of a woman in burqa, make me wonder....

On July 13, in Paris, the National Assembly passed a draft law (by vote of 355 to 1) declaring that, "no one can , in the public space, wear clothing intended to hide the face". The writer wrote, "as usual when the many bully the few, the majority are likely to have their own way". Thats d sentence he used n i copied verbatim..

I remembered asking Phi, the tourist guide while we were in Saigon short trip few years ago. We visited Chu Chi Tunnel, wic was the Vietcong winning secret.

"How d vietnamese see Pol Pot eh?" but Phi, either dia x dgr, x faham atau x nak jawab he just looked at me, and smiled.

Sampai sekarang saya tertanya2.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Once bitten

Getting older, i cant stand all those nagging comments no more. I couldn't tolerate those pokpekpok session no more. R u crazy, I wud rather read Gossip Girls instead of spend time with u. Pls dont...

Btw after burnt d bridge, i juz don understand y ppl dgn muka x bersalah could texted, " izan buat la apa2, i kasi mandat pada izan untuk buat keputusan", . on d day wic she supposed to attend a brief meeting

Either that particular person is mentally retarded, else she must be an amnesiac. Pathetic.

If u couldnt do ur job, then what d hell r u doing here?

tu je la?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bagus jugak bila jiran dah kahwin ni

Me : waaa sewel eh... x penah2 masak mee rebus
Zana: dah Azhar nak makan... dia dh beli brg, kena la sy masak jugak
Me : Hahhaha... sgt sewel ok
Zana: hehehe awk rasa la... sedap x..

memang la sedap. rasa mcm kat kedai pun ada. hopefully minggu depan azhar (suami zana) nak makan apa yer... haaa makan spaghetti la... jadik misti saya pun dpt makan sekali.. huhu

Monday, July 19, 2010

Am I that old?

Few boys played volleyball. Gian je nak main

I kicked my heels, n meluru masuk ke court berkaki ayam. They handed me the ball n its my turn to serve, tapi terlanggar palang... cettt..

So service over la kan.. the we rotate position..

then, spurs at d moment bola itu meluncur laju mencium mukaku... Sakitnya mmg x la sangat tapi bunyiknya mcm lain mcm riuh...

i took a few moments to adjust my red-rimmed spec.

ternganga sy bila budak2 tu terus meluru n memukul tukang serve tadi, sambil marah2. keadaan jd riuh...

sy nk ckp tp x terkeluar sbb terkejut sangat. lama sgt ke saya adjust kaca mata td smpai i missed something..

When they came to me and asked, "ce ok x?'baru la saya faham...

Kalau lepas ni saya main apa2 and asyik menang jer.. maka saya fahamlah kenapa... huhu

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Durian dan mentimun

Musim2 durian ni teringat plak satu cerita lama... huhu

It was a hectic month (thn x ble cakap la), i spent my time outside more than in my workplace. Tiring!!

One day when i came back after 4 days 'outing', a gud fren of mine in his dark blue 'baju melayu', confided something with sombre face.

In unrelenting grimness of tones he told me that, "aku malas nak dgr bila org marah2 ni. bila tgh marah ckp mcm2 aku x suka."

having known him for years theres no way i could make him talk. He juz mentioned one word wic make so so so furious. So i asked someone else, the one who supposed to handle the job, what is all about that became so havoc when i wasnt around.

Only to be told, "Biar saja la... kita ni mentimun..."

Oh please. life is about choices. I never choose to be mentimun. NEVER. so i seek for meeting minute, only to be told it was a briefing so no minute was needed.


After performed my dhuha' I went straight the one who mentioned by my gud friend, armed with list of my job specs.

"u did that?" my grimy gud fren's jaw dropped when i told him later.

Of course i did. When u make accusations behind someone's back, pls have valid reasons and reasonable proof to back ur allegations. iF NOT ur r asking for trouble.

"cakap apa kat dia?" he asked again, no doubt he would never sampaikan apa2 to me in future. huhu

"suh dia clarify, dalam list no 1-19 wic one i didnt do sampai dia ble sebut seburuk mcm tu". ppl who knows me, know that i never lied.

"dia cakap x?" tanya Jie, when i told him later that night?

"cakap apa?" i asked him back. normally Jie never asked in details he juz listened and buat x tau. Thats y i love telling him.

"kerja yg u x buat la ikut senarai tugasan tu". Jie tanya mcm serius je.

"well... dia ada cakap tapi i tunjukkan a few documents on pembahagian tugas, timetables and everything all are clear, that is why i was so pissed off. Dah ada sistem, kenapa nak blame org, refer je la kat situ sapa yg in-charge, kenapa nak babit org plak".

"dari 1-19 ada x yg dia ble point out. nombor berapa?" As far as i remembered Jie is only a PR by profession and a golfer by passion, so mana datang bakat interrogative ni?

"dia x cakap pun, instead dia cakap panjang2, dia kata nasihat" i began to feel uneasy.

"dia cakap yg x bagus pasal u behind ur back, lepas tu bila u suruh dia tunjukkan mana kesalahan u, dia x ble nak point out pulak?" Jie asked again.

"nope." as far as i remembered org tu mmg x point out wic number that i missed. i even kasi dia a copy suh dia baca, and circle yg mana satu sehingga sampai hati dia labelkan gelaran tu, kat depan my gud fren.

"then, cari pasal la tu.." Jie cakap.

Saya ketawa. Mcm x bersalah je Jie cakap. Sungguh senang membuat konklusi. Seperti biasa pandangan Jie wic rarely taking sides is much valued.

"jgn layan dah. mmg cari pasal tu". Jie cakap lagi dan saya ketawa lagi. It sounds so childish.

From that day, i distanced myself from that person. I juz dont give a damn about appraisal or mentimun n durian thingy, the last thing i want in my life is, mingled with toxic substance.

Afterall, life is short. why shud i waste it with suffocating myself.

p/s Jie currently is in Scotland.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Minta dipuji...

I m so happy over something.

2 yrs ago wen our fav person bersedih, we juz couldnt help being so kepala hangin for her... We r so fond of her, and really had high regards for her concerted effort. I juz dont give a damn to d lame excuse 'rezeki di tangan tuhan" kind of thing. Dan, dan ingat tuhan tu ada, tapi masa menipu atas kertas, buat kerja cincai x ingat plak Allah tu maha melihat.

This yr she finally get what she well deserved. We (another undisclosed colleague) were over d moon.

Even when people make us scapegoat, we juz dont bother. Go ahead, because today's not juz an ordinary day...

Dear u, congrats... we always rooted for u...

Mengubah fikrah

One warm August night in 2009, i received an sms precisely at 10 p.m. Urged all d tamanfolks to be alert especially after 10 p.m because there was a burglary case reported few days before. If only i get the sms earlier i probably start d ignition and drove home. But after 10, hilang akal ke hapa..

Later, during d long hols i would change my biological clock whenever i was in 12A. It was hard at first, but after a few days, it was okey (nak x nak saya ok kan je)...

I never sleep at night. stay awake WHOLE night. i juz couldnt actually. Never had breakfast too because my sleep time started off at 9 - 2p.m.

I played games, read mags, books, journal or qur'an. but i never sleep at nite. So scared.

I m glad when my anak2 sedara came, so i could lead a normal life... Am glad when the school season starts too... and i kinda forget those incident because was told d culprit was detained.

But today, a fren wanted to buy a house, after all d sokseksoksek, i insisted that we meet at 12A. After that, i stopped at another friend's house who fell sick.

Thats where my nightmare begins. We dont dare to discuss it in public. The thing we normally see in movie. She was still trembling. (d one who fell sick)

Me too... i could always go home, but the truth revealed at 10.40p.m. DeM!!

So here i m... x mo tdo. its 2.30a.m now.. in 4hrs i have to go to work... Sleeping deprived would make me cranky tomorrow.

The cranky people and my profession juz not in speaking term.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My mom is a Fan

On Monday, it is a MUST for my mom to attend her weekly kuliah in Balai Lintang, Abu Bakar Assidik Mosque. Come rain or shine, she'll be there.

This week on I called her, asking if she wanted to attend a talk in conjunction with Hari Interaksi Pelajar Petang at my workplace.

"mestila nak..." she said cheerfully when i mentioned the Ustaz' name. She is an ardent fan. So to speak.

Acho, on his way to collect the KPF divident (huhu) dropped her at the gate, and i accompanied mom to the packed hall. Were greet by GC Puan Salmiah Rais who looked stunning in her new dress. She is also the master of the ceremony of the day.

My mom had a fabulous time. Me too... and the rest too... Was told the programme was initially planned by Mr Counsellor and assisted by Mr Azuan who contacted the amazing Ustaz...

Anyway... whoever behind it.. it is a job well done!!!! thanx.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Parking huhu

Ribut tidak hangin langsung xder, cuma cuaca je suam-suam kuku... tetiba naik tag untuk tempat letak kereta.

Dulu masa saya jadi Bendahari PIBG (circa 2000-03 kot dah lupa)tempak letak kereta di bawah tadbir urus PIBG. Sedikit bayaran dikenakan secara bulanan.

Selepas tu, FOC pula.. sampaila semalam. Siapa cepat dia dapat la..

Hari ini saya macam terlewat, sebab lipat kain. nanti mak saya penat.. Jadi bila sampai memang tak sempat nak rebut parking... cumanya kenapa parking kosong???

Rupanya sudah di tag mengikut jawatan...

Lain orang, lain pandangannya... jadi ini la pandangan saya... Oleh kerana saya pun ada parking sendiri skrg, jadi kenala datang awal n balik lebih lewat daripada 17 org yang namanya di bawah saya...

Sangat cunning ok....

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Toxic Friend

I really like an article fr Women Weekly Mag, d same title. Have sieve some n throw some. Dont hv many left lately.

Lagipun Oprah cakap, dont hangout with losers... so to speak la kan..

That's y when one day a friend came to me and asked me to do something wic i never did (bukan MLM yer)but i dreamed on doing since i was in UNI, i was so touched. He even gave me some examples n steps to be taken and people to be contacted.

Te fact that he is so famous in his chosen field, but still find time to talk and encouraged a nobody like me, make me so thrilled. I was speechless... words juz failed me..

But until now i havent done nothing yet... Maybe some day...

Or maybe someday he quit hangout with losers like me... Aiyaa

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Monday, July 05, 2010

getting old is mandatory

"dik kenapa dia tutup telinga bila org cakap?" i asked Arif. We were on d way to Teratak one chilly nite.

"sakit telinga kot" replied arif matter-of-factly.

"only wen certain ppl cakap dia tutup telinga ngan tangan n pusing belakang. So obvious la dik, rude la dik" sy x puas hati mengharapkan sokongan adik saya..

"Dia sewel la tu andak" Arif concluded happily.

Today, the same person placed (dia letak dgn sopan santun) d brochure wic i distributed earlier near the plant pot. Of all d places kat situ jugak di taruk. I i could see it, I believe 500 eyes in front of us could see it too.

When we r 4 its cute to be rude. At 14, we could get spank off once we r rude. at 40 if u r rude, well... maybe u r plain psycho.

Mesti mak dia x ajar, kalau kita x boleh hormatkan orang, orang pun x kan hormatkan kita...

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Rumah kami besar. Walaupun dah senget2, jadi bila Acho dan Uda tiba2 mengeraskan suara di ruang tamu, mak dan Arif yang sedang berbual di Ruang Makan terkejut dan berhenti berbual. Saya terburu2 menutup laptop dan berhenti bersukan (read: main game) dan terus menuju ke arah mak dan Arif sambil memandang jam.

Me : O..dah pukul 8.00 malam mak.. patutla... ada isu panas.. orang pergi tgk ye mak...
Mak: x lain la... tersempor orang...
Arif: hal bankrap la tu...

Uda dan Acho tgk tgk Berita. Uda masih bertelekung, Acho masih berpelikat, dan sedang memegang akhbar Utusan Malaysia.

Uda: yg ko bising tu apa yang dapat...
Acho: mana maunya didiamkan... mana kita nak pergi nanti..
Me : x betul la... yg dia guna BANKRAP tu napa? kan dah kena saman...
Acho: mmg tiris... bangkai gajah, mana nak sorok...
Me : Words chosen tu yg x betul. Fokus je la pada rizab tunai yg susut, mana pegi.
Uda : Yang korang berdua pandai sangat, apasal duk umah je pegi la ke depan..
me : ee.... jawab Cho..
Acho: kita ni jgn dibodohkan org De... ini duit KPF ntah dpt ntah tidak ni...
me : sewel la kot x dpt, dh bising2 gini... helah daya mesti bayar jugak...
Acho: Awk risau dit awak dlm KPF tu...
Uda : Brp duit ko? Skrg sebut brp banyak...

For d record, antara kitaorg bertiga Uda je yg ada saving sket kat KPF. Acho n I bising je...

But then it is a national issue. I juz don agree with the idea asking all the makciks n pakciks pegang sepanduk condemning the news. The decreased of cash reserve issue was not an insult to the settlers. Lame!!!They don't even have the access to the cash anyway. Why drag them?

We juz want to know, what happen n what will happen next.