Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anda gemuk?

Me too.. been trying to shed 5kg since practically forever. Most of the time the scale red needle pointed it to the number i loathed. I mean what have i done to gain such a MERE 35kg (bukan berat sebenar).

I mean i ate healthy food, no fat, no sweets, no junk, no snacks, no supper unless, well when I m entertaining ppl (read: someone i dont really like so i have to eat n eat n eat so less talking) or when I was at #18. Blame it on my mom, she makes rebus pucuk ubi tastes so divine so that i have to take extra rice, extra laukpauk and extra spicy sambal belacan because u see, it is not healthy when we have too much rebus pucuk ubi alone. Afterall we NEED to balance our diet, remember?

By the way the makciks in my workplace canteen didnt help either. For instance Makcik Tie, the tea maker is a wonderful makcik. She always started her conversation with, "ticer nak air apa ari ni? Acik buat kaw2 untuk tice ye". She did. The drinks (be it teh ais, teh o, barley, horlicks r lemon syrup) was the best in town. so i ended up frequented the canteen like twice r sometimes thrice a day. The temptation is soo HUGE.

Makcik Odah the RotiCanai maker has way with her roti canai. It was so soft and yet crispy. Who in the right mind could resist it? And I sooo love the sambal bilis for nasi lemak prepared by the cook (im not sure who). Since I dont want to miss any I mean the sambal bilis n roti canai) so almost everyday i have both including the nasi lemak as well, it is a package ok. Who's going to have the nasi lemak without sambal bilis then?

So, instead of shedding 5kg, now I gained more than I could think of (tiada data dapat diberikan).

Then, it was the Eid pics that knocked some senses to my healthy conscious mind who was on a long holiday all this while.

"delete, ambik lagi sekali" i commanded my nieces when i see the photo.
Unfortunately even after.. like.. 5,6 takes, using the tips I learnt from AmericanNextTopModel show (i m an ardent fan u know, i still looked like... GUNI BERAS.

And the fact that my XXS(bukan saiz sebenar) size t-shirts did not fit anymore didnt do much help either.

Congratulations Ms Read. I m ur new customer!!

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