Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saya suka Hari Raya Korban

Seriously as I m getting older, I hate IdulFitri coz it marks d end of holy month Ramadhan. Like d typical "org tua" I so love Ramadhan, for reasons only "orang tua" knows.

So Aidil Adha is much celebrated season.

Mommy wished to have korban on d first day of Eid, like our family used to had. Even tho smer org komplen, "cuti sehari je la mak" but my mom always get her way by saying, "x apala, mak dah niat. tak balik pun x apa, mak faham. itu aje ye. Assalamualaikum".

The only time my mom talked to me like that was when i refused to come home during Luqman (now 12 yrs old) aqiqah. I was in uni and the 8 hours bus ride was torturous. Smer org suh balik, but i refused until my mom called and uttered that script in her tak-bersalah tone. Dan dan time tu jugak saya g book tiket n tgh2 malam board the bus.

This time she called all my sisters n bros. Dan, dan smer orang balik raya.. Dan, dan smer orang ada masa nak balik... good!!

On d first raya. many makciks assembled in our small kitchen too prepare lunch and pakcik2 in our small lawn for korban. Many old friends who we never seen for ages were there too, with their junior of course.

My nieces and nephew were literally melompat2 kegembiraan playing with one another on the lawn (time ramai orang time tu la nak nunjuk perangai pun isk isk isk anak sapa la tu). For such a short time, no one cares about facebook no more. Who needs facebook anyway, when u can see ppl face to face.

The food was superb (thanx to the makcik2) and the convival party was such a memorable one. My mom wouldnt forget it, for such a long long time.

After Asar, most of my siblings left, that is after d kemas mengemas session is done.

So I can go to sleep peacefully, and ready for work d next day..

The only thing that saya TERKILAN yang amat sangat is, my trusted kamera-cap-ayam dropped on d sandy beach during my recent trip to Pengkalan Balak.. goshh, so couldnt capture any pics this time.. huhu

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