Sunday, November 21, 2010

Siapa dihatimu?

Whenever someone pouring her/his heart's content to me I will definitely warned her/him that I m a natural-born-mulut-tempayan. I would never make a good lawyer (not that I m one ok).

So when this lady friend with reddish swollen eyes dropped by at 12A, somewhere early this year (keep guessing!!), with her frail voice, i juz knew something is very-very wrong. She even refused my (in)famous meatball spaghetti.s.

I have no idea what is the adjective to describe something worster than worst, but that is... It is awfully worster than worst because she also rejected my offer for a cuppa ginger lime tea which i bought in Cameron Highland and packed in a small sachet with blue and green songket motifs. It's blue and green!!! the wrapper i mean. blue n green r highly regarded as soothing colours but the tea is still orangish of course. am not a green tea fan by the way.

Despite her rejection for any foodie, i still make a teapot of tea. In case she might stay longer than expected. It would be extremely rude of the hostess not to offer anything to the guest..

3,5 cuppa tea later (me soooo love the bluegreen tea) she started talking. I read somewhere, NEVER asked .. let the person talk to u on her/his own sweet time. I swear I didnt asked, maybe i did in my subconscious mind, maybe...

"sampai hati dia" she uttered in between her sobs..

"which DIA?" i asked back.

Please forgive me for being so blurred and inconsiderate. She's a looker, with a lot of admirers. If that is not enough, she has 3 handphones. The handphones said much.

"GTI tula" she replied between her sobs, again. GTI is not short form for "gatei", its d car of that d particular person.She loves referring to ppl(especially her bf) with their car. Thanks god none of her bf drive jaguar or else she might called him Jaguar r rimau r Jag r in bahasa -> kole. Yeah rite..

This is HER story.

They were in having dinner in a posh restaurant ( i wonder if it is owned by Posh Spice but not dare to ask)when d bf phone beeping. It was d message from HIS friend whom lost contact for about 2 yrs. He was definitely looking excited n wondered where r earth d friend had been all this while. She, even though did not know THE FRIEND shared an euphoric response n peeking tru d bf shoulder while he typed d reply text".

"he used d endearment DEAR to HER" she stressed again, a bit harsher.

"How do u know it is a HER?" i asked her..

"Because i asked silly!! n he said her name is lin" oh she started crying out loud again.

I let her cried, and drink some more tea which getting colder. There's no point I give comments. I dont mind she called me SILLY, SITI or SIPI. Really..

Isnt it obvious? If i were in love, i would never used an endearment that i use to my loved one to other. And i would never showed any slight interest to other man in front of him. Kat belakang x tau lagi la kan...

"maybe he juz want to make me jealous" she assumed but i remained silent...

loong ago i learnt my lesson. when d spark is no longer there we, ourselves could feel it. y bother to live in denial?

i know she knows.

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