Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sungai Ranggam - 2nd attempt

We went to Manjung for tournament like, twice a year. Each time, one kid would request to wake her up (she always fall asleep throughout the journey) when we passed through Sg Ranggam.

No, I doubt she bring any food to be eaten in Sg Renggam, just like the famous story about a little kid who keep on asking, "dah sampai Ipoh ke belum" to d bus driver.

Once when YM is the ONLY COOL way of communicating and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, the co-founder of facebook was in Middle School (wikipedia said so) and web log were two words instead a compound word, forward e-mail was the most sought after news.

The "dah sampai ipoh" anecdotes was one of the famous story circulating via e-mail. I received it 5 times, if i m not mistaken.

In case no one ever forwarding the said e-mail to you (because the only wYM that you know is Yang Mulia instead of Yahoo Messenger and you would rather Tweet than writing to each and every one of your friend in your friend list) so here is the story.

A boy board a bus from KL to Perlis (in some e-mail it was from JB to Perlis i dunno). He kept pestering the bus driver and other passenger asking dah sampai Ipoh ke belum. Every one promised to let him know once the arrived in Ipoh.

But the bus didnt stop in Ipoh (patutnya kan dah ada jadual - nampak sgt cerita ni penuh imaginasi)n every one was fast asleep except the driver but he forgot. Once they pass through Butterworh (again, the place may varied) and one of the passenger remember about Ipoh but the boy was asleep.

Feeling guilty, all the passengers except the boy (because he was sleeping soundly remember) agreed to turn back to Ipoh and woke up the boy..

"bangun dik dah sampai Ipoh, tadi adik asyik tanya dah sampai Ipoh ke belum kan?" asked one of them.

"oh terima kasih, mak saya pesan bila sampai Ipoh baru buleh makan bekal ni" said d boy while taking out his food. And to the horror of all d passenger who thought he had someone important to see in Ipoh, the boy began to eat.

See, the people on the bus shud ask the boy instead of making assumptions.

"Kenapa nak g Sg Renggam? Ada siapa?" I asked her. No assumptions!

"Ada kawan saya" she answered vaguely each time.

Period. So I never pursue the conversation. I never able to wake her up on the dot coz it was either I forgot or by the time we remember dah terlepas sudah

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